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13 01, 2023

Teach yourself to judge machine of Electromechanical of permanent magnetism pneumatics whether demagnetization?

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In recent years, machine of pneumatics of screw of permanent magnetism frequency conversion because its the characteristic such as stability of efficient, energy-saving, pressure gets the reliance of increasing client. But company of production of electric machinery of the permanent magnetism on market is uneven, if the choice is undeserved, bring about permanent magnetism electric machinery likely to break the risk of magnetism, and once permanent magnetism electric machinery breaks magnetism, basically can choose to change only electric machinery, bring about maintenance thereby cost is big. So, whether to judge permanent magnetism electric machinery to break magnetism? 1. The electric current when the machine is beginning to move is normal, in the course one

28 12, 2022

Coefficient of electric machinery service is shallow related pneumatics machine talk

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Electric machinery serves coefficient National Electrical Manufacturers Association of United States of one word out (NEMA) write publish " MG1-2009 electromotor and dynamo part " standard, common calls NEMA MG1 the standard. The service coefficient that this standard elaborated AC motor in detail (Service Factor, or say to use coefficient, abbreviation S.F) the application that goes up in AC motor with service coefficient, its are main content is: The service coefficient of AC motor is

11 12, 2022

“Small plant copies big plant ” , without brush electric machinery earnestly to need to enter ” wisdom go to ” circle

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Regard unmanned motor-driven force as main component of the system, without brush electric machinery to be in unmanned aircraft is whole in industrial catenary, become a kind to be proud the existence of charming. Reporter of space time network hears such argument even: Unmanned aircraft manufacturer can be produced why to plant the unmanned aircraft of function, depend on whether to have on the market match electric machinery to it. And electric machinery this kind of importance to unmanned aircraft, brought about on certain level however borrowed become a common practice. "Borrowed the philtrum that " exhibits an area to look around into “ of   of industry dense disease, not


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