In recent years, data of a few crucial statistic is offerring counterevidence it seems that, the integral gain ability of Japanese manufacturing industry did not ebb not only, be in instead consecutive refresh history record. 2017, the average profit margin of big company of Japanese manufacturing industry had been broken through 8% , innovation gives the highest value since bubble economy breaks down. Company profit becomes “ to install the largest window of times economics ” even. Japanese finance affairs saves investigation of statistic of legal person enterprise to show, total business profit already broke through business of entire industry of 2016 year Japan 75 trillion yen closes greatly, present the history best condition, its dimensions was 1992 (20 trillion yen) nearly 4 times. Be in an enterprise just about of the branch puissant prop up under, japanese economy presents the trend that anabiosises blandly, the economy since December 2012 anabiosises cycle already exceeded period of ” of boom of Nuo of big and thick of afterwar “ Yi (came in November 1965 in July 1970) , become afterwar the 2nd.

In fact, with putting forward “ via round couplet 1995 new Japan type manages ” to be a mark, japanese manufacturing industry begins to carry out strategic transition sadly already, in the past with OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) the “ that put forward 3 great minds implement the feature of traditional Japan enterprise that ” is a delegate fades considerably already actually. In transition process, enterprise of Japanese manufacturing industry introduces Euramerican type to manage mode in succession, carry out in a large-scale modular adjust diversity reform, actively to carry out high additional cost the strategy, actively to change course, ceaseless deepen globalization to manage, service of manufacturing industry of bold attempt “ changes ” reform to wait, these effort let Japanese manufacturing industry have a series of brand-new features.

Globalization of “ of Japanese manufacturing industry manages ” to be deepened ceaselessly

Production of “ Japan manufacturing industry already had 1/4 is overseas undertakes ” , this is the result that Japanese economy industry saves investigation of overseas facilities activity to reach. From 20 centuries 60 time begin, japanese manufacturing industry stepped the pace that internationalization runs. The square agreement 1985 advanced this one process further. After cold war ends, accompanying economic globalization tide, management ” also moves toward the “ globalization of Japanese manufacturing industry deepen. Is incorporate in 4 respects: ? Urgent heat of  of  of steamed bun of emperor choke M is grown brag?ldquo; of  of  of Xi of M of choke of  of locust of  of celestial being of capture of alkyne of  of  of ∮ of humorous of dainty of M of choke of joyous  of Xi of ┐ of silk ribbon  sells ” feature landedly to be added more apparent; 4 it is globalization manages pair of Japan external often income and expenses produced main effect.

(One) overseas production is occupied grow continuously than still be in

Since since square agreement was signed 1985, japanese manufacturing industry moves toward abroad pace to do not have rein in not only, contrary, after cold war ends, accompanying economic globalization tide to upsurge ceaselessly, globalization of Japanese manufacturing industry is managed deepen ceaselessly, position of strategy of its whole world is clear with each passing day also. Nowadays, alive bound creates Chinese district of the center, the manufacturing network of enterprise of Japanese manufacturing industry is expanding quickly, the abroad proportion of the partial domain such as the car has surmounted China considerably even.

From the point of whole, if with Japanese China all legal entity is base, the overseas production proportion of Japanese manufacturing industry has been broken through 25% ; If with already the Japanese enterprise that overseas invests is base, of Japanese manufacturing industry abroad occupy than be being amounted to 38.9% , approach the level of 40% . From the point of industry domain, the overseas production that has had 14 industries to 2015 is occupied than be in 10% above. Most outstanding industry is the conveyor tool industry that gives priority to with the car, its are abroad manufacturing proportion is achieved 49% . The overseas production of current mechanism is occupied than also be as high as 34% , and equipment of news news report also has near 3 to be produced into overseas (29%) . The overseas production of chemistry and business machine, nonferrous metal is occupied than also was being achieved 19% .

