The true character of sale elder confide of an oversell press:

“ the more acquaintance, I am recommended more expensive. ”


Because “ is expensive, quality is really good!

This also is for him good! ”

QiAir Compressor

Who did that cheap empty press sell?

He says: The person that sells love dispute price,

Do not have method, machine of a pneumatics,

Was how to much to earn after all,

The price was chopped chop again, talked again,

It is a bit cheaper to can introduce only.

QiAir Compressor

These empty press are not inferior goods of course,

But pledge from material and charge for the making of sth. ,

Want really second a few.

Service life is more a lot of briefer,

Fittings changes

I can earn time

Brushstroke, brushstroke, brushstroke. . . . .

QiAir Compressor

This is a fact!

A lot of clients want the cheapest,

After knowing to lose reason however,

The pneumatics machine become attached to with can be mixed cheap only.

Believe the market to go up please,

It is a minute of money a minute forever goods!

Expensive empty press, have expensive reason forever!

It perhaps is done not have expensive in the surface,

Expensive however in fittings choose

And interior design and detail.

QiAir Compressor

It perhaps is done not have expensive be popular model,

Expensive however using strict craft and excellent material is qualitative.

It perhaps is done not have expensive in functional pattern much,

Expensive however was in after service has safeguard.

It perhaps is done not have expensive in brand Western style

Expensive however was in performance is steady, can effect attenuation is very slow.

Those who do not have for no reason at all is expensive,

Also do not have the petty gain of for no reason at all,

If you bought cheap empty press,

Do not want first too glad,

Perhaps you were bought truly,

But very possible,

Did not buy the quality that you want truly.

QiAir Compressor

Did not sell a fault, buy a fault only!

Believe money one minute one minute please goods!

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