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Compressing air is a of beer of brew essence wine important facet, compare FCB company without the person (Five Churches Brewing) understand this more. FCB company is the closest to MACI company (MidState Air Compr Essor Inc. ) buy and installed an appropriate compression air system, with the almost all field that produces at beer, include outfit of brew, canister and bucket to wash.

FCB (Www. with MACI (Www.midstateaircom Pressor. Com) together, the choice installs component of compressor of air of type of a blade in miniature beer works, with reliable, carry clean and dry air to be used at brew operation quietly. Compress air system to make FCB can produce the high grade beer that client place enjoys continuously not only, and the business that can continue to extend its to develop flourishingly.

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Manual beer and firewood pizza

Be located in administrative division of division of health Nie surname not to list bump newly (the FBC of New Britain) downtown is works of beer of a miniature, also be a barroom, by Laimunuodisi (Lemnotis) is familial and all, can offer 12 kinds of different spirit to make beer in any moment. In addition, it still supplies firewood to wrap around Sa.

This beer factory that can hold 100 people and barroom and most beer works are different, because it is located in the 2 buildings of the building, those who provided urban center is panoramic. One of the building is place of Laimunuodisi’s familial carrying trade Wu. From March 2018 since practice, works of this miniature beer is more and more welcome.

Clean, dry air is Chongzhongzhi heavy

When works of program miniature beer, the first job of FCB is installation reduces air system, this system can offer the clean and dry air that is used at a variety of craft, and put in any potential contaminant scarcely, include oily, water and particle. Considering the crucial effect that reduces air to rise in the place in brewing process, this system still needs to be counted in future reliable ground moves inside year.

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After the miniature workshop that analysing FCB reachs his to compress air demand to plan, the air that the MACI company of city of Berlin of administrative division of division of health Nie surname suggests to install quality of a Mattei Blade 7SE stands, this air stands by the 7.5 horsepower with use provision oil-lubricated level (HP) compressor of air of blade of oily dip type provides power. Rated below the pressure of 115psi carry tolerance to be as high as 36scfm.

According to Er of MACI possessory Sa · Ka Erwo says, as a result of a variety of reasons, aircrew of compressor of blade type air is the optimal type of FCB.

Ka Erwo says: &Ldquo; we cooperate with a lot of small-sized beer workses, but the early days cost that a lot of breweries support compressor of air of type of the vortex that do not have oil without the budget. However, they need a reliable system, offer the air of clean, high quality, in order to produce high grade beer, prevent equipment breakdown. We considered in the system of FCB all these elements. ”

Ka Erwo says, of the compressor of reciprocating type air that uses considering miniature beer works and typical beer works compress air circumstance, the working loop ability of air compressor is a when affect compressor performance main factor.

The manufacturing process of “ winery needs persistent breath, he says ” . We decide “ not to use machine of reciprocating type pneumatics, because be used for intermittence and the set of this kind of type is designed, unlike FCB needs to grow working cycle in that way. Ka Erwo says: &Ldquo; uses reciprocating type compressor impertinently to may bring about premature systematic breakdown, production to interrupt, generate needless service demand. ”

The compressor of blade type air that recommends for FCB also resolved clean airy demand, the safety that this makes beer to essence of life and quality are crucial. For this purpose, the device installation of FCB receives coal tub to go up in the air of a 80 gallon, offer efficient oil / air is detached, bad news oil measures minimum, most in compressing air portable 1/1000000 to the engine oil of 3/1000000 (Ppm) .

Air compressor component includes inside aftercooler and installation are in the air cooling type of buy the refrigerant air desiccator that filter of 0.1 micron particle contains on the entrance. Dryer still has segregator of a moisture, and can time automatic catchment. The oil that MACI still installed a 0.01ppm downstream in dryer agglomerates filter and the purify of activated carbon oily vapour of a 0.003 micron filter, in order to provide higher level filter.

Lun De of · power gram is in charge of the triumphant Er of MACI of supervisory FCB compress air system to install the job, he says, considering this kind of application, the compression with appropriate installation of small-sized beer works air system is crucial.

“ each winery needs FCB of follow the lead of, will compress air to rate first class major issue. When the target when the system that is an efficient, free from contamination, mix for appropriate air compressor, dryer filter it is very important that the system has proper plan and budget, weikelunde says ” .

Mix except pneumatics machine filter outside the system, MACI returned a design to install pipeline system, provide stable atmospheric pressure and flow for each working procedure. This system is formed by copper pipe, the air that carries with ensuring further is clean, without grain content. Because beer works is right the client is visible, MACI also for beautiful and chose copper pipe.

Pipeline system carries air 2 buildings from the air compressor of building first floor 1 inch of wide collect canal. Therefrom, systematic dissension becomes 3/4 inch wide copper cash, for beer works, canister outfit product line and barrel washer offer air. Be located in the still has two 750 pounds carbon dioxide pot of first floor, they make a separate system, use at providing carbon dioxide for craft.

The winery needs to stabilize reliable air

Compressing air is crucial to the beer works of FCB, this beer works normally weekly brew a few beer. Company of American beer equipment (A.B.E) supplies equipment for the other major servicing of beer works and beer business. A.B.E (www. is located in Neibulasi California Lincoln city.

Use can make up Cheng controller (PLC) undertake controlling to the brewing process of FCB. According to produces product, a batch of beer need brew normally 8 to 14 hours.

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One of crucial parts of beer works are a series of cistern, begin from the cistern of 40 pails of capacities that are used at store and adding hot water, the water after heating by infuse a malt oar bucket of 20 pails of capacities, water of this bucket general and barley are malt mix together. This process is called malt change, this process is used malt medium natural enzymatic will malt amylolysis becomes candy. Wort bucket still can filter cereal, and mixture translate into a kind of liquid that the name is wheat juice.

