System of meterage of the sources of energy is the ecosystem that builds specific power consumption about a society, the person that include specific power consumption to use (enterprise, building) controller of specific power consumption a series of part. This was changed before the monitoring with energy-saving pure domain, transformed pattern, offerred the more effective, solution that has continuity more. From compress air unit installation to begin, data of specific power consumption is come up by continuous collection, course classify, arrange, the processing such as the analysis, form specific power consumption to analyse a report, undertake fair show, the basis that the person that norm management perhaps is used for specific power consumption provides a service, information by administrator of specific power consumption feedback gives an user, by professional service business offers energy-saving opinion, build the whole people energy-saving behavior. This behavior requires ceaseless circulation, till condition of specific power consumption is achieved best, those who arrange service of analysis, operation is the implementation collection from data, all-around management.

Reduce the demand with air unit metric the sources of energy

The concentration that the user is in charge of equipment of specific power consumption to compressing air monitoring to manage platform control and long-range management, equipment is optimal control and program management function, simple data is analysed and sign up for watch function. Run the page that monitor to include equipment monitoring and hologram. Hologram is the report with a facility moving intuitionistic status go up to architectural ichnography, bona fide shows building electron map, the locomotive information of each equipment, linage of moving condition, carry is occupied.

The sources of energy is metric manage with statistic of specific power consumption of dynamic, complete, accurate ground, can better certain equipment runs energy-saving focal point, attention develops metabolic posture, coach thereby equipment next energy-saving movement works, provided basis and basis for energy-saving plan and administration system.

Specific power consumption includes, use total water consumption, always use gas trend n, always. According to day, week, month, year wait for different time scale to reveal equipment to always use water trend. Total that day water consumption and the contrast of eve water consumption. When daily expense water is measured and the water consumption contrast of the date of make choice of pursues. The chart that always uses water trend can output type of the form that it is a newspaper. Undertake to the equipment of place administer more accurate more careful the management that turn. What controller can run specific power consumption to divide a norm and subsystem of various specific power consumption through building mechanism of norm management of specific power consumption to fulfil of all kinds and public facilities is integrated can effect index. The trends that administrative platform undertakes centralized to each index is monitored and manage, always observe its are used each can the change of the state, ceaseless use with what set in index can the standard undertakes comparing is opposite, put an end to what all sorts of neglect that move as a result of management cause to use can increase, what undertake moving dividing a specific power consumption to each equipment of same function at the same time is transverse actor or actress with award quite.

Industry compresses air specific power consumption to form

Actually all industry reduce airy production, report is main the sources of energy. Be in a lot of compression in air unit, often have quite big and the energy that is no use, to offer possibility, reclaim through energy for example, reduce pressure, decrease divulge and move through choosing control and regulating system to optimize wait for a method. When planning a new investment, should as far as possible look into future, the effect that development of do one’s best discusses new condition and the requirement that raise possibly to this device. These are very beneficial, typical case is environmental protection requirement, energy-saving requirement, the need that improves product quality and prospective production invest. Those who optimize compressor move become more and more important, in the large industry procedure that is dominant in order to compress air in those especially, through period of time, manufacturing happening changes. The moving condition of compressor also can produce change, accordingly, important is to decide to both give attention to two or morethings wants when reducing air source, want to satisfy existing and real need already, also want to have the plan in the future. Experience makes clear, extensive and not analysis of ground of first impressions are strongest uses a form, improve economy in the round in the metropolis below any circumstances.

Reduce way of compressor device specific power consumption

the overall economy with respect to compressor device, the cost of specific power consumption is crucial factor undoubtedly. Accordingly important is to should concentrate power, search piece settle way, the requirement that can accord with function and character and make full use of the need of energy. Do good investment program to make clear even to satisfy this two ask, bring the additional cost of compressor and other equipment. 80% what take total charge normally as a result of specific power consumption, because this is when selection regulating system, ought to doubly attentive. Regulating system difference makes difference exists between compressor type, all tolerance that optimal circumstance is compressor satisfies requirement of the equipment that use gas fitly. Most compressor is along with controls regulating system to offer money together, there is in a device accordingly additional adjustment control equipment, undertake associated controlling to a few compressor, can further improvement runs economy.

