According to not complete count, the market rental with Chinese compressor annual fittings is about 3 billion. Now, divide energy-saving model outside the product, a few large firms, especially distribute agent’s more business, the point of growth gain sends a hope to go up at be being sold in former plant fittings, the fittings store that much home company rolled out him manufacturer.

Go up from theory for, brand firm business sold a large number of compressor overall, these equipment will use up fittings continuously in its product lifecycle, this will be a kind of rigid demand, if maintain,use former plant a replacement, can bring lasting profit for brand firm business.

Fittings market is overall for the market after belonging to compressor, the period with excess capacity is survived in compressor, the opportunity that new machine sells is tightened up, even if has compress with permanent magnetism frequency conversion, 2 class wait for the displacement of high-energy effect product that is a delegate to lead, but after all compressor just needed to grow to had put delay absolutely, overall range of sale market growth is narrow. Accordingly, after service and fittings market make the focal point that the personage inside course of study pays close attention to.

So, trend of what kind of development can the market after compressor fittings appear?

Talking about tendency of the market of Chinese compressor fittings before this problem, we are necessary to know the background information of market of fittings of compressor machine parts or tools kept in reserve first. Well-known, pneumatics machine is to assemble a kind of machine. Change character, manufactory of major pneumatics machine is not producing fittings of machine parts or tools kept in reserve usually; Fittings of its machine parts or tools kept in reserve (be like: Lube, filter) purchase at business of form a complete set of fittings of each machine parts or tools kept in reserve.

Stand on respective footing, compressor manufacturer hopes to increase the sale strength of former plant fittings, and professional fittings company also is in hard him defend sells the interest that go up in fittings.

The fittings sale of compressor is a kind of integrated service, fittings sale business profits have 3 kinds of pattern:

The first kind of mode is after service, fittings sale gives the feedback that the case uses after the client processing, jump over the credit that can win a client more in time.

The 2nd kind of mode is the support that give a letter, the final client that fittings sells basically is an industrial and mining enterprises, the receivable money of these enterprises (be being told popularly is tick money) had become industry normal state, fittings sale also occurs Zhang period phenomenon, zhang period has interest with respect to regular meeting.

The 3rd kind of mode is scope effect, batch purchases the value low, price of fragmentary work off is high, make money in order to measure. These 3 kinds of mode behave a form one kind only, that is bought namely low sell earn price difference high.

Below from the client of compressor fittings the respect such as management of selling operation of statified, fittings analyses probability of a stratagem which ensures success of the either in fittings competition.

The current channel of fittings basically has the following 3 kinds:

1. Fittings company sale maintains an industry to major, maintenance business serves through maintenance + fittings changes to go out fittings sale.

2. Fittings enterprise markets fittings distribute agent directly, in order to have the different fittings price of different client asks.

3. Fittings enterprise sells fittings terminal user, him user reserves, reduce the time cost that fittings awaits when compressor is maintained, or oneself are capable user, can oneself handle minor failure and dimension to keep the job, in order to save compressor operation cost.

What the current channel of fittings decided a client is statified:

If high-end guest householder is sensitive to quality not sensitive to the price client, the compressor of foreign enterprise, large state-owend enterprise maintains, if do not have minute of bag to give employee government, so equipment management department criterion apt purchases former plant fittings, because the value of former plant fittings is relative stable, can undergo the examination that must have audit department; Additional, quality of former plant fittings is relatively stable, occurrence malfunction of equipment of even if compressor, dynamical branch also won’t blame the fittings that equipment branch purchases to have a problem. It is very important to also have a kind of state of mind of course, what spend anyway namely then is the money of the pubic, a few more floriferous also need not too care about too.

The user comes from the fittings of low end to maintain an industry at major in (attention, here place says major maintains an enterprise to be not point to its business technical ability is professional, however business domain is professional, undertake the Electromechanical equipment such as compressor is maintained technically in the market namely, maintain, distinguish the after service branch at general compressor distribute agent) with enterprise of compressor distribute agent, these two kinds of businesses are more sensitive to the price, ask to the quality of the product because of the management train of thought of its boss different. These two kinds of enterprises are capable to distinguish the quality stand or fall of major fittings, then the sexual price of capable judgement fittings is compared. Because the fittings value of former plant is relative at professional fittings for may tall, so in meeting apt chooses the fittings user of low end professional fittings.

