4 01, 2023

Pneumatics machine is energy-saving way series

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Equip as enterprise air motive force, pneumatics machine is energy-saving cannot despise, energy-saving decrease a platoon, pneumatics machine is energy-saving 8 gist dot, had done it, each pace is in make money for you! 1. Although,replace piston machine, the industry has entered screw machine period near 20 years, but at present, chinese pneumatics machine uses most returning is piston machine. Machine of screw type pneumatics and traditional piston compressor are compared, have a structure simple, bulk small, dependability is taller, stable, safeguard wait for an advantage simply. Snail

25 12, 2022

Reduce pneumatics machine to design the way of cost to discuss

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Reduce the attrition force between crankshaft end panel and crankcase end panel to be on machine of pneumatics of straight couplet type, crankshaft front uses positive drive means, and the branch that gear has straight tine and inclined a tooth-like part of anything, and when using inclined tine transmission, an axial power will produce in axial, the product that gives to assure to design is OK and long-term move reliably normally, contact crankshaft and crankcase photograph normally and appear the positional design of attrition stops push washerbed down the livestock to reduce the attrition force between crankshaft end panel and crankcase end panel. Graph 1 stop to take push washerbed down the livestock


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