(2) overseas sale and profit also are rising steadily

In recent years, the now legal person with overseas investment of Japanese manufacturing industry (subsidiary) sale grows continuously, its profit also is improved considerably and often promote steadily, be aimed at the investment of Asian area especially. From the point of entire industry domain, up to amount of sale of legal person of industry of foreign enterprise of Japanese total of great capacity broke through 270 trillion yen 2015, its dimensions is equivalent to the half left and right sides of Japanese China total output value. Among them, manufacturing industry reachs 135 trillion yen, compared to the same period the 99.7 trillion yen 2006 grows about 35% . From the point of disparate industry domain, the outside carrying mechanical sea sale that 2015 year car gives priority to is highest, exceed 67 trillion yen, its dimensions is to be the same as year Japan car to export the specified number of 17.3 trillion yen 4 times the left and right sides. This is meant, set out from foreign trade perspective only, already cannot accurate the international competition ability that holds Japanese automobile industry.

Look again from gain state, be not the abroad Japan enterprise of manufacturing industry domain, begin occurrence gain is small to glide from 2012 trend, but manufacturing industry is in all the time however increase position steadily, to 2015, its often profit specified number rises from the 4.7 trillion yen 2006 to 6.3 trillion yen, often profit margin comes from 3% promotion 5% , with company of Japanese China manufacturing industry is average 2015 of 5.9% often profit margin level is very adjacent. Additional, gain state also with investment closely related area, the Japanese enterprise that invests Asian area for instance wants far outclass North America and European zone via constant profit, same with was 2015 exemple, of look forward to of day of area of this year of Asia often profit total is as high as 6.13 trillion yen, it is 2.2 times of look forward to of day of North America area, it is 13.3 times of look forward to of European area day more.

(3) abroad management “ sells ” feature landedly to be highlighted increasingly

Before, overseas production ever was the important step that day look forward to reduces manufacturing cost, accordingly, can a large number of commodity are exported (or say “ goes against entrance ”) to go to Japanese China. However, in recent years, this kind of phenomenon decreases considerably, if look forward to of Asian area day is in what exported Japan 2006 to occupy,compare ever was as high as 22% , but fell however 2015 to 15.5% . Contrary, this locality sale is occupied than rising considerably however, namely alleged “ sells ” trend landedly increasingly remarkable.

“ sells a policy that ” is policy of Japanese government agriculture originally landedly, its target is to advance what “ place produces farming the form that aquatic product sells ” system in place is built. Nowadays, it also is become march the main strategy that place of abroad company of Japanese manufacturing industry implements, its purpose is to let product of abroad day look forward to can satisfy the requirement of “ special ” that is in country or area more. So, abroad day look forward to begins to investing a country or adjacent region literary composition builds a whole management system that blends in product research and development, design and production and sale. For example, the car that sells in the United States is produced in the United States as far as possible, and in east the car that alliance sells also is produced in Thailand or Indonesian and other places as far as possible, can make the enterprise manages “ so more ” of ground connection gas, develop those who accord with local demand thereby, the product that has greater competition ability. A more particular case is, the refrigerator that the Japanese enterprise institute that sells in India in recent years produces, general metropolis adds the Tibet inside outfit type harbour electric equipment and inside buy cosmetic contains box, so that get used to local frequent power failure and the problem that solve the cosmetic such as lipstick to melt because of local high temperature easily.

“ sells ” strategy landedly carry out, cause sale channel of abroad Japan enterprise and the change that purchase chain, it is whole production distribution also produces change even. In recent years, the percentage that enterprise of Japanese abroad manufacturing industry purchases from Japanese China is reduced apparently, the Japanese China of look forward to of day of North America area was purchased 2015 occupy than already from 2006 31% move considerably decrease to 24% , this numerical value of look forward to of European area day also from 35% glide to 23% , look forward to of Asian area day criterion from 30% fall to 21% . Sale pattern also appeared same feature, while to Japan like look forward to of Asian area day exit glides considerably, our region sale is occupied than be in year after year rises, had approached nowadays 80% .

(4) Japan structure of income and expenses manages ” because of globalization of “ of day look forward to and often change

Accompanying the Japanese business with overseas investment to deepen “ globalization to manage ” ceaselessly, japan external economic structure also produced major change because of this.

