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3. Compressor devises the as particular as its way of mark

Mr G: The personalized demand of compressor client, of the mark that is production compressor, also be compressor design award of course. Compressor devises the particular way that adopts in the process, it is to be those who reach production mark, such object that designs label, and the method that actor chooses.

Mr J: Be! Target and method cannot promiscuous, cannot inspect the step more with the target. This goes up in logistic relation, it is very clear originally, very fair thing ah. Unfortunate is, tens of year come, in procedure of compressor design practice, often appear however target and method are promiscuous, it is method praise highly even the abnormal condition of the target. Make popular feeling painful indeed!

Mr G: Radically reform, clear logic concerns, in correcting compressor to design this kind by screwy strange embryo, really too was necessary!

Mr J: Compressor designs label, it is with top level by no means optimal, need actually to be with according with a client aptly however essential.

Mr G: “ accordance ” just is optimal state, just be basic requirement of the client. If go after ” of “ top level blindly, certainly will brings about resource wasteful, production cost is exorbitant etc, the contingency that these dispute client place require is harmed.

Mr J: Of compressor design award if,cover a category roughly why?

Mr G: Be in charge of in order to grant see, the performance data such as temperature of the discharge of compressor, pressure, security, dependability, specific power consumption, oscillatory, noise, exhaust, life, all belong to the category that designs label. Some clients still can are opposite lead plane / aircrew over all dimension, lead plane / aircrew quality (weight) have restriction, reach exacting level even. Undeniable, “ exacting ” of the client all is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors commonly, however the specific requirement of moving place of be enslaved to be enslaved to. For example, naval ships is used, survey of division take an examination ofing is marine compressor, its over all dimension, quality asks, often beat many compressor major create a company. Its are the vertical bend to compressor, horizontal bend service requirement, again land does not grant to consider with compressor. Naval vessel is marine what compressor is in the environmental temperature of engine room is tall, also far from land can is likened to with compressor.

Mr J: You a moment ago respecting naval vessel is marine compressor, those who make I answer him what before remembering H chief engineer to be in 20 years, tell to me in spite of oneself is personal experience. H always holds a post to create a company at brunt of compressor of Yang Zijiang bank, after the Europe in observing the Ou Jian in was being analysed is used produces compressor, h always plaints: The design of this compressor, lian Yigen pipe cannot alter.

Mr G: Oh, this compressor is place of look forward to of world compressor name to produce. Connect a pipe to cannot alter, confirmed its devise meticulous in a subtle way already, also explained naval vessel is marine the position of high end of technology of compressor of compressor male crouch. Of course, this name look forward to is located in principal naval port, the knowledge that uses compressor to naval vessel is too deep.

Mr J: Instantly, can say vaguely completely none, homebred naval vessel is marine compressor, course of study already reached none ambiguous level, rank world ship marine compressor technology the first echelon formation.

Mr G: Design all structural parameter of close correlation with compressor, like molded lines of diameter of rotate speed, journey, air cylinder, rotor diameter, rotor (tooth form) , pitch of impeller diameter, lamina or tilting back ward or screwy and three-dimensional, compress progression and paragraph number, cooling means, reach its to derive parameter —— piston is average coefficient of sex of speed, high speed, rotor is circumferential speed, impeller is circumferential speed, it is is those who implement compressor award design way, it is method, method, is by no means ultimate goal.

Mr J: This is logical, the relation of target and method, method!

Mr G: Far even more of countless hundred years compressor move actual, proved this Demosthenicly, namely according to compressor derive piston of parameter —— such as is average speed, rotor is circumferential speed, impeller is circumferential speed, can sentence compressor function basically beforehand (like specific power consumption) actor bad.

Mr J: This is really OK deserve to be called is iron rule!

Mr G: Nod actor to choose appropriate relevant structure parameter evenly, often can make compressor gets the superior performance of many sided. For example rotate speed of compressor of piston of move back and forth is proper tall, journey is proper short, make a piston average thereby when rate is very not high, can hold concurrently receive energy-saving, form small, quantity the integrated benefit such as material of light, section and high reliability. This creates a company to client and compressor major, it is double gain the result.

Mr J: Cranky fanaticism advertises compressor rotate speed to be as high as X R/min, piston average rate is as high as X M/S, rotor or circumferential speed is as high as impeller the argument that XX M/S just is advanced compressor, although reduce historical laughing stock already, but the others poison still is in, the lid gains ground theoretically because of compressor foundation far as insufficient as development also!

