Come when in September, autumn meaning gradually thick, the mood of many compressor people also resembles this some are small like weather cool, this basically results from compressor market sale status did not resemble really first half of the year the refreshment with sharp in that way in former years is like in expect. The make a comprehensive view is whole compressor market, great now opportunity still grows somewhat compared to the same period, the expression of little chance was differred a lot of, the business with original better sale all also has 30% ~ the fall of 40% distinct range. Face the current situation, we also need not too panicky, this is the normal phenomenon in economy and industry development process, mainer is, these year as compressor demand market exuberant, the industry is added fast too fast, sale of a few companies is shown rise sharply condition, as the rational regression of demand market and saturation, compressor demand side has a callback to appear a bit glide tremendous. If company strength is solid, take full profit, insist to grow smoothly, this adjustment result won’t be very pessimistic.

From compressor business oneself development looks, reasonable growth rate is the enterprise retains the base that expands continuously, but the economic general trends that high speed of China of have the aid of of business of a lot of compressor grows goes climbing litre of market to have quickly rate, in the level hurricane dart that should grow steadily, be in this answering character of go through the mill when sought quantitative change, the result because “ development ” brings about enterprise puffiness too suddenly too quickly, basis is flabby, the market has a sign of disturbance or trouble to be able to bring about sales volume to glide a bit, atrophic, this already was not only appeared this year.

Look from big environment, chinese economy shift gears is carried enter new normal state character, already grew by high speed to in low speed grows changeover smoothly, GDP is added fast the state that is as high as two digit is gone never to return. Corresponding, compressor once the fast growth posture that the sort of abidance also ends subsequently, regression grows orbit to become normally inevitable. In the meantime, 935 ” of “ plan already be born, 945 ” of “ invest to had not come, as it happens is in 5 years of economy of Chinese to plan periodic trough stage this year, can foreknow, arrive two years too again, compressor market will welcome next growth period.

From compressor industry development phase looks, our foregone crossed screw machine to replace piston engine level, had gone to compress the energy-saving type displacement that is a delegate with permanent magnetism frequency conversion, two class again level of engine of frequency of average worker worker, next the industry will be entered conform in the round and overtake international level, the technology that send force innovates, undertake serving appreciation phase. Whole industry will from pure sell machine, mosaic close to battalion originally more multivariate, competition is more poor the directional set out of dissimilation, this phase will accumulate contain more capacious market opportunity. Be in an industry to develop the instantly of transition phase, clear growth path and mode had been not shown, the enterprise is more confused it is normal to also be belonged to, but OK and affirmative is, compressor market is remote did not touch growth ceiling.

Face the current situation, we should realise fast growth fall after a rise is not had soberly already can avoid, want to see prospect of industry, market is capacious, hopeful again, should realize more, below this anguish and sufferring market atmosphere, the enterprise should take product quality, structure and user experience seriously more, the more active development that goes seeking growth quality and fractionize market.

Sword sharp edge goes out from go through the mill, wintersweet is sweet come from bitter cold! Improve the health in adversity, suffer from refine exercise to benefit the internal organs, promotion company competition ability and fight risk ability, face market wave motion leisurely, just be an enterprise develop for a long time plan!

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