Above all, favorable balance of trade decreases considerably, appear even adverse balance of trade. Export dimensions with dollar calculative Japan, glide from the 801.3 billion dollar 2012 to the 644.6 billion dollar 2016, commerce income and expenses comes to appeared 4 years continuously 2015 from 2012 deficit situation. Indeed, have already here 2011 east the cause that Japanese earth shake causes the sources of energy to be imported in great quantities, again executive “ installs times economics ” to bring yen to devalue the influence that waits for main factor, in addition, overseas production occupies Japanese manufacturing industry to also be added more than the action of promotion remarkable, its influence nots allow to ignore.

Next, overseas company profit is become ensure Japan external often of black word of income and expenses important prop up. The statistical data that Japanese finance affairs saves shows, 3 dimensions are in income and expenses of income of Japanese first time to still was not worth 8 trillion yen 2000, and arrived to grew 20.7 trillion yen 2015, make an appointment with 2.6 times was 2000. Very apparent, overseas investment gain is significant fill the inadequacy of favorable balance of trade.

The 3rd, the intellectual property with overseas investment uses fee (patent) also be in become Japan stage by stage external of gain important form. 1996, japanese abroad intellectual property makes expense dimensions still is not worth 1 trillion yen, however, accompany day of look forward to a large number of investment are overseas, progressively compose builds a global management system, the income such as the instructor fee that place of company of its sea husband obtains increases ceaselessly. To 2015, the abroad intellectual property that Japan obtains makes expense dimensions reachs 4.4 trillion yen. Save statistical data additionally according to general affairs, car patent charge is occupied than achieving half above, basically be the Japanese car company that comes from North America and Asian area investment. This also accords with a car overseas production occupies the factual ——— with overseas production highest proportion than exceeding 67% . Overseas production stage counted Japanese car to already amounted to 1 898 2016 10 thousand, exceed China to produce a stage to count far (9.2 million) , be latter 2 times the left and right sides. Meanwhile, japan exported car gross 2016 only 4.63 million, gross is sold outside comparing Japanese car sea 23.61 million, its are abroad rate of depend on sb or sth for existence is as high as 84% .

Anyhow, from the point of perspective of Japanese China statistic, the enterprise gross that executive globalization manages already broke through 25 thousand, among them, measure of manufacturing industry industry is 11 thousand. In recent years, overseas investment still holds Japanese company exuberant impetus, data of statistic of Japanese bank balance of payments shows, up to by September 2017, remaining sum of abroad and direct investment breaks through Japan 174 trillion yen, increased than 2012 91% . Apparent, day look forward to marchs abroad pace did not put delay not only, still show instead accelerate a trend.

Diversification transition and service of “ manufacturing industry turn ” tide

Since bubble economy is formed, enterprise of Japanese manufacturing industry carried out the strategic transition of diversification, such as guides performance creed, adopt buy external, large-scale capital and business recombine etc, “ chooses the pet phrase of the person that with concentration ” makes run of already of look forward to for a time. In recent years, combine net of couplet of artificial intelligence, content to wait for tide of new technology revolution, appeared again the new way that service of “ manufacturing industry changes ” .

(One) the company strategy transition of diversification

Of the century hand in, japanese manufacturing industry experienced large-scale transition to recombine, among them, automobile industry is a feature with accepting foreign capital to enter, if French Reynolds is produced to day, German people is right to Ford of bell wood, United States Ma Zida is held etc; Semiconductor industry recombines with the wholesale business between Chinese tycoon for the feature, if electric machinery of 3 water chestnut, China makes place and loose the second line of a couplet close,recombine the business such as LSI of the system below the banner and MCU, established company of lucky Sa electron, electric machinery of China, 3 water chestnut and NEC recombined business of the DRAM below the banner to establish Er to amount to memory surely 4 the company. Undertaking extensive property recombines while, company level also carried out diversification strategy transition, do its highlight a feature to include: ? Is emperor owed chase after bore with a reamer of  of  of Beng of the  that seek a card to make rich   high and steep conceives humorous of dainty of M of oyster of You of Zhuang of v/LIT an amphora-like jar of Qian of  of  of scar of drop of dirty Song bursa?

