12 12, 2022

Rare land prices soares fear affecting the downstream industry such as compressor

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On May 10, spokesman of news of Department of Commerce brings to bear on with respect to fact of beautiful Founder type ask for custom duty to publish a talk. The talk says, the United States already just will was opposite China of 200 billion dollar is defeated by beautiful commodity to impose the custom duty that impose from 10% on move to 25% , just be opposite in this close watch regret, will must adopt necessary make step instead. And according to People's Daily message, xi Jinping's secretary-general went to Jiangxi to inspect survey on May 20. The production factory of science and technology of permanent magnetism of Jiangxi gold force that he inspected to be located in city of state of another name for Jiangxi Province above all, know a business

11 12, 2022

Compress air quality to be analysed to product influencing factor

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Eligible compression air quality, it is crucial issue to the user. If air contains impurity, with final end product photograph is contacted, the cost of reject cannot be accepted can high, and the cheapest settlement method can become very quickly the costliest. Because this is chosen,compress airy character to want to agree with the quality policy of the company, and the need of strive judgement future. The meeting in compressing air contains redundant material, be like water, vapour, oily drop or oily mist and dirt. The basis compresses airy application


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