On May 10, spokesman of news of Department of Commerce brings to bear on with respect to fact of beautiful Founder type ask for custom duty to publish a talk. The talk says, the United States already just will was opposite China of 200 billion dollar is defeated by beautiful commodity to impose the custom duty that impose from 10% on move to 25% , just be opposite in this close watch regret, will must adopt necessary make step instead.

And according to People’s Daily message, xi Jinping’s secretary-general went to Jiangxi to inspect survey on May 20. The production factory of science and technology of permanent magnetism of Jiangxi gold force that he inspected to be located in city of state of another name for Jiangxi Province above all, understanding company production is managed and industry of rare land of city of state of another name for Jiangxi Province develops a case.

Rare-earth element is known as the vitamin ” of “ industry, have property of the exceedingly good magnetism that cannot replace, smooth, report, to improving product performance, add product variety, raised manufacturing efficiency to have tremendous effect. Because rare earth effect is big, dosage is little, already became improve the product structure, important element that raises progress of technology of content of science and technology, stimulative industry, be applied extensively at the domain such as ceramics of metallurgy, military affairs, petro-chemical, glass, agriculture and new material.

For example, compressor lifecycle is integrated cost 77% use up go up in electric power, china has 300 billion every year to be used on compressor to 500 billion degrees of report about, and technology of permanent magnetism frequency conversion can come true greatly however energy-saving. Component of core of compressor of permanent magnetism frequency conversion is permanent magnetism electric machinery, the important document of permanent magnetism electric machinery is magnet steel, and the production of magnet steel needs to join the rare earth material such as neodymium iron boron, will increase rolled steel magnetism.

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Rare-earth metal product includes downstream magnetism material to regard high-end strategy as goods and materials, superstratum attention is obtained to have multiple sense below trade war setting. Reuter points out, came 2014 between 2017, the rare soil that the United States imports has 80% to come from China.

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Rare earth yields contractive canal accuses

Rare earth heat still is in continuously. National hair changed on June 4 appoint hold informal discussion of rare self-taught expert, with day, national hair changes appoint hold informal discussion of rare land company, listened to key enterprise structural adjustment of industry of rare to driving earth, accelerate transition to upgrade, the opinion proposal that implements high quality development. And twice the conference shows common signal fully is, expert and enterprise all suggest, strengthen Chinese rare earth to export a canal to accuse.

Refer meeting company proposal, want determined severity to hit illegal mine, product of aggrandizement rare earth exports a canal to accuse, increase an industry to manage order to consolidate strength, protect valuable resource. Strengthen intellectual property protection, outflow of technology of forbidden advantage core. Strengthen politics, produce, learn, grind, with photograph union, support development of new technology of smelt of exploitation of rare earth green and application, the high end in conformity uses industrial chain, accelerate rare earth new material and development of high-end application estate.

On the rare earth informal discussion June 4, join meeting expert to also suggest, the country wants aggrandizement rare opium trade is all-around superintend, begin manufacturing order to rectify, severe blow breaks the law violate compasses act, make the nowhere such as the production that do not have card, illegal smuggling hides, complete behead breaks chain of industry of “ black ” ; Want to strengthen exit canal to accuse, build rare earth to export whole technological process date from and examine a mechanism.

Be in not long ago, national hair changes appoint relevant controller has had following stating with respect to rare homebred line of business: Height of catenary of industry of “ Sino-US two countries is shirt-sleeve, complementary sex is extremely strong, alleged combine a two advantage, fight an all injury, trade war did not win the home. Whether can become China to make beautiful square for no reason hit instead to rare earth press make a weapon instead, what I can tell you is, if who wants to use us to export the product that rare earth place makes, antistrophe makes the progress that presses China at keep within limits, so I think another name for Jiangxi Province Nayuanzhong ends revive division people, China people the metropolis is grouchy. ”

On forum of company of this rare land, join meeting enterprise to express, raw product of industry of Chinese rare opium is given priority to, although the situation with deep backward treatment gets a change stage by stage, but production of rare opium industry manages order to return existence to highlight a problem, illicit collect excessive to dig, exceed a plan to reclaim production, illegally wait for industry of “ black ” to be banned repeatedly incessant, exploitation and technology of smelt depart advantage diffuse the risk is increased, the primitive innovation of high-end application domain is weaker still.

