The article passes pair of company competition ability and product competition ability decompose, analysis, specific showed to pneumatics machine product character to should do what business in corresponding phase, increase oneself product value in order to facilitate, form long-term brand competition ability. Also can see the correlation between all sorts of competition ability from which, and the market environment that they change ceaselessly to suit and client demand, replace the capacity of oneself ability ceaselessly.

One, foreword

Above all, we understand ” of “ competition ability together first the meaning of this term. Competition ability, it is to point to participator both sides or a kind of various contend or the integrated ability that come out through compare and be being reflected, it is a kind of ability of as competitive change change. Competition ability includes a boy or girl friend now, one kind it also is pair of object future ability is revealed. Competition ability has the branch that loses size, by force, should determine competition ability, should decide one determines above all target time paragraph, undertake contrasting analytic next and reach actor bad trend, but we cannot the particular numerical value that accurate magnanimity gives it.

Competition ability cent is area competition ability, dynamic competition ability, product competition ability, company competition ability, brand competition ability, financial competition ability, quality competition ability, government competition ability, service competition ability, individual competition ability to wait. These ability are affected each other again independently severally, integrated consideration also wants when be being analysed so.

Below we are farther outspread, what is coming to what point to respectively understand the competition ability of the competition ability of the enterprise and product particularly.

The competition ability of the enterprise is to point to: Below emulative market condition, the enterprise is passed breed oneself resource and ability, get exterior can find resource, try integratedly to use, on the base that creates value for the client, achieve the integral performance power of oneself value; In emulative market, place of a company provides some, can provide product and service effectively to the market, obtain the capability of gain and prestige. The competition ability of the enterprise basically divides again for 3 respects: 1) product competition ability, include the function of company product and price, and ability of production and quality control ability, cost control, sale, research and development; 2) brand competition ability, image of brand culture, brand, and the environment of ministry of inside and outside that founds place to need, resource, industry moves a mechanism; 3) run competition ability, the enterprise characteristic of individuation of the company image with the company culture that is core with viewpoint of value of business concept, company, consistent inside and outside, poor dissimilation serves, moderate financial actual strength, have outstanding foresight and long-term globalization development goal.

Product competition ability is to point to: The product accords with the degree that the market asks, this kind asks consumer adjusts specific put oneself in another’s position now the consideration of all sorts of competition ability element mixes the product on the requirement. Basically reflect the function that is a product, quality and price 3 gist element. Use the character of value respect actually what product function shows product place is had, it is the product distinction main mark at other product; Quality is the satisfactory rate that the user uses value to the product; The price had been decided basically in design phase, form next at producing level.

Next we begin from 3 element of product competition ability, will to everybody show a design to make place of product of machine of pneumatics of a tall competition ability want the principle that follow.

2, the analysis before beginning

Receive an item when you above all, when the pneumatics machine product that should design to have tall competition ability, you need first from below 5 respects undertake an analysis.

1) the analysis of the competitor inside the industry. Be the same as the competition between industry business to have: Portion competition, balanced competition, difference competition, diversity competes. A common saying is called “ bosom friend to tell the other, just can emerge victorious in every battle ” , before so we are participating in competition, the competitor that wants enough him understanding above all. Specific to pneumatics machine product character, want to understand the plant that whether production is the same as category likeness product to exist namely; Without giving thought to adversary size, do not underestimate it.

2) potential market entrant analysis. Of an industry enter camp bigger, potential competitive business is entered harder. The industry camp that other company enters influence or block up basically has brand of diversity of economic dimensions, product, client to transfer difficulty, place to require investment how many, changeover cost these 5 elements. To pneumatics machine product, it is OK to should analyse enumerate to go out make same field, the adversary list of same client, undertake ranking an analysis according to minatory degree, if say to connect the most elementary adversary to be able to make this product, do decide this client, that we have to decisive abandon it. Next, go developing new product job and new client again, reflect oneself higher value.

3) substitute analysis. The substitute of a kind of product is the goods that can offer identical or similar effectiveness to the client. The competitive menace level that does not come from substitute with the industry is different, the basiccest measure that competes with substitute is the function that improves a product, quality and cost. To pneumatics machine product, above all the difference that we need to accomplish him product changes a design, reflect the uniqueness of own product and figure strength, and the product is long-term the series sex of the program, form the brand competition ability of own product, do the protection of good intellectual property at the same time. Next, those who want be prepared for danger in times of safety to have him product property ceaselessly is improved with cost reduce, the sexual price that assures a product is compared and competition ability. Let substitute can make your copyist and follower only, it can lose the value of its oneself naturally.

4) supplier analysis. Include an industry all outside buy investment. The supplier is minatory to the competition of the industry, depend on whether is what the supply demand relations of industry and supplier, supplier place offers industry production is indispensible etc. Said popularly, to pneumatics machine product, above all your supplier wants can seasonable, high quality provide your place to you must component; Next this component had better be a supply give yourself; This the 3rd supplier can maintain the relationship that long-term strategy develops with you again.

5) purchaser analysis. The customer that purchaser includes to be consumption and buys and buy for the sale agency. The menace that purchaser forms to the enterprise basically is its bargain ability, namely the desire of purchaser bargain is strong and the ability that can achieve a demand a low price. To pneumatics machine this is planted the product, while you are about to analysing industry and market, consider the final user of your product, does their psychology anticipate how much price is? Inside the interval that whether can oneself design accept in them again? If say oneself client group it is the local tyrant that the a gang does not need money, that should be not talked additionally!

