Appropriate equipment maintenance technician is enrolled hard, experience what already became increasing company jointly, no matter be the after service engineer that pneumatics machine agent deploys, still be the Electromechanical equipment maintenance technician that user him enterprise makes offerings to. Look from broad sense actually, china does the staff that equipment maintains not to short, annual graduate of major of professional ability school and division courtyard machinery, Electromechanical is not little, but the standard of choose and employ persons that they do not accord with an enterprise, what the enterprise needs is the maintenance key member that speaks to be able to be used namely.

This just is machine of current most pneumatics maintenance serves personnel place to lack, it is the graduate of professional school not merely, the personnel after the machine of a lot of pneumatics of enterprise on guard makes work also does not have the quality of backbone of engineer of empty press after service likewise, so that “ Sichuan is medium,without the general the appearance that Liao Hua makes vanward ” cans be found everywhere.

The station looks in objective angle, pay of user company maintenance technician is low, not position, unvalued, this is —— of a among them main reason to dispensable personnel, any enterprises lead what won’t value, because of the reason that did not take seriously. To this group of people character, working precarious fears come off sentry duty also is inevitable constantly.

The industry after opportunity of equal pneumatics of predicament consist in makes work. Of the characteristic as a result of mechanical equipment and Chinese market encyclopedical, basically manufacturer of all industrial pneumatics aircraft installed distribute agent, hand in after the sale of its product and carry out be in charge of by area agent. And the agent is primary with small company or SOHO form exists, staff invite applications for a job, employ, groom, assessment is very non-standard, doorsill of pass in and out of post of the maintenance after carry out is very low, the maintenance of company both neither to average employee process, result accuse review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court, also cannot offer the professional foreground program that has long-term appeal for maintenance technician. The maintenance technician after letting carry out maintains the current situation not to find new job, just again common the work that does not pass.

Nevertheless, pneumatics machine is a kind of mechanical equipment after all, have certain technical content, the equipment need that the sale goes out is time overhaul and handle sudden trouble, so, set group of the maintenance after carry out, catchpenny maintenance qualified personnel is the indispensable one annulus in job of company of representative of pneumatics machine distribute. Also accordingly, we hear which technology ace to be dismissed rarely, instead leaves his post ace is dissatisfactory to working current situation and actively, it is to hear very had seen a few.

Accordingly, in croak Shu solves be indignant, our pneumatics machine is maintained / carry out later generations or the problem that should face up to him itself more, make oneself rise formidably above all, have the ability that a suit enterprise needs truly, this ability is us regard mechanical equipment as personnel live the path with development.

Current pneumatics machine is maintained / what the personnel after carry out exists generally is short board

The backbone after protecting personnel to transfer to make work to pneumatics machine by dimension of common pneumatics machine, this is one big juncture, at least the backbone after the personnel after the empty press of half above makes work also cannot become pneumatics machine carry out all one’s life. Imprinted on the calling card of a lot of people ” of engineer of “ after service, actually, from the engineer this people thinks very professional, authoritative title is very far still. Because they lack place of the backbone after pneumatics machine carry out must systematic knowledge, contemporary thinking and actual combat skill. This also is dimension of machine of current China pneumatics those who protect personnel to exist generally is short board, incorporate is in the following 3 respects.

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1. The systematization of professional knowledge reachs its deepness

Relative to staff of general and mechanical equipment, the dimension after carry out protects the person’s knowledge to compare numerous and jumbled, the nature place with wide interface of the job after equipment pneumatics machine makes work decides this. But later generations of carry out of most pneumatics machine is right a lot of knowledge of working place experience often are “ do not know firstly only secondly ” . After making work with pneumatics machine the most commonly used the “ lube ” that arrive is exemple, it is lube gives a problem to bring about pneumatics machine to appear after all mechanical failure, still be equipment occurrence mechanical failure causes lube occurrence problem, the put in order that lube needs to pay close attention to changes function what to have. Similar problem has a lot of, compress airy to filter for instance with purify, the pneumatics machine thinking with the pneumatics machine pressure, temperature, bulk and power relation very clear to these knowledge …… between is protected / the personnel after carry out, be afraid cannot occupy how old scale.

The professional knowledge structure of maintenance technician of general empty press is fragmentary, those who choose form, the systematization that fails to form knowledge and certain depth master. The backbone after eligible empty press makes work criterion otherwise, their professional knowledge structure, it is practice not just in scattered gotten experience, however of systematization and structuralization, more than the reason that knows breakdown happening and processing technique, more the principle that knows accident happening. Although current majority is empty,the backbone after press makes work did not pass systematization study, they are to be in more the systematization that oneself did not facilitate professional knowledge in consciousness and intellectual deepness. Of course this needs long time accumulate. Relative to character, it is easier that the study that still is a system of course grooms, solidder, more efficiency, can yet be regarded as a shortcut.