Next wort is gone to by move in a crock of 20 pails of capacities, according to the brew time of beer, wort boil period of time. From inside jug, the compound that passes disinfection is sent ferment coal tub, fermenting yeast is joined in coal tub, through producing the alcohol of all sorts of taste, beer of wort translate into. After maturity, in shifting beer carbonization a bright beer pot, this canister will use up bucket of beer of sexual beer supply and the canister that operate an orgnaization to hold product line.

Mix in liquid sensor advocate below the help of PLC controller, cleanness compresses air to provide power to reach 20 pneumatic a powerful person, use at controlling hot water, wort and beer accurately to transmit next container from a container. As a whole, brewing process compresses air pressure to be in 95 arrive between 130psi, air wastage is 5-7cfm.

Zhanpusai says the presiding brew division of FCB, stable and reliable compression is empty throughput is crucial to brewing process, likewise important still have reduce airy quality.

“ key is valve can be opened instantly when be called and shut, because the process is interrupted mediumly may finish is whole batch, cause our loss thousands of dollar and mass-produced force. The air that adopts these conduit also needs as far as possible pure, because we are producing a kind of running stores. ”

The canister that manufacture efficiency to rise and optimizes installs a system

Besides supply tap water beer, FCB still sells the beer of other and different breed. Works of this wife and children beer is weekly producible beer of about 2000 canister.

A.B.E. the core that system of CraftCan35TM canister outfit is operation of coal tub outfit, its support compresses air to undertake operating. The rated canister of machine of self-sufficient type can is installed, juncture efficiency is as high as 35 canister minutely.

The main part of 2 feet 8 feet long, wide machine includes 5 / the belt of 3 port carbon dioxide purifies pilot knife of sealing machine of library of passageway of gas of a machine of outfit of online and automatic canister, carbon dioxide, cap, servo, gas and deferent system. But controller of process designing logic (PLC) the wheel that pilot system setup has facilitating shift, have interface of a man-machine to touch screen, OK also the hand uses control.

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The canister of FCB installs a process only then go at tray machine is automatic will empty aluminous canister lades on system of coal tub outfit. The first station on the system rinses empty canister with pure water, with any potential dirt inside purify canister or grain. Next, these jar are carried coal tub installs a station, undertake cleaning with carbon dioxide over, enter in order to prevent dissolved oxygen, replete beer.

Go up in jar in lid of machine general cap before, the system introduces another brief carbon dioxide small burst jar coping, jar can be conveyed later servo is sutural undertake sealed. Once had oversewed, jar can be passed exterior rinse a process, include to use air knife to undertake among them dry. As last pace, labelled of staff member handiwork puts on potted bag carry out.

Compress air system to carry the air of 20cfm with the pressure of 105psi, use at carrying, the cap on fill, lid and dry. Electric machinery controls servo sealing machine, and another system provides carbon dioxide.

“ compresses air system to supply a respect to be done very well in the air that provides stability with proper pressure, this ensured coal tub installs a system to move by the design. Zhanpusai says ” , compensatory say, include two brew assistant that think of clasp with Zhan Pu in view of the small-sized brew group of the company, manufacturing efficiency is crucial. “ is the rate that wants with place as a result eventually most correctly replete jar, do not waste beer or jar. ”

Barrel washer washs a bucket quickly

The bucket is cleaned is another process, ask in any moment clean, dry compress air. FCB spends a complete working in the past few days to wash a bucket every week normally.

Small-sized beer works uses the cleaning machine of A.B.E Keg CommanderTM of automata to accelerate beer bucket to clean a process. The rated cleanness of bucket form gasket and blow sweep speed to be horary 30 pails, use 16 paces cleanness to circulate. Two the double head system that PLC controls the crucial part of the machine to include to be used at cleaning the bucket of two different measurement at the same time, independence that wash solution and water with Yu Qing the low fluid inside coal tub, canister sensor and.

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Zhanpusai says, the significance that supplies clean, dry air to be used at the bucket to clean continuously cannot be underestimated.

The compression with clean “ air is indispensable, it is used to eliminate all clean solution when clean cycle ends because of us, hold full beer afresh in beer bucket again next, in order to offer edible. Zhanpusai says ” .

When two empty bucket hand is moved when placing the double head in the machine to install a system to go up, begin to clean bucket process. Next, the electric pump of this device cleans fluid and water to the infuse in the bucket. Next, with compress air to be opposite bucket pressurization, with solution of eduction the rest, flow into drainpipe after clean loop is finished next. Below the pressure of 75psi, the compression that every bucket wants to use 20 Cfm air undertakes rinsing, rinse in order to ensure clean thoroughly. Last pace, use a separate system to undertake depurative to every bucket, be opposite in the carbon dioxide that 20cfm uses below the pressure of 15psi about its are new pressurization.

“ the air besides cleanness, know we can be relied on compress air system to come clean bucket is very important, otherwise the time that we can spend a week comes the hand uses clean bucket, zhanpusai says ” . “ had this barrel washer, what what we want to do is put the bucket on the machine, press next the key that start. Whole cleaning cycle is 7 minutes about, we take out clean cask to prepare new pot outfit. ”

The beer that make and obtain fun

Since practice, FCB experienced steady growth, generated more and more interest to barroom and manual beer. Inchoate success is the strong mark that gains more success, especially the birthplace of the develops flourishingly manual beer property that because administrative division of division of health Nie surname is,with tall client demand is a foundation one.

The manual beer market of administrative division of division of surname of “ Kang Nie continues to grow, competition also is continueing, zhanpusai says ” . This means “ we will continue to produce high quality beer, this makes we show itself, at the same time we also obtain fun in this process. ”

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