A lot of enterprises abandoned diversity strategy, big gold air conditioning and Aolinbasi are typical case. Though home appliance is the delegate that Japanese business fails, but big gold stands fast from beginning to end however this domain, score a success finally. 20 centuries 80 time, big Jin Cengshi uses diversity strategy, outside dividing air conditioning, robot of extensive still sortie, ground warm, medical apparatus and instruments and electronic equipment. Jing Shangli’s president carried out “ to choose to center strategic ” 1994, cut all business besides air conditioning. Reform makes big gold is in a new force suddenly rises of home appliance domain, develop a school of one’s own. Are its specific does gimmick include: ? Brother’s son of round ⒐ He defends ┐ bed come to an agreement. Sale of random?(of have a nightmare of small cup of  Gang  is occupied than nearly 9 become) , “ both ends is outer”(Production and sale weigh a head overseas, both is abroad occupy than all be in 7 become above) . 2011, ba Si of Ao Lin of optical equipment tycoon because finance affairs of a huge sum makes a holiday (the 1.3 billion dollar that concealed the past 20 years is gigantic deficient) and be close to going bankrupt, the “ thin body that held the post of president Geng grand travel newly to implement form of burn one’s boats plans ” , after career of communication of information of ” of complete “ cut, cut down its considerably again traditional and video business and scientific business, formed the medical apparatus and instruments that is a delegate with “ endoscope ” finally alone big situation, occupy mediumly in total sale than near most probably. Abandon diversity strategy, to “ ” of manufacturer of equipment of top class medical treatment strides, make core business company, this is success of transition of strategy of Ao Lin Ba Si is crucial; Big gold air conditioning is to abandon diversity strategy likewise, its core business moved toward high end to change.

Capture core business, go specialization company line, this also is the important way of transition of Japanese manufacturing industry, tokyo electron and Fuji film are typical delegate. Tokyo electron is a small firm originally, semiconductor equipment sphere just marchs after crisis of first time oil. Go specialization course and poor dissimilation road, it is the key with Tokyo successful electron. It is dedicated all the time at semiconductor plant, from beginning to end with bounds of diversity make a clear distinction. Also have distinguishing feature alone on company processing mechanism, it is managemant decision rapid, efficient, down to “ often is regarded as to be not Japanese enterprise ” by foreign enterprise; 2 it is to value share of market of profit margin and rather than, pay attention to maintain shareholder interest. Since 2005, its often profit margin is in all the time 12% above, outclass is other day look forward to. Form with the American Kodak that went bankrupt 2012 bright contrast, it is conventional film company together, fuji film realizes successful transition however, overshoot not only difficulty, build a new competition ability successfully still. This basically is attributed to the Gu Sen that assumed office 2003 to weigh grand president, he the production enterprise that the transition of sensitive data company with an one extraction the biggest group is service business dominant. Nowadays, its target changes world of medical treatment of “ second birth to enterprise of the first ” again.

Moving toward overseas market is the choice of enterprise of most Japan manufacturing industry. With “ intelligence production champion ” sends that division (FANUC) is exemple, this company be born out of tells a company at Fuji, independent 1972. Up to 2017, sent that division to create an another miracle: ? Phlogistic exemplary У of  of crafty of cape of evil of border seeing commission boil in water for a while of clump of ┐ Dan the Huaihe River thinks of  to kowtow flinch?0% of pain or numbness caused by cold of extensive of  of remnant of lap of  path  is controlled, it is enterprise of Japanese manufacturing industry about 5 times of average level; Portion of its whole world is occupied than extremely tall, numerical control machine tool takes global in part, industrial robot also with 20% be the champion, smartphone treatment machine tool takes a whole world most probably; Insist to be produced in China all the time, although its are abroad,the sale is occupied than be as high as 80% ; Value shareholder interest highly namely again, bold put forward to want to feedback embellish of 80% net profit to partner.

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