Compressor equipment management should improve, its level also needs magnanimity. In the enterprise, the index that is used at magnanimity equipment to run stand or fall is very much. For example the serviceability rate of equipment, the usable rate of equipment, equipment overall efficiency, equipment is completely significant productivity, equipment fault rate, average breakdown is removed period, repair time on average, turnover rate of stock of equipment spare parts, spare parts capital is led, upkeep costs rate, overhaul quality percent of pass, repair rate is waited a moment. Different index runs way with what differ at magnanimity.

In these index, the serviceability rate of equipment is used at most, but its are finite to stimulative action of management. So called serviceability rate, it is to be during the examination, the scale that total platform of in good condition equipment and equipment counts.

Rate of equipment in good condition

In good condition equipment of = of rate of equipment in good condition is counted / equipment sum total

The index of a lot of factories can achieve 95% above reason very simple, checking that momently, if equipment is of movement, did not give trouble, it is in good condition, this target is very then interesting. Very good-looking, very tall, mean the space that more or less can promote, mean without what ameliorable, also mean very difficult progress. For this, many enterprises put forward to undertake transforming to the definition of this index, put forward every months 8 days for example, 28 days of 18 day, examinations 3, the average that takes its serviceability rate serves as the serviceability rate this month. This is better than checking one secondary of course, but the serviceability rate that remains the report that order state to go out. Somebody puts forward to go up with an in good condition duration comparing later calendar workbench duration, when whole platform duration is equal to calendar workbench, subtractive breakdown reachs the total stage duration that its repair. Such index wants many true. The workload that encounters statistic again of course increases the authenticity with statistic, encounter the controversy that whether deducts when preventive maintenance stage. This one target reflects serviceability rate whether effectively equipment government state of affairs, this should look how to apply, benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom.

Breakdown of breakdown frequency & stops machine rate

Another index is fault rate, this index is easy and promiscuous, if hereat barrier frequency is breakdown frequency and equipment the ratio when real move stage, namely: Breakdown of breakdown frequency = stays machine time / equipment is actual when actuate stage

If hereat barrier stops machine rate, it is the when breakdown is being added to stop machine station when stage of as real as equipment move ratio when breakdown stops machine station, namely: When breakdown stops breakdown of machine rate = to stop machine station / (equipment is actual when actuate stage + when breakdown stops machine station)

Apparent, breakdown stops machine rate to be able to reflect equipment condition truely quite.

The usable rate of equipment is used in western country more, and in time availability of Chinese in a planned way and calendar time availability two differ formulation. According to the definition, the usable rate that the west defines is calendar time availability actually.

Repair time on average

The index of efficiency of another report maintenance is to repair time MTTR on average, the improvement that of its magnanimity is maintenance work efficiency state.

The total time that repairs maintenance of base period of time = statistic on average to use up / maintain a number

Progress as equipment technology, its are complex of the average technology quality of technician of place of difficulty of degree, maintenance, breakdown, maintenance and equipment enlistment age different, maintenance time has certain numerical value very hard, but we are OK accordingly magnanimity its are average state and ascensive state.

Even so, this upkeep costs leads numeric size to cannot show an issue quite, because equipment maintenance is a kind of investment, investment is to achieve what cost is worth and yield. Investment is inadequate, manufacturing loss is outstanding, affect yield; Of course, investment is too large not ideal also, call maintenance superfluous, it is a kind of waste. Proper investment is the best, so the factory should fumble and study first-rate to throw scale, operating costs means order high much, task amount is large, and the bear of equipment is increased, also rise subsequently to the demand of care and maintenance. Be being thrown on appropriate scale should be the objective that the factory pursues hard. If had this fiducial, this index jumps over deviate far jump over not ideal.

Also have many index about spare parts management, turnover rate of spare parts stock is more representative index, it reflected the liquidity of spare parts. If keep long in stock of much stock fund, can the upper part of the body come out now in turnover rate.

Month of = of turnover rate of spare parts stock spends spare parts charge / mean monthly fund of spare parts stock

Maintenance grooms time intensity

Having an index is not noticed by people, but very important in maintaining administration now, it is maintenance grooms time intensity.

Maintenance grooms maintenance of time intensity = grooms hour / maintenance man-hour

Groom include facility construction major the content such as accomplishment of technology of knowledge, maintenance, profession and maintenance management. This one index mirrorred an enterprise to take degree, devoted intensity seriously to what maintenance technician accomplishment promotes, also reflected level of maintenance technology capability secondhand.

Plant manager understands these crucial performance index, very helpful to evaluate and guiding equipment management to progress.

Some factories see maintenance technician often at a loose end does not have a thing, drink tea, smoking, rest, feel in the heart very lopsided. Want to assess maintenance technician with workload, the result is just the opposite to what one wished however. The facility that maintenance technician builds always remains tail and sequela, ceaselessly maintenance task appears, maintenance technician resembles a fire brigade same “ busy ” rose, equipment situation is worse instead, stop machine the manufacturing loss that cause increases instead. Complex and it how evaluate maintenance to organize performance to become again is worth while to how evaluate maintenance to organize performance to become again the problem of research. After all, the system resembles a rubber ball, here squash, the inevitable conference there appears come.

Those who need an attention is, the KPI design of equipment management matters to an enterprise to move likewise fluent.

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