Rare earth is the indispensable main strategy resource in modern industry, also be to transform the traditional industry, key that develops burgeoning property strategical fundamental material. Official data, reserves of Chinese rare earth resides the world the first, also be exclusive can offer all the country of 17 kinds of rare-earth metal. But in the past tens of in year, because the chaos of industry itself is resembled, to China rare opium trade brought “ to harm ” .

Hair change appoint chief of relevant department bureau expresses, rare land company wants related cogent advance materiality conformity and industry to optimize, strengthen enterprise interior canal to accuse, produce scope effect adequately; Deepen industry self-discipline, fulfil gross strictly to dominate a plan, severe accuse to add smelt depart newly to produce can, press bring down end to disable produce can; Increase devoted strength, accelerate research and development to use technology of exploitation of rare earth green and smelt depart, break through technology of a batch of crucial core, promote entire industry catenary competitive capability.

The market values rare earth generally to rise in price

Meanwhile, custom of Yunnan Teng Chong prohibits in the round afresh since May 15 Burmese rare earth exports China. Burmese it is country of China’s biggest origin of rare earth entrance, 2018 China from Burmese entrance in mine of heavy ion rare land makes an appointment with 26 thousand tons, and consumption of annual of rare land mine is weighed in China 50 thousand – 60 thousand tons.

The market thinks to import a ban or cause Chinese China to supply systole, it is firm bullish of look forward to of rare land price major interest is good. According to calculating, this mine of Burmese entrance rare land suffers be restricted or will cause this year to make an appointment with mine of 20 thousand tons of rare land to be imported hard to China, namely the crop of dysprosium v/LIT arrowhead or will drop 800 tons, the crop of terbium or will drop 120 tons. Mine of Burmese entrance rare land suffers certainly be restricted, hopeful of rare land price is obtained prop up. Hopeful of rare land price is weighed to rise continuously in, price of small rare land or look forward to firm pick up.

Additional, on May 13, committee of tax regulations of custom duty of the State Council decides, since June 1, 2019, the share in adding the commodity of United States of detailed list of 60 billion dollar that imposes custom duty to already was being carried out rises add impose duty tax rate, carry out respectively 25% , 20% or of 10% add impose custom duty. Among them accessory 1 in solid bring to bear on there is the series such as the rare-earth metal mine that imports from the United States to import mine in asking for inventory of 25% custom duty.

As we have learned, the United States imports rare land mine is China the important complement of mine of small rare land, 10% what take supply of neodymium of Chinese oxidation praseodymium. Show according to customs data, the amount of rare land mine that annual imported from the United States 2018 is twenty-seven thousand five hundred tons, it is the important increment that mine of Chinese rare land supplies end.

Mine of rare to beautiful entrance land adds China ask for custom duty to come of 25% make policy instead, will carry litre of entrance mine cost, cut entrance mine is measured on certain level, to China price of oxidation praseodymium neodymium is formed prop up, and praseodymium, neodymium (small rare land) etc is permanent magnetism product is main raw material.

Rare earth rises in price fear transferring downstream property

In look for a long time, rare land price depends on supply demand relations. Rare earth applies downstream extensive, but relative to character, basically center in magnetism material domain. From commerce periodic angle looks, magnetism lumber company begins to enter order peak period from July commonly, to receive the consumptive busy season that 3 quarters begin, hopeful of magnetism lumber company enters stock up fastigium ahead of schedule, filling inventory desire is strong.

Permanent magnetism compressor serves as a kind of new technology, new product, with " 935 ” of “ of standard of national environmental protection develop a program " and long-term since the way of the energy-saving demand that decrease a platoon that China encourages all the time is consistent, get all the time governmental support and encourage, market share growth is rapid. 2018, violent wind of sales volume of compressor of frequency conversion of Chinese permanent magnetism rises 160 thousand, rose 2017 compared to the same period 60% .

The supply of magnetically hard material stands rare ground on one hand illicit of mine of national punish rare land collects excessive to dig, the impact that exceeds plan production to compress, on the other hand, suffer add ask for custom duty to make step instead, cost of American entrance mine carries litre and the dual impact of ban of Burmese mine import, bring about the business that manage money to hold goods grudge carry out sentiment is stronger, current supply of goods is opposite on market less, clinch a deal the value is relative taller. Fall without overblown circumstance in of short duration of Sino-US trade war, predict the half an year after this year, the influence that rare earth rises in price will transfer the downstream property such as car of compressor of permanent magnetism electric machinery, permanent magnetism, new energy resources gradually.

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