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12 12, 2022

Careless cottage speaks (2)

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(receive in April 2019 print " careless cottage speaks (one) " )     3. Compressor designs   of as particular as its approach Mr G of mark: The personalized demand of compressor client, of the mark that is production compressor, also be compressor design award of course. Compressor devises the particular way that adopts in the process, it is to be those who reach production mark, such object that designs label, and the method that actor chooses. Mr J: Be! Target and method cannot promiscuous, cannot inspect the step more with the target. This

6 12, 2022

Careless cottage speaks (one)

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Two bosom friends inside compressor line of business, all course of study already passed 7 a period of ten years in one's age, acquaintance, intersect, the bosom friend is close half century, although make one's home in two ground, however the swan goose of a variety of forms sends a book never discontinuous. Mr J resides L to visit area of S city S, mr G is on area of B city D, abode all as small room also. Nevertheless, its feeling never by bedroom place arrest, eye is not myopic also, the idea is returned not ageing. 1. About   of unit of measurement Mr G: Be on the Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea bank the Qin Renxian of Dong Yi abuttals ancestor, by change of attune of week the emperor


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