Of course, compressor market fund is earned hard nowadays, even if is manufacturer accredit agent also do not mind to earn one to distribute fund more on fittings, accordingly, these two kinds of enterprises are met to former plant fittings and professional fittings stock up, perhaps come into stock fully source, just each focal point that recommends in the exert to one’s utmost when facing an user is different just.

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From the point of angle of construction of fittings sale channel: Fittings sells cent to sell two channel to the manufacturer is sold continuously and act as agent, basically be by the after service of compressor manufacturer the branch is sold before former plant fittings. The ability of after service will drive the capacity that new machine sells, the maddest 2010-2012 is sold in new machine year, the dilate of after service branch also reached peak, and 2013 occurrence sale glides when clue, the after service branch that burns money is cut down gradually dimensions is to cancel gradually even, the compressor 4S shop that sets directly by manufacturer for instance develops momentum already hasten is weak, roll out picture quickly in that way without what appear to imagine at the outset in the round.

The former plant fittings that after making work, props up can take agential channel only or electric business straight battalion, if the line of agent of prep above of the price on the line of former plant fittings leaves the price, criterion the business of cable of former plant fittings with compressor self-supporting manufacturer did not expand a scope; If the price on the line of former plant fittings leaves the price under agential line, the agents of fittings of former plant will produce issue with manufacturer.

In light of the channel government cost that sells from fittings: Of former plant fittings sell administrative cost to because brand image appeals to,can be begged continuously, advanced reason brings about administrator quality channel government cost is high, because this needs high profit certainly,ability can manage operation. It is good besides quality that this brought about former plant fittings cause the price tall beyond, its channel cost is high also be the main reason with its high price.

What the straight battalion channel of former plant fittings invites is professional handler, spoken parts in an opera is advanced the person that work, the person that work relies on salary and bonus to live. The initiative of fittings after service that the person that if former plant fittings sells support,salary drive works cannot assure 24 hours. If former plant fittings relies on bonus to arouse the enthusiasm of the person that work, the person that do not eliminate to work holds two or more posts concurrently under the counter the possibility that sells professional fittings, “ became rich bonze became poor the possibility of temple ” is very tall. The scope of professional fittings manufacturer is little, it is the boss runs a sale personally commonly, the characteristic of these bosses is within call, not on the weekend. The ownership of boss market company of professional fittings and administrative power at a suit, the state of mind of nonexistent also live on sb while helping others secretly. If former plant fittings takes straight battalion channel, the result that appears probably is operation cost tall and service ability assures hard.

In light of the tick point of view that sells from fittings: The price of former plant fittings is more transparent, this since favour also is evildoing, purchase to cash for, the price is transparent it is meddlesome; To tick, the price is transparent with respect to may not be a favour. Fittings distributors is met when tick fittings more the professional fittings with apt option not quite transparent price, this kind of fittings because the price is opaque, how much to increase the interest cost of tick accordingly, client also textual research of have no way, instead some of client can feel buy professional fittings to compare those who buy former plant a replacement is low-cost still can buy or sell on credit.

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Integrated above in light of a few respects, if Chinese economy lasts be issued to lower levels, compressor industry profit lasts low fan, in will more fittings terminal clients join the procession with sensitive price, come, final fittings war result forms “ country probably to surround the trend of urban ” .

Of course, this is to build the base that increases ceaselessly in level of whole of professional fittings technology. Otherwise, on the foundation that matures gradually in compressor user, they are right can scale of cost of effect, operation after having more intimate knowledge, won’t go after low blindly, after all what low often represents is low qualitative.

In fact, former plant fittings also is thinking method is passed in compressor industry depreciate, bind a sale to perhaps install after service to restrict the user market with the means vaster seek such as the condition. The delegate with former plant most typical fittings is brand of compressor of a few foreign capital, chinese part enterprise has been had now in in carry market of compressor fittings product and foreign capital enterprise to compare the actual strength that go all out. In implementation industry transition upgrades period, hold off an entrance or replace an entrance, the actualest and feasible is to carry hair power from which.

Delectable is, space of market of Chinese pneumatics machine is such big, if a replacement of homebred pneumatics engine can realize an entrance to replace, foreground but period; Of care is, structure of product of a replacement of Chinese pneumatics engine still cannot satisfy Chinese market to be opposite up to now in high-end demand.

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