“ industry Internet surnames ‘ to be versed in ’ does not surname ‘ net ’” , labour believed a former undersecretary, Beijing University Professor Yang Xueshan to emphasize industrial Internet is to be given priority to with industry, endow with for industry can substaintial. Choose the company that does poineering work in industrial Internet domain today, if do not have the ability of specific issue in solving industry, do not know industry, do not understand the scene, will make valuable industrial Internet product very hard. Solving industry to produce medium problem is the value basis of industrial Internet.

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Regard industrial Internet as the enterprise, how does ability have the capacity that solves industrial spot problem, is the technical revolution with blindly brand-new hug? Want to drive a sound strategy to the enterprise, must feel pulse for industrial business first. Industrialized process of China is complex and changeful, industrial development did not experience complete development cycle like western industry big country, for example, because of “ the two policy that change shirt-sleeve ” , in industrialized development degree not sufficient condition falls, informatization is by grafting on industrialization, but in other industry big country, informatization is the result of a success will come when conditions are ripe in industrialized development process. Industrialized a priori of China is insufficient, development rhythm is interrupted for many times again, carry fast, make business of any service of an industry Internet are not felt pulse for the enterprise first, want to rely on cure-all ” of a formulary “ , be no good for certain.

Occupy data of year of national statistic bureau to show, china does business every year the amount of business of dimensions above industry that income exceeds 20 million yuan exceeds 370 thousand, among them the amount of large company does not have 3% only, medium-sized company measure exceeds 10% , and the share that the amount of small business holds 80% above, and still present a trend that continues to grow.

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This is the industrial company that battalion controls more than 20 million yuan merely distributinging state, if add those battalion to control the industrial company under 20 million yuan, criterion the industrial business of 90% above of Chinese all is small business, become the main force of Chinese industry main forces. And in these small-sized industry businesses, be in industry mostly 3 reach 2 level.

Change to automation, digitlization, network, intelligence from mechanization in industry upgrade the process that transition evolves into, not be ” of “ division of history into periods, each other intersected, be linked together cheek by jowl however instead, this is a process that permeates development ceaselessly on perpendicular level. The small-sized industry business of different development phase, the administrative tool that there is digitlization already in a factory, also have automation even the equipment of mechanization.

After be felt pulse for industrial business, present the fact that gives a development to have tremendous otherness and lopsided sex, considering a company specific requirement, when be enterprise evolution, need from go up at all have sth in mind. In a factory, the most essential is personnel and equipment forever.

Current, does industrial business need what to problem solve? It is above all it is difficult to hire, boss of major manufacturing industry is difficult to hiring this one issue has experience greatly, reluctance of personnel of the technology in the factory is enough, but be short of worker of a gleam of.

Another problem, utilization rate of the capital that put an amount is lower and lower. According to statistic, china increased the industrial capital of 9.7 trillion newly 2018, added the equipment of the automation of 15% among them, but the rate of efficient go into operation of these asset is less than 28% , utilization rate of the visible capital that put an amount is very low.

How to solve the problem with be hired difficult

Help factory solves the problem that does not enrol a person, logic depends on how helping a factory realize the synergism that save a person, labour cost tall house does not fall now, the factory spends cost to enrol a person to be inferior to thinking method saves a person. According to statistic, special type industry holds card worker to have the obtain employment personnel of 13 million, the time flower of 70% was in these obtain employment personnel on the job that data collects. Use in where through analysing the main time of employee, can help industrial Internet serve business to offer more applicable solution, replace the job that collects data artificially, help enterprise saves person synergism.

For example, the job that data collects, can pass the technical implementation such as calculation of content couplet gateway, margin already completely, the mushroom box of —— of product of content couplet gateway that dawdle content couplet rolls out, after installation is on equipment, can collect equipment data in time, upload data to high in the clouds, send the analysis as a result again to terminal, through data visible means appears come out. The efficiency that collects the works data promotes 80% , save labor power, can alleviate not only the pressure of factory lack labour force, still can improve manufacturing efficiency.

How to raise utilization rate of the capital that put an amount

The utilization rate of equipment and installations that put an amount is low, need undertakes reasonable allocation to equipment resource, often resource cannot reasonable allocation, because government gave an issue,not be, the data that masters however is too little, bring about decision-making when can rely on to tap a head only. Only the equipment couplet net inside the factory, ability divides the loss case of component of separate out equipment, what equipment needs to safeguard, the utilization rate of what equipment is low, what equipment needs to manage with different kind, ability is reasonable allocate resource, raise the utilization rate of equipment.

The ultimate goal of industrial Internet is the core competition ability that enhances a business, but face intense market competition, small and medium sized business should be accomplished above all be not washed out, live go down to just can undertake transition upgrade. Help enterprise is solved it is difficult to hire with the problem with low utilization rate of the capital that put an amount, the core that increasing a business cannot produce immediate help on competition ability, but can help an enterprise spend current crisis at least.

Industrial Internet serves trader, abandon the superior move on the technology, if solve the ability of the problem to lose, also will be not accepted by perpendicular industry. Regard industry as the enterprise, of need is the product that handles low cost, easily and solution, make an enterprise fast produce beneficial result; Industrial Internet serves trader, how to let new technology be in an enterprise fast be born? Feel pulse first, specific issue is specific analysis, reopen square, it is the path of broken bureau.

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