Mr G: Running reliability the instantly of increasingly thorough popular feeling, with clamour “ parameter of tall, tall, tall ” is contrary, do not advertise “ from time to tome parameter of low, low, low ” person. Its meaning moves in the compressor of low rotate speed of advocate one’s own side how reliable, how energy-saving, how advanced.

Mr J: This kind is the hype of jumping-off place with commercial interest, place is owing is scientific spirit, might as well inscribe compare notes additionally.

4. The rotate speed of compressor and the relation of moving dependability

Mr J: Ground of be practical and realistic says, the design is reasonable, make the compressor that relies on chart, its moving is reliable, and no matter the particular value of its rotate speed is a certain number of. Such example is really too much.

Mr G: The force of sum of squares that rotate speed is worth becomes direct ratio, rotate speed value is returned and the working circulation time of compressor becomes direct ratio. So people mixes the rotate speed of compressor dependability closely correlation is together, inadequacy is strange.

Mr J: The compressor with low rotate speed, is its reliability high? Not certain. Design when its, make incorrect when, dependability have no way is mentioned.

Mr G: Be! Really cannot pure will judge its to run reliability with the discretion of compressor rotate speed. For example, if design, make excellent turbine compressor, move below the high rotate speed that number of minutely even more turns, still relaxed, smooth, reliable, be joyfullied admit by a lot of single set technological process or plant institute.

Mr J: Is rotate speed ineffable reduce be compressor technology progress to lift? Raw material is used up increase, treatment man-hour increases, compressor weight, appearance greatens, all be in not call the turn. And is specific power consumption reduced, does dependability rise, it is unknown however.

Mr G: So ah, wu should objectively look upon and choose decide rotate speed parameter of this one important structure. Cannot interest of the market with ego, business, rotate speed this parameter is screwy, cover however on the laurel of fabricated, those are opposite flicker impossibly the client that compressor has thorough knowledge.

5. In process of compressor technology development, classical and mechanical guide gravitation

Mr G: One of pillar of the mainest base of compressor technology, it is classical and mechanical. Undeniable is, classical and mechanical guide gravitation, promoted the progress of compressor technology extremely deeply. These progress, it is to span sometimes of type, can say be bouncing type none exaggeratively even sometimes.

Mr J: Really such. With respect to the scroll piston compressor in taking circumgyrate type compressor, its job principle is in early 19 centuries obtain employment already came out, when 20 centuries 6, after the accurate sex of machining promotes considerably seventies, air-tightness of its job antrum is improved greatly, because of the structure simple, production cost is low and outshine the rest in domain of small-sized refrigeration compressor. But look from technical angle, of scroll piston compressor brilliant period it is however in 20 centuries the compressor of double scroll piston with 90 time active terribly. Its two pistons body is phasic difference is 180° , will rotate fitly force is balanced completely, eliminated the mainest mechanical and oscillatory source. After all body of this 2 pistons is the proximate position on same root main shaft! Indeed, very small whirl is inertial of pitching moment or existence.

Mr G: With respect to toward compressor of type of renascent a place of strategic importance character, classical and mechanical consequence is more foudroyant.

Mr J: Be! And do not say first single line, vertical, the compressor of piston of move back and forth of only kind, horizontal, also not character sheet is heavy (only music abduct) , the V in compressor of piston of move back and forth of double angle type, W, L, fan, live with respect to move back and forth of many two row, horizontal only compressor of a place of strategic importance, classical and mechanical influence be obvious to all. Reach in pare move back and forth rotate the mechanism of force and moment of force and practical effect respect, beacon light of classical and mechanical since also is calm Nereus needle.

Mr G: Horizontal compressor goes to many by only kind, be located in crankshaft to reach the designated position with side by drive disk assembly at crankshaft two side in these changing, early or late emerge in large numbers the symmetrical balance of ” of odd row of ” of ” of “ bayonet type, “ contraposition type, “ and ” of row of “ even number structure type that waits these a moment to all belong to horizontal compressor to define a scope. When compose makes compressor of same performance data, of its appearance reduce, weight (quality) reduce, oscillatory pare, all terribly is remarkable.

Mr J: Symmetrical balance is employed generally in the whole world model after be type of structure of dominant of large craft compressor, balance the effect to seek more perfect force, balance of “ complete semmetry ” shows itself eventually.