Do good above the analysis of 5 respects, the pneumatics machine product that you should design to oneself had further understanding, had a clear direction and cause, the pneumatics machine product that gives tall competition ability for final design also has laid necessary foundation, what should do next is one by one was carried out.

3, when undertaking emphasize particularly on

Pass actually above of two parts elaborate, everybody can understand basically also, no matter we analyse how many issue, make how many effort, the 3 gist element that should reflect a product finally (function, quality and price) go up. Same, no matter how are we analysed, how to decompose the radiate that also cannot leave company competition ability and support.

To the product competition ability need not say more, it included itself the function of the product and price, these two index are the lifecycle of perforative and whole product, perforative also you are whole the moving process of the company. For example: The cost control of the product can pass design end to optimize a structure, optimize material to come true; Also can pass the actor in producing a course to change technology, cut staff, reduce fixed apportion to come true; Can be passed even and the control that the strategy of the supplier cooperates or “ capacity realizes cost greatly from the policy such as actor ” . Of course, having cost pilot at the same time, cannot be cost with the function of sacrificial product. The product that every user hopes he is bought, cheap, character good! Because,this is everybody of integral standard of living rose, consumer also begins to pursue the life of high quality, produced “ then with qualitative get victory”state, this asks another your competition ability is ambitious also, that is quality competition ability.

It is accidental that quality competition ability puts forward in what China is in at the beginning of 21 centuries, having deep times background however. As the development of economic globalization, the competitive environment that the enterprise faces and challenge relatively produced tremendous change before. Quality competition ability is theoretic the trend that put forward to get used to global economy progress and progress of science and technology. Below the competitive pattern of 21 centuries, the enterprise that only those are achieved or exceeds global level just can gain strategic competition ability. Quality competition ability is one kind precedes with having attractive quality character the competitor’s ability. Accurate identifying bright show reach potential, the customer demand that reachs future currently, with making a person surprizing quality glamour gains client and market, it is the jumping-off place that quality competition ability is different from other competition ability and a home to return to respectively. In the meantime, quality competition ability is one kind needs to improve the competition ability that holds competitive dominant position in order to last. The trends of the dynamic change of customer demand and competitor grows, decided the course that pursues outstanding quality must be a growing process that improves continuously jointly. Competitive main body always should pay close attention to the dynamic change of client and competitor, be bred continuously and promote quality competition ability, can last what hold quality competition dominant position grow.

Of company competition ability the 2nd big board piece it is brand competition ability. Brand competition ability is to show some brand product surmounts other the competitive ability of congener product, it is other congener product is not easy it is even cannot me-too ability, it is the ability that development market, occupational market gets bigger market share. Brand competition ability makes the enterprise can sell with higher than congener product price, occupy larger market space with same price, be in even the market is very stagnant usury benefit is gained for the enterprise below the environment that competes with lower the price, get in intense market competition live with development. Of course, this brand competition ability is not in one day can be formed, general need just perhaps can make a brand about a hundred years a few years. Be like,the well-known trademark of pneumatics machine industry is of abroad mostly: Chinese · China (abbreviation AC) , China (abbreviation IR) , American China, Japan China. Once you passed effort to make famous brand, had brand competition ability. So mean, you had surpassed the product that one scratch line once was the same as beside you, had stronger competition ability, had broader market.

The other of company competition ability board piece, the supports a side action that reachs since is a few morer. Run competition ability and financial competition ability for example, so they specific what to cover? Running competition ability is to show what the enterprise adopts administrative base is ceaseless rise and the adoption of new technology, of outer ministry environment and in-house resource restrict below, can undertake optimize and be configuringed to all sorts of resource, final can with low cost, efficient the ability that undertakes activity of business management of enterprise. Financial competition ability shows the enterprise is one kind is basic kernel with knowledge, innovation, proprietary of company conduct financial transactions, exceedingly good, take root is helpful for mediumly realizing an enterprise to be able to compete continuously at system of ability of company finance affairs the integrated function force of the advantage, it is an enterprise a kind of competition ability that the action after each financial ability is efficient and integrated can control resource at company finance affairs. These looking is the factor that cannot affect competition ability of pneumatics machine product directly, but the component that is competition ability of company whole business however, it is the safeguard that the product answers all sorts of competition, also be a product the condition of card of finished product of long-term development form.

Say to serve competition ability alone finally. Serving competition ability is an omnibus index, it is all total that serve consumer evaluation, it is the enterprise is serving a field the comparison of relatively other competitor advantage, the perceptual thinking that it decided to consumer consumes a process is decision-making circumstance, it is element of a be enterprise individuation competition a when build enterprise characteristic brand necessary step, principal opinion.

The product quality that there is a lot of company in China is not very good, not be very stable, but however energy source receives order ceaselessly, result from namely their after service is done well! Now society, consumer is spent to the feeling of the service also rose, be like that is to say any products can give an issue, gave problem user to hope to get take seriously and be handlinged quickly only, more perhaps saying is to want a kind of attitude. Such service group is had without a few brands in pneumatics machine industry, if you can be accomplished, so you much a competition ability.

4, epilogue

The place on put together is narrated, the pneumatics machine product that you want to make a tall competition ability, be about to do the analysis of market of good early days and client, the property that makes good metaphase product assures to be controlled with cost, become good product later stage dog service. The product absolutely that the category is the same as on the world 1000, why to let consumer buy you? The son that why invites customer even grandchildren also buys you, does for generations use your brand? The competition ability that takes out you please then comes, make from instantly!

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