Pneumatics machine is general and mechanical equipment, be in by wide application now each domains, pneumatics machine because the accident of electric machinery power and lead plane axis, capacity can have volume, pneumatics aircraft capacity has a lot of reasons insufficiently. We come to an analysis below:

Pneumatics machine type selecting is too small

The particular case using gas that a lot of users just began not to know he are produced, about type selecting, do not come on exhaust pressure at this moment, under rated exhaust pressure, what cannot satisfy a factory is normal with gas. At that time, can check, whether does pipeline have flat place.

Close the valve at the back of gas tank, if aircrew can litre of very fast upward pressure, open valve, pressure drops very quickly, nod finally in a pressure, this can affirm, type selecting of pneumatics airplane unit is too small, what unit capacity is less than production is actual with tolerance.

Settle way: Add new unit, make the capacity of pneumatics machine is more than with tolerance 10%~20% the most scientific.

Add the equipment that use gas whether newly

After pneumatics aircrew uses period of time, tolerance is apparently insufficient, pressure do not go up, maintain in rated use gas get offline the position. At that time, should check above all whether what add newly use gas device, if what add newly use gas device, how much is using tolerance, comparative pneumatics unit looks whether contented requirement, be like cannot, ask and go up new pneumatics unit, increase capacity.

If did not add the equipment that use gas newly, capacity is insufficient still, examine the flat case of pipeline first, if pipeline does not have flat dot, that is the problem of pneumatics aircrew itself.

The capacity of pneumatics aircrew itself

The capacity inadequacy of pneumatics aircrew itself has the following problems to nod:

01 maintain seasonable

Pneumatics power capacity drops, eliminate above after the likelihood, see pneumatics machine whether had maintained above all, maintain how long, if the environment is not very good, pneumatics accident goes 2000 hours to should check empty filter to whether jam, light person can use compress gas to remove dust, jam serious, change new empty strain.

A lot of moment, pneumatics aircraft capacity drops, without the question with big what, it is scanty at maintaining, pneumatics machine empty filter jams bring about, change after new empty strain, use normally.

Additional, outside dividing empty filter, lubricating fluid and other filter core are very crucial also, whether is examination lubricating fluid in standard limits, if lack, add appropriately please.

Whether are the 02 a powerful person that take energy of life opened entirely

Pneumatics aircraft capacity drops, inspect flight crew, just maintain, eliminate 3 filter and oil to taste a problem, this is to check pneumatics machine to take gas a powerful person above all, tear open next tube that take energy of life, open pneumatics machine, it is normal that the mouth that watchs a powerful person that take energy of life is spent.

Entering theory of gas a powerful person to design service life is a movement 100 thousand, because every manufacturer makes things card batch different, quality also somewhat difference, into gas a powerful person so occurrence breakdown may bring about unit capacity to drop.

If energy of life is taken when pneumatics plane to load,a powerful person cannot be opened entirely, can conclude, capacity drops is breakdown of a powerful person that take energy of life, should tear open next overhauls or be to change.

Breakdown of 03 electric machinery

After above eliminates to take trouble of gas a powerful person, unit capacity still does not have a change, electric machinery of Lv of take an examination whether breakdown, because local short circuit produces in electric machinery coil, or bearing wears away, bring about electric machinery rotate speed under rated rotate speed, make pneumatics aircraft capacity drops, should overhaul electric machinery coil, bearing, repair hind checks pneumatics aircraft capacity.

04 environments are changed, bring about capacity to drop

Altitude is elevatory, what the environment changes is damp, bring about unit capacity possibly to drop. Height above sea level is higher, air is rarer, tolerance is produced inside unit time smaller, the moisture in air is beyond the mark, compress a large number of moisture content are contained in sky, in hind processing, vapor separate out, bring about capacity to reduce.

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