Of balance of “ complete semmetry ” opposite two, although line of center of its air cylinder also is the level lies buy, but its the central line of line of center of two air cylinder and drive disk assembly is coincide however, although the structure is complex, part increase, production cost is elevatory, those who get is force, inertial moment of force balances the effect integratedly a few attain perfect. Produce in reality actual in, compressor of balance of complete semmetry of this kind of “ ” , the categorical terribly wide extensive that its span, from restrict 45kN piston power until make an appointment with 630kN, can satisfy great majority craft to use the requirement of compressor performance data, and its rotate speed is as high as 1490r/min to move however smooth.

Mr G: Unlike do not know, jump than frightening. The practical effect of classical and mechanical direct import and generation, really satisfactory, breathtaking!

6. Compress gas to be changed without oil with change of material qualitative change the profundity to compressor technology is affected

Mr G: Reduce the primary purpose of air and other gas, it is to offer accord with demand pressure (intensity of pressure) air and other gas. As to lube oily mist is contained in compressing gas, it is very helpless thing really. Compressor of eliminate momentum formula (contain turbine type and eject type compressor) , in the primary level that cubage type compressor develops, its compress volume share to produce the part that chafes relative to motion, all pledge for metallic ability, the lube that grinds action is decreased since infuse of have to ability. And the means of infuse lube, be not the force-feed lubrication later, splatter however type perhaps uses grease cup. When compressor is inspiratory, oily chaliced lube, depend on gravity and inspiratory when the dinky negative pressure of generation, show a shape to flow into compress cubage space.

Mr J: Apparent, compress the oiliness in gas, be not demand Fang Zhi to ask, just accept act against one’s will however. Compress aeriform oiliness to having the harm sex of many sided.

Above all, have light explode dangerous sex: It is the flash point that reduces aeriform temperature to may be close to lube; 2 it is the electrostatic effect that reduces gas to be aroused in the place of velocity of flow inside conduit, when grain of fine solid body is being contained in should compressing gas especially.

Next, when the part that can attenuant lubricating oil contains in compressing gas, easy create friction deputy it is normal to cannot obtain normal and lubricant and rather than damaged.

The 3rd, lubricant inadequacy or embellish glide are spent, what can destroy compressor is normal move.

Mr G: Compress gas to be changed without oil to come true, the compression of compressor eduction gas is purified is a respect, and the basiccest measure is air cylinder of research and development (reduce volume) without oil-lubricated compressor. Fill in with respect to work of move back and forth only compressor, be in early 20 centuries 30 time metaphase, europe country took the lead in rolling out labyrinthian piston not to contact the labyrinth compressor of air cylinder in, and with black lead piston annulus is contacted and the air cylinder of osculatory annulus type of sealed air cylinder is not had oil-lubricated compressor. Until 20 centuries 5, 60 time, as “ plastic king ”—— gets together of 4 fluorine ethylene depreciate stage by stage (by be equal gold price falls) apply with industrial sex, fill a certain number of decreasing grind, the fill of framework sex material gets together 4 fluorine ethylene, be able to use as then the material of piston annulus is qualitative. After this, of carbon fiber come out, get together ether aether ketone (PEEK) use, also promoted air cylinder to not have oil-lubricated the progress of compressor technology. In working dependability, wearability and long life (change period) , air-tightness is a lot of respect, all have great rise.

Mr J: Change of material qualitative change drove air cylinder not only (reduce volume) without oil-lubricated the development of compressor technology, also affected the revolution of drive disk assembly, drove the evolution of gas a powerful person, filling deeply still, and the compression of circumgyrate type compressor the improvement of cubage airtight spare parts, still include vane wheel of turbine type compressor of course / the great promotion of rotor intensity uses property compatibly span.

Mr G: Be! Of 42CrMoE use at piston lever, the alloy that contain Ti is used at connecting rod, crosshead; A variety of novel projects are used plasticly at enraging a powerful person of a powerful person piece, filling seal ring; The blade of blade type compressor is pulverous metallurgy, phenolic aldehyde to place a variety of cloth bakelite, projects by change of alloy cast iron plastic; Every this a variety of, revealed material all deeply to change the extraordinary magic power that stimulative compressor technology progresses ah!

Mr J: Expect original material eagerly to apply at compressor character, it is earlier, good to be jumped over more more!

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