Editor’s note: In recent years, regard mechanical industry as the compressor industry of main component, drive as what the development of national economy and society progress, got swift and violent growth. In the meantime, each type is in compressor to applied a domain actually to also appear more clear become divided, respective advantage also is shown gradually. This decided, we the function that pay close attention to and must master compressor more in the round and the cause of formation of all sorts of breakdown, the solution of hep and different question, so that compress function,the better production that is us and life serve.

Undeniable, current, as economic progress and industrialized pace accelerate, compressor is in to produce by wider and wider application in practice, in the meantime, also apply as a result of the big range of mechanical product, the characteristic adroitness of all sorts of type adds up to manage application and acknowledge, also appear particularly important, so, of the practitioner that regards compressor as the industry we, how to hold the character of all sorts of type and the means of settlement after occurrence breakdown in the round, became the issue that at present we pay close attention to most undoubtedly.

So, this period forum, we are with compressor in moving process, lube generation bubble and cause machine high temperature to stay the case of machine from this, be based on each opinion to compressor lube respect, and how to undertake to pertinent question background of experience is jumping-off place settlement, the viewpoint that initiates the personage inside course of study is collected and discuss greatly, in an attempt to discusses mutual beneficial purpose in all. This period forum, we come to the intense discussion that what spread out to this listen to netizens!

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ID: Huli

Must say, should produce compressor adequately can effect and on the safe side work, lubricating is one of important segment, but how notice again without giving thought to, always can appear problem —— consults each friend, what is a lot of foam producing in the oil gas when pneumatics accident goes return a responsibility? I know such meetings cause high temperature, compare so anxious, still ask each friend to give advice or comments, what circumstance do this seem to cause now?

ID: Jsxp1975

This is tasted with oil have very big concern, the oil with a few kinds of joint-stock China and foreign countries that everybody knows all is put in the question with moving much bubble, cause oil content of pneumatics machine exhaust very easily tall.

ID: Suzhoubicheng

The person listens before seeming so had said, so, the lube bubble of what brand is excuse me little? Have recommend?

ID: Jocycle

If do not have method really, can try to add bit of anti-foaming agent.

ID: Huli

What reason causes this excuse me? I am to think each to ask for advice, find the reason that creates this problem, from go up at all solve this meeting to pose the problem of compressor high temperature.

ID: Zqjzqj8888

Usually, be tasted with respect to oil and character, it is the price of course expensive quality is better, this is about to saw an user how think.

ID: Anjun7107

Want to know those who cause to this is what reason, if be the engine oil of aircrew,this kind of phenomenon discovers in use process, can take oil to do an assay to look, eliminate oil to taste the problem of itself. ?

ID: Klsummit

It is to cite below the speech of “huli” : What reason causes this excuse me? I am to think each to ask for advice, find the reason that creates this problem, from go up at all solve this meeting to pose the problem of compressor high temperature.

According to my experience analysis, a few possible reasons related to oil:

1, the oil of different base oil is tasted mix, even if be the old oil that oil change remains

2, oil level is too high

3, there is greasy filth to accumulate carbon inside pneumatics machine

4, viscosity is too tall

5, exterior dirt or foreign matter pollution

Of course, the reason also is above likely of multinomial existence, you can be discharged stage by stage look up, see those who cause the bottom is what reason.

ID: Loading

Want those who cause to knowing is what reason, you must explain used what is oily, and these elements such as the working environment of compressor.

ID: Bengwei

To this kind of circumstance, the proposal adds the agent that fight bubble, as to what reason, search to compare a trouble, oily after all the condition that produces in horizontal and bucket of vertical oil gas is much not identical.

ID: Chenyucang

When producing this kind of situation, how much is the exhaust temperature that you note to see compressor?

ID: Li321123

Must say, in using a process actually, have the appearance that a lot of type discovers bubble is overmuch, knowing is machine problem or oily problem.

ID: Huli

Complement: After a lot of foam producing in the oil gas when pneumatics accident goes every time, the machine moves to be caused till high temperature stop machine ah.

ID: Loading

The how many metropolis in be like lube to use has bit of foamy, so requirement pneumatics confidential has very good anti-foaming agent, appear nevertheless this case that you say is more severe ah.

ID: Chinese parasol flower

My individual feels no more than is two reasons: Oil is tasted have a problem or the design of cylinder is unreasonable, and the possibility that the design of cylinder has a problem travel is great.

ID: Kuangtang555

It is to cite below the speech of “chenyucang ” : When producing this kind of situation, how much is the exhaust temperature that you note to see compressor?

Those who say is very right, taste those who wait for a reason besides oil outside, need to notice exhaust temperature is too low really also can produce the phenomenon with overmuch bubble.

ID: 240028523

This very normal, want ceaseless chance only, the question is not big, it is good to use more, ah.

ID: Tao888

Moisture content is contained in engine oil, or exhaust temperature is low, the water of heavy bottom of oil gas bucket was not let off, or did two kinds of engine oil mix? This problem is very common, after bubbly period of time, oil level is low, because evaporated water,the likelihood is.

ID: Hiriyao

Bubble needs those who check oil to fight bubble sex, if be normal good, be machine where has a problem so, want what eliminate thoroughly and examine a reason.

ID: Bright water boasts

Bubble does not have method more, the key is the disappear bubble rate that sees oil fast, if disappear bubble speed is OK,do not have a problem ah.

ID: Klsummit

Be, what be afraid of? ! Not be to still have disappear bubble additive, this thing is dropped easily by filter.

ID: Klsummit

The individual feels, basic it is two kinds of circumstances:

1, old oily remain is very much, especially mineral oil has a lot of carbon deposit very easily, join new oil to be able to bubble.

2, the machine uses mineral oil time longer have layer of a lot of carbon deposit, new oil washs carbon deposit layer come down to also can bubble.

ID: Ananguoji

This should be concern with oil, also concern with the working environment of compressor equipment, need is checked carefully.

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