Regard unmanned motor-driven force as main component of the system, without brush electric machinery to be in unmanned aircraft is whole in industrial catenary, become a kind to be proud the existence of charming. Reporter of space time network hears such argument even: Unmanned aircraft manufacturer can be produced why to plant the unmanned aircraft of function, depend on whether to have on the market match electric machinery to it. And electric machinery this kind of importance to unmanned aircraft, brought about on certain level however borrowed become a common practice.

“Borrowed ” becomes industry dense pain

“ will exhibit the philtrum that the area visits, many be to undertake taking a picture technically to our product, estimate before long, copy can appear to taste on the market. ” does not have man-machine congress to go up in the world this year, one face tells the Feng Baiwei of market sale vice-president of T-MOTOR helplessly the reporter.

Reporter understanding, apply extensively at much ala coming back, unmanned helicopter to assemble medium electric machinery at present, brush electric machinery to not have more, its effect quality and service life affected the effect of unmanned aircraft principal part greatly. With have brush electric machinery photograph to compare, dc is not had brushed electric machinery life to get substantially outspread, but also difficult problem of a lot of technologies needs to capture. For example, outstanding unmanned Electromechanical machines and tools has outstanding damping to control, can stable top is outputted, reduce angle to change to make unmanned aircraft stable move thereby.

In addition, those who do not have man-machine outbalance is dangerous suspend air or shipping service takes a function, the system of personal computer cable that should implement to be attributed to unmanned Electromechanical machine likewise can detect unmanned aircraft is moving all sorts of angle in the process to change. The control system of unmanned Electromechanical machine dominates electric machinery according to these angle change, assure the stability of unmanned aircraft thereby. The can yield unmanned aircraft without system of man-machine electric machinery rate with superior performance and direction are controlled more essence of life is accurate, make unmanned aircraft moves smoothly.

Provide main component of the system as dynamical power, at present industry public figure agrees with dynamical system generally to had made the core that fetters and handcuffs develops without man-machine industry. And the electric machinery that does not have one of man-machine core technologies, the enterprise that the skill masters on the market at present is less than 10 however, this is borroweded with respect to the product that brings about ” of big plant of a few “ to just appear on the market.

Feng Baiwei also expresses, we gave “ after new product, spend period of time, similar product is on the market, this kind of practice that borrowed makes a person feel disgusted very. ”

Price of qualitative actor of electric machinery of ” of “ big plant is high

However, in interview the reporter discovers, “ borroweds ” may be not mere because lack core skill, the unmanned aircraft electric machinery with superior performance is adumbrative also high price, it is the main factor that borrowed likewise. Be in nearly two years especially, what apply setting in industry or commerce as unmanned aircraft is ceaseless and patulous, the user answers function and dependability requirement to also be in to the trends of system of unmanned motor-driven power rise ceaselessly, technology of unmanned Electromechanical machine suffers trade public figure to pay close attention to degree taller and taller also.

The smooth stability that “ does not have job of man-machine electric machinery to output to assure, and to prolong electric machinery life, on the choice of material of electric machinery foundation, our metropolis deflection at better stuff. ” Feng Baiwei says.

According to introducing, unmanned Electromechanical machine is circling a quality to be able to be opposite unmanned aircraft performance has immediate effect. “ coil quality is better, the output power of electric machinery is higher; Of the amount that wind a string alter the performance that also can affect unmanned aircraft. ” is current, the efficient unmanned aircraft electric machinery on the market is very much the way that picks labour of choose and employ persons to wind a string, the oldest rate rises the output power of electric machinery.

And circle line and better fundamental stuff artificially, decided such electric machinery price won’t be cheap. “ this also is to borrowed a reason that the phenomenon exists. ” Feng Baiwei introduces, compare with before a few years, profit of unmanned aircraft hardware had many fall, bring about a part to try to reduce the production cost of unmanned aircraft itself without man-machine manufacturer, can choose low-cost electric machinery. “ but cheap electric machinery, its generator or does not have core technology, or actual strength is no good, borrowed only the product of normal company. ”

And unmanned Electromechanical machine, had been immersed in a such “ to borrowed it seems that the odd group of ” . Shenzhen wing a staff member says wisdom drive science and technology so: “ has what kind of electric machinery, ability of unmanned aircraft manufacturer leaves factory the unmanned aircraft of corresponding function. ”

To this, the reporter thinks, the industry develops the process that is a labyrinthian advancement. As unmanned aircraft overall manufacturer, need promotes integral science and technology the advantage, master core not to have man-machine technology; Meanwhile, electric machinery manufacturer regards unmanned aircraft advanced position as the enterprise, should increase technical research and development, ” of “ big plant tries to control cost, ” of “ small plant masters core technology, such, ability promotes industry whole health to develop continuously.

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