When be being changed as a result of energy, the power of need becomes scale with rotate speed actually, so rotate speed adjustment is becoming what use generally to adjust method, serious ground considers and can get favorable result according to the alternative that needs decision adjustment facility. If nightly or on the weekend, need only a few compress air, install a small-sized compressor to satisfy need, meeting benefit bandit is shallow. Should stem from some kind of reason, need another kind of actuating pressure, ought to undertake an analysis to this, look to whether can satisfy total production with center of a compressor, still need to divide the network into different pressure grade. Because be in nightly shut with certain on the weekend branch, when the choice compresses air network, may discuss to reduce tolerance, still be hope basis of discharge measure, interior has cost share.

Investing cost cost is fixed costs charge, purchase cost by equipment, construction cost, installation and debug charge to form. Investment expenses serves as the one part of total cost, it compresses air quality to concern with what choose partly, the pay back period of one part and apportion and computational interest rate are concerned. Energy charge volume and year run time, use the element such as degree and price of the sources of energy to have connection. The charge of certain apportion, for example energy recovers equipment, criterion the means with direct settle accounts, reduced the cost that move and maintains.

When to power need quantity has consideration, important is to remember full power well to need a capacity. Ought to analyse equipment itself carefully the specific power consumption of departmental cent, enter air filter for example, fan and water pump, cooling tower fan, circular water pump. When more different investment program, particularly important is to must be used can compare data. Because this must assure really,use numerical value and local specific power consumption metric pattern is consistent. The change of actuating pressure also can affect the need amount of power directly, high pressure expresses tall specific power consumption, with raise actuating pressure to compensate pressure to fall, can damage the economy that run after all. Although such, at present it still is a commonly used method, overcome pipeline network diameter for example too small the pressure that causes with filter block falls. Raise actuating pressure 0.1MPa, bring about power to need a quantity to increase nearly 6% . An equipment has a few filter, especially if move for a long time and do not try to change, pressure falls will rise significantly, consequently cost raises apparently.

Reduce the loss of invalid specific power consumption that leak causes

To compressing airy course and use undertake an analysis, can find the way with the more balanced load in making reduce air system. Because this needs to raise control yield, reduce moving cost. As a result of,be being used up no-goodly often is leak, equipment wears away, flow does not match or compress air to use undeserved place to cause, had better be to pass observation of ceaseless and comprehensive ground to try to correct, can will compress air system to differentiate a few areas, use valve air feed respectively, can reduce wastage of the airy between evening shift or week evening. In most device, can have somehow leak, this is net loss, must lower it the minorrest rate, sometimes leak loss can achieve the 10%-15% that reduces air yield, even more. Leak and actuating pressure become direct ratio, because this undertakes repair and reducing actuating pressure to flat equipment, can yet be regarded as reduces a kind of method of leak, reduce 0.03MPa only in nightwork pressure for example, leakage rate can decrease nearly 4% , if the compressor device of a 100m3/min, flat 12% , reduce actuating pressure 0.03MPa, energy-saving can amount to 3KW·h/h, this is equivalent to electric heat of family of a standard with n.

Anyhow, air compresses systematic energy resources metric management, basically use up with the sources of energy of electric energy give priority to, can divide analyse and the sources of energy to spend charge share through cost, from administrative angle, need invests a plan from early days, equipment purchases installation, equipment moves safeguard, a lot of respects undertake analyse and be tuballed accusing, decrease thereby invalid compress air leak, reduce invalid the sources of energy to use up. On the ecosystem base that builds energy management system in the society to build specific power consumption on this will real significance.

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