2. The science of the thinking after carry out is changed reach modernization

Examine the personnel after machine of a pneumatics makes work is actual technical level discretion, the simplest method is to pass pneumatics machine to maintain train of thought to observe, this is differentiate the personnel after general pneumatics machine makes work and the shortcut of the ace after pneumatics machine makes work.

Be aimed at project of trouble of engine of a certain specific pneumatics, the cudgel one’s brains before some people start work a long time, nice not easy gift considers come out a plan, work actually rise time-consuming however and arduous; And some people think up a few plan to be able to offer an alternative immediately, when working actually already simple, fast and economy, this is the result of the thinking after different pneumatics machine makes work.

Pneumatics machine maintains thinking to build the base in professional knowledge structure, alleged “ train of thought decides outlet ” , go up after pneumatics machine makes work likewise applicable. The professional knowledge that owns a system and have certain intellectual depth, this just makes the requirement of the ace after pneumatics machine makes work, and should become true empty press to maintain ace, still need to use the skill of these professional knowledge and method integratedly, should pay attention to application especially modern diagnostic technology, for instance the measuring instrument of certain and special development implement, and analysis of archives of equipment moving data, if can use these auxiliary tools adroitly, the maintenance that can allow pneumatics machine already handy and quick economy.

3. Practice starts work the skill of exercise is omnibus

The job after pneumatics machine makes work still wants finally to fall after all solid on the action of dozen of fact. Professional knowledge of the system, scientific thinking method, it is for the problem that achieve greater ground solves pneumatics machine reality to exist, this is the prime cause of the talent after the enterprise recruits this pneumatics machine to make work, those who value is to start work actually operate ability.

Of the backbone after pneumatics machine makes work start work actually skill, it is to show he provides some commonly used, groovy, integrated operation operation skill, is not the high-grade of concentrate on one thing only. Some people, learned nose to maintain technical ability, but apply for average distribute agent company however, the company does not have the facility that nose maintains already, manufacturer also does not support him agent to maintain, so this technology can store only rose, do not have a law to use, general agent enterprise also won’t recruit such person, even if was recruited, also can develop his other maintenance mastery of a skill or technique only.

The skill after the empty press that evaluates the backbone after pneumatics machine makes work accordingly makes work, people is commonly used two kinds of methods: A kind of method is the plan after aforementioned makes pneumatics machine make work, another kind of square law is those who see him is actual start work ability.

The more large compressor facility, professional stronger, also be branch of staff of compressor after service two kinds big accordingly, its function has each emphasize particularly on: The strong point of the engineer after compressor makes work depends on those who maintain program making, and the strong point of the technician after compressor makes work depends on starting work actually. Of course, hold a maintenance concurrently plan and start work the carry out later generations with very strong capability, the ace after the carry out that belongs to one in hundred absolutely. This kind of circumstance, more than the field is kept in compressor dimension, also be not in the sale, domain that rent often see, for instance nuclear power plant is hit approach an experiment, chemical plant conduit is blown sweep etc, require professional knowledge the service engineer with more extensive knowledge of deeper, industry will do plan deploy. Just, demand of industry of our pneumatics machine is general relatively simple, the person of beat one’s brains needs the person that start work namely.

The personnel after pneumatics machine makes work promotes the job the method of skill and approach

“ professional knowledge relies on to learn, master ” of alone actual combat actually, have no other way. But the professional ken that involves as a result of place of the work after pneumatics machine makes work is too wide, and still must have certain deepness knowledge to these knowledge, this is “ of the personnel after causing pneumatics machine to make work it is difficult to join an easy become a useful person the prime cause of ” .

But the backbone after the youth becomes pneumatics machine to make work as soon as possible still has certain way, knowledge can pass individual major to read a book or get online to learn or groom (if lubricate) will accumulate, but the intellectual systematization each only place individual event, form the network of mutual achieve mastery through a comprehensive study of the subject, need job inside of senior and successful personage impart and give directions. What these people made career of the profession after him pneumatics machine makes work with lifetime energy is brilliant, wait for a respect from train of thought, method, way and technology undoubtedly, can bring us a lot of reference.

Deepness study, want to rely on an enterprise to increase investment of capital, manpower, strengthen professional ability to groom frequency second, increase groom strength, rise groom efficiency and assessment standard; 2 it is the enthusiasm that wants an individual to enhance active study, long-term development gives the occupation that is willing to be his the time that comparative, energy and economic defray. Of course, all these needs whole compressor industry to transform to service market from sale market, when the profit centre of gravity of the industry is transferred to after service from sale link, those are maintained / the spring that able person of bone of the technology after carry out greets a profession to develop.

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