Before long the author is in before ” system of engine of shallow analyse pneumatics is energy-saving the talent demand of service industry ” in one article, mere and brief analysed pneumatics engine system the capacity demand situation of the post talent such as the technology in energy-saving service industry, business, sale, the capacity demand that still has the post talented person such as financial, manpower, administration is had no allude, perhaps to a few companies, these station are not main, but for the company that wants to cast industry brand to, the talent of these post is attached most importance to especially again should, for this, we will take follow-up analysis.

Since have talent demand, so “ collect ” will be the only way that resolves talent demand. Previously, the person of industry of our pneumatics machine (it is talent of person and rather than, it is to be on post only namely, can not create significant value certainly) it is with “ near ” is given priority to namely wife, kin, classmate or friend. “ near ” can be found through “ relation ” , but the development that changes as the development of socioeconomy, town, “ near ” more and more “ is not close ” , even the obstacle that “ near ” becomes a company to develop already. So, ability general must face the person that business development wants social people goes collect, “ is counteracted to grab the times of talent ” in boundless and indistinct sea of faces, how does ability collect see the talented person of cross-eye ” to bilateral “ ?

Collect namely channel of invite applications for a job is very much, be faced with again new graduate of a college walks out of a school gate, the article will be based on the experience of campus invite applications for a job that the author comes to for years, how is pneumatics engine system enrolled through campus channel below the analysis the talent of energy-saving service industry.

Just as its name implies of campus invite applications for a job is the invite applications for a job that has in the school, having the following to differ with the invite applications for a job of market of social qualified personnel:

The first: In the invite applications for a job that has inside campus, unit of all invite applications for a job is to pass the school to undertake assessing with what choose, unit of invite applications for a job relies on chart, very the credit that gets a student.

The 2nd: Place of invite applications for a job is to be inside campus, and have atmosphere of invite applications for a job quite. In obtain employment pressure so big, and in the talent demand and supply lopsided obtain employment environment to fall, school just be to value campus invite applications for a job quite, do ahead of schedule not only sufficient the member that if the student is moved,each preparation works, invite applications for a job is decorated etc, it is to show quality of good school figure, student to ask the student is done more sufficient if unite courtesy of professional clothing, conversation to wait,apply for preparation.

The 3rd; The time of campus invite applications for a job antedates to face the special invite applications for a job of this year’s graduation socially commonly, for this, the student that apply for does not have actual combat sex basically apply for experience, some also is the interview that ” of jewel of assault “ interview must come to 108 action.

The 4th: Applying for a student is the state of mind that holding wide net in the arms commonly, basically throw resume the unit that all likelihoods that this field invite applications for a job meets admit, what this also means he or her is alternative very much, it is white paper anyway a piece, that can be drawn.

So, to not be well-known company, 2 without popular occupational unit, the person that face such to apply for a job, how to enrol a person? And do not say a talented person, somebody can come pretty good. After all, turn into “ person ” “ talent ” is a person after the enterprise that enter office, one of obligatory course of the enterprise.

The first: Make clear post demand, find the school of speak or sing alternately or major

As, of economy of energy-saving environmental protection arisen, old technical secondary school or each high post school offerred the major related to industry of energy-saving environmental protection, for instance: Circular economy and energy-saving technology and applied major, environmental protection major, air conditioning is energy-saving project of technology and application, electric machinery and technology (the author is in Guangdong some universities and colleges is prepared offer pneumatics opportunity energy-saving technology and application are professional) . But because the industry is strong arisen the reason that shorts with practice persons qualified to teach, create the course that each major offers, or theory sex is very strong, demand of or deviate post, so, a lot of students do not have an introduction at all energy-saving industry. But, a few commonly used model technical tool, what students master is pretty good, for instance: Operation of store of business of CAD, cable, and a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success that these tools also become them to enter a company in certain level.

The 2nd: Communicate with the student more through all sorts of channel

In the col of life, confused with hesitation it is normal. Right now, the teacher points to the “ that is a student street lamp ” , the advisory teacher with a lot of ceaseless student union suggests, the hope gets the teacher’s guidance. For this, we should strengthen the communication with the teacher and communication, what the after elaborating duty student that shows demand of company condition, post and sincerity truely to teacher and student will be faced with is difficult, hit precautionary needle ahead of schedule, lest the student expects too tall and drop is too big. The channel of teacher of have the aid of, recommend a company to the student, the probability that increases success of invite applications for a job greatly.

Unit also but the senior fellow apprentice that accreditation already entered office or division elder sister, time the school undertakes invite applications for a job explains to public or communicate communication, advise others by using one’s own experience, elaborate true working condition to the student.

The 3rd: Learn type invite applications for a job

Since the student is in the school to do not have the working environment with opportunity real bring into contact with, also cannot win state of actual work of pneumatics machine industry from book, so, we can invite a student to see system of engine of company, visiting pneumatics on the spot energy-saving service project or let a student carry hillock on the head to jackaroo, share the specific work such as actual energy-saving audit and after service, make its personal experience real work. The culture of the understanding company of comprehensive system, experience company, viewpoint of value that knows a company. The checks a student capability that this also can let the company is better, manner reachs development goal. Contact ” to be helpful for invite applications for a job arriving not only intimately through bilateral “ outstanding talent, more be helpful for reducing cost of invite applications for a job.

The 4th: The company should hold show of spot of good invite applications for a job

Since the object of campus invite applications for a job is “ ” of a piece of white paper, so, socially the means of invite applications for a job of type of the sort of ” of “ adjudgement type (you ask I answer type) do not accord with campus invite applications for a job apparently with flow, in the meantime, the 4th a little bit big is narrated to already was nodded before spot of invite applications for a job, the student will be the interview of type of ” of “ like a swarm of bees, if man-to-man interview, not only difficulty is very great, and will miss ” of talent of a lot of “ . For this, invite applications for a job person should rise student organization, with the means of the speech, the encounters possibly difficulty in demand of the viewpoint of value that elaborates a company to them, post, job and prospective development direction, will undertake one round filtration to the student of interview, let the personnel that is interested in enterprise, position truly stay.

Of all ages, the person that get a talented person gets the world, want to pneumatics engine system holds position in energy-saving service industry or be cast gold-lettered signboard or appear on the market or stabilize continuously develop up, the talent is crucial essential factor, and campus talent is the most valuable person with ability in all talents. They learn ability not only strong, plasticity is tall, and faithfulness spends tall, viewpoint of value and company culture self-identity tall, for this, the company of energy-saving service industry should value pneumatics engine system and use invite applications for a job of nice school yard, find ” of “ a horse that covers a thousand li a day, help a company further upward.

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