Eligible compression air quality, it is crucial issue to the user. If air contains impurity, with final end product photograph is contacted, the cost of reject cannot be accepted can high, and the cheapest settlement method can become very quickly the costliest. Because this is chosen,compress airy character to want to agree with the quality policy of the company, and the need of strive judgement future.

The meeting in compressing air contains redundant material, be like water, vapour, oily drop or oily mist and dirt. Use a room according to compressing airy, these material can harm the quality of the product, raise cost even, the end that handles into travel air is get user place sets reduce air quality.

Compress when what use partly in flow when air is differentiated explicitly, what kind of system just has first-rate beneficial result? This answer is found not hard. In a lot of elements, crucial question is to compress air to whether be met certainly as direct as the product contact, or whether can be oily mist contacted directly with the product, or whether can be oily mist accepted for working environment place, the method is to want to choose correct equipment according to particular use situation.

Compress the vapor in air

The air in atmosphere contains the moisture content of vapor form forever. Moisture is accompanied in compressing air, can pose many problems, such as: Increase upkeep costs, shrink to casual laborer has service life and damage its property, increase the percent defective of spray paint and gush model, increase leak, disturbed control system and appearance, because corrode,still be met and shorten the service life of pipeline system and costly equipment. Moisture can undertake depart with auxiliary equipment, be like segregator of aftercooler, condenser water, freeze-dry implement with adsorptive desiccator.

A job is the compressor of 0.7MPa in gauge pressure, compress air the 7/8 of bulk, airy contains vapor quantity to reduce close 7/8, the water quantity that releases is very considerable. For example, the compressor of a 100kW, relative humidity is 60% , in 8 hours one is made inside the water that give off measures nearly 85 litres. Accordingly, want to use an occasion according to compressing airy, the decision needs detached total water capacity, ordinal decide, use what kind of condenser and desiccator combination ability to accord with a requirement. Most compressor is configured have aftercooler and water segregator, come out condenser water from the depart in compressing air as far as possible, the water segregator with right choice and proper size but dissociative effect achieves 80%-90% . The come moisture below the rest criterion with water mist form, as compress air to enter gas tank. Compressor of air of type of general now screw contains aftercooler, action is to will compress air to compress the vapor that come out to be collected after refrigeration and be discharged, major moisture is discharged from here. Anthology match freeze-dry implement it is the circumstance that asks further to compressing air water content to have, freeze-dry implement can will reduce airy water content, measure with dew point form, can achieve commonly – 30 ℃ . If use a circumstance to have higher demand to reducing air water content, can be in freeze-dry implement from the back add outfit adsorption desiccator, two kinds of combination are used, reduce airy water content so, what measure with dew point form is highest and OK achieve – 75 ℃ .

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Reduce the oily cent in air

The oil content in compressing air depends on all sorts of elements, especially the form of compressor, design, use fixed number of year and working circumstance. With respect to this kind of circumstance character, basically have the compressor design of two kinds of forms, antrum is compressed to do not have lube when antrum is being compressed to have lube and job when working namely two kinds. In having oil-lubricated compressor, oil is participated in whole reduce a process, all or of the part follow compress airiness. In compressor of contemporary double screw, oil content is very small, for example in machine of pneumatics of fuel injection double screw, air oil content is reduced when 20 ℃ little at 3mg/m3. Use multistage filter, can reduce oil content. But water is lubricant the occurrence of compressor, reduced the oil content in compressing air greatly again, because be in whole in reducing air process, participate in without lube. But at present we are seen normally on the market, still shrink with gush oil pressure chance is maximum, close in different use field so, still need to undertake filtering departing to compressing the lube in air, reduce the oil content in compressing air. Oily guttate is oily one part is OK as condenser water, turn on the water in segregator of aftercooler, condenser water or condenser water be come out by depart in a powerful person. From the point of environmental protection angle, oily / water emulsion belongs to useless oil, must not arrange sewage system directly or put nature directly. One goes to the lavatory the method of be economical installs segregator of a grease namely, use filter of a diaphragmatic type for example, sewage purification, go to oily dredge in an appropriative container.

In compressing air microbial

Pollution compresses airy particle, 80% above are less than 2mm, because this crosses the entrance filter of compressor very easily. After this particle travels very easily in managing a network, in consist in water and oil, gather on conduit, the likelihood is caused grow microbially. Add at the back of compressor install a filter, can eliminate this kind of risk, compress air to purify and be disinfected otherwise, after must controlling filter completely of the bacterium grow. The gas as a result of mist shape or air assemble synthesis drip (through agglomeration or charge) , this kind of situation can become more complex, although pass several filter, microbial still can cause through the mural face of filter, because this its entrance with filter of same chroma consist in is mixed,export side. Concerned data makes clear, microbial meeting in not dry compression the multiply in air grows, especially high humidity (100% ) . The contaminant that is less than 1mm also includes what microbial meeting free does not have block all right to pass entrance filter. Oil and other contaminant have the effect that grows to grow nurturance. The most crucial factor is to make air dry to humidity < 40% , should achieve this a little bit to use desiccator of an adsorptive type can, also can use freeze-dry below room temperature implement. The fiber filter that uses on the market at present removes oil very effective. Of course, after the course filters, control the odd oil content in air well and truly very hard, especially temperature bisect has major effect from the process. The oily chroma in compressing air and free water divide meeting influence to filter efficiency.

To achieve first-rate result, answer to make air as far as possible dry, if there is free moisture, oily, carbon in air, the result that asepsis filter has couldn’t get completely (filter character does not apply to this kind of circumstance) . Fiber filter is mere also can the oil of eliminate grain shape or oily mist, purify oily vapour must use activated carbon filter. When 21 ℃ , one installs correct fiber filter, along with one proper beforehand filter, can make content reduces the oil in compressing air to be close to 0.01mg/m3, filter of an activated carbon is when 21 ℃ , can reduce oily content 0.03mg/m3.

The fabrics in carbolic filter ought to quality is good, norms size wants likely low pressure falls. To get first-rate result, filter position ought to be close to the place that solves a problem as far as possible. In addition, they must try carefully to check, and want undertake often changing. Activated carbon filter is used at the contaminant of purify mist shape only, for example oily. Asepsis filter should undertake alexipharmic with vapour in pipeline system spot, or get off will undertake handling. The capability that a filter differentiates from oil of the depart in compressing air produces change as different moving temperature.

The data in filter performance list always uses the air temperature in the regulation, the standard is 21 ℃ . This temperature is equivalent to working environment temperature be 10 ℃ , the temperature after wind cold compressor. Of course, climate and seasonal change can cause the change of temperature, affect the detached ability of filter subsequently. The compressor that do not have oil does not need oily filter, this states compressor is OK work below a bit lower pressure, reduce specific power consumption. Below a lot of circumstances, the compressor that do not have oil is first-rate solution, economy and character are both all good.

Accordingly, if your compression air and your product is contacted directly, its character affects the quality situation of the product directly, high quality compression air configures more high-powered air compressor with respect to need. Do not have oily compressor to will wait for place of high accurate industry to be used extensively in spin, medical treatment, integrated circuit.