Equip as enterprise air motive force, pneumatics machine is energy-saving cannot despise, energy-saving decrease a platoon, pneumatics machine is energy-saving 8 gist dot, had done it, each pace is in make money for you!

1. Replace piston machine

Although, the industry has entered screw machine period near 20 years, but at present, chinese pneumatics machine uses most returning is piston machine. Machine of screw type pneumatics and traditional piston compressor are compared, have a structure simple, bulk small, dependability is taller, stable, safeguard wait for an advantage simply. The market share year after year of machine of screw type pneumatics rises, especially in recent years energy-saving model screw compressor is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, each enterprise is contended for roll out tower above country can the product of effect grade level.

2. Administer leak

If have not quite sealed case,compress air, for example: Tube, connect, the alveolus of millimeter of a 1 square, below 7bar pressure, inspect one year switch on the mobile phone time is different, similar loss is controlled 5000 yuan. Pipeline of examination pneumatics machine is divulged, the design no time to delay that optimizes pipeline.

3. Pressure fall processing

Pipeline creates pressure list each paragraphs, exit of general pneumatics machine uses a site to the factory, pressure fall cannot exceed 1bar, stricter is to cannot exceed 10% , namely 0.7bar. Leng Gan filters paragraph pressure fall to be 0.2bar commonly, detailed examination is pressed each paragraphs fall, the problem must be safeguarded in time.

4. Evaluate demand of pressure of the equipment that use gas

Answer to move pressure of exhaust of low altitude press as far as possible below the circumstance that assures production, the cylinder of the very much equipment that use gas wants 3~4bar only, the manipulator of a few just wants 6bar above. (Pressure every are low 1bar, energy-saving make an appointment with 7~10%) . A lot of have 6bar only with air equipment pressure, chose 8bar however even the pneumatics machine of 10bar pressure.

5. Use efficient compressor

Be aimed at change work condition, use machine of efficient pneumatics of type of frequency conversion screw, benefit at energy-saving. Current, machine of China’s banner pneumatics of screw of efficient frequency conversion, electric machinery of its frequency conversion is more energy-saving than general electric machinery 10% above; Have constant voltage air to won’t create the waste that press difference; Make how many energy of life with how many gas, need not add uninstall wait for an advantage. More energy-saving than general empty press 30% above.

6. Centralize control

QiAir Compressor
Pneumatics machine centers linkage to control, the pressure of exhaust of type of a flight of stairs that when can avoiding parameter of machine of much stage pneumatics to install, creates rises, cause output air the sources of energy to waste.

7. Drop empty press inlet temperature

Because of temperature of interior of general pneumatics station prep above outdoor, can consider outdoor gather gas. Do fine installation to safeguard cleanness, increase pneumatics machine to come loose hot effect, water-cooling, air is cold the commutative result that waits for heat exchanger, keep oleaginous etc, these can reduce loss of the sources of energy.

8. More than heat reclaims

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims is to use device of efficient utilization of waste heat commonly, rely on to absorb pneumatics machine to abandon Relaijia to heat up cold water, use up without additional energy resources. Basically solve employee life, industrial the problem such as hot water, save a large number of the sources of energy for the enterprise, thereby greatly managing enterprise outputs cost.

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