Cereal song president · Schmidt ever had said Eric: Internet will disappear, and all things in the life will but couplet net. He expresses, nowhere is not in rock-bottom technology, so that people won’t notice it, more will dedicated serve at moving on its and use case.

Nowadays, we had seen forward dedicated at net of couplet of industrial other people (IIOT) applied trend. Net of couplet of industrial other people is a network that forms by intelligent computer, equipment and object, can be collected in factory workshop and share data. The sensor of all sorts of types is net of most content couplet the core of the solution. Sensor is installed to be able to provide valuable data for factory administrator in real time in the workshop. If equipment of content couplet network had warning,remind, forecast monitoring of analysis, real time, mobile alarm and long-range control.

According to estimation, to 2026, the dimensions of market of net of couplet of industrial other people will exceed 770 billion dollar. This is meant about equipment of network of couplet of other people of 22 billion industry receives Internet repeatedly, and there are 7 billion only 2018. In addition, the type of equipment of network of couplet of industrial other people and limits still are expanding ceaselessly. Software of network of couplet of the intelligent sensor of new generation, content and platform of net of couplet of industrial other people are appearing, accordingly, there were intelligence and advanced computational capacity now, make net of couplet of industrial other people can from go up at all change a lot of industries, for instance compressor.

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The application of content couplet net in compressor direction

The first kind is to realize long-range control, provide more efficient service for the user.

Far in the compressor station room besides a thousand li, equipment appeared problem, all sorts of breakdown information data can transmit room of control of system of home reaching a plant in time, answer the solution by the expert again pass to building site, be over finally to be solved debatably. If produce the compressor equipment that the enterprise can check all leaving factory to install intelligent terminal, the equipment the user and manufacturer (distribute / agent) ” of service “ join rises. Attemper through intelligence, when the equipment of the user malfunctions, manufacturer can improve service efficiency and quality through huge of content couplet net, because stop,redeem a client machine and the loss that cause, save service cost.

The 2nd kind of utility is big data.

Net of compressor content couplet can collect giant data bulk, if be used well, the enterprise can dig very considerable wealth. And the field uses in big data, net of compressor content couplet has 4 development way: The first, improve product quality. The enterprise can analyse a product to have drawback according to various diagnostic data, help branch of research and development or quality of product of quality department promotion. The 2nd, of sale strategy auxiliary and decision-making. Can understand compressor clearly through net of compressor content couplet the use circumstance of alive bound each district, local economy grows a circumstance to be able to come out through big data analysis, be opposite then the sale of the enterprise is decision-making have referenced effect. The 3rd, of after service auxiliary and decision-making. The use condition that carries equipment will analyse current area what machine is planted more, use circumstance how, whether to need to add service site, often appear what is the spare parts of breakdown, whether to need to increase spare parts inventory to wait, these can obtain a help through content couplet net. The 4th, the demand of new product research and development is analysed. Analyse the use habit of the user through net of compressor content couplet, the user that can accord with new item characteristics to using a convention undertakes directional conduct propaganda is recommended.

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Restrict net of couplet of industrial other people to popularize difficult problem to already defeated solution

Before, the difficult problem that restricts content couplet net to apply in compressor industry has a lot of, summary rises have so a few kinds big: It is distrustful new technology, what do not believe content couplet net has conduct propaganda is so practical strong; 2 it is cost budget, because of need of content couplet net is equipment of a whole soft hardware and organization,recombine and flow give somebody a new lease on life; 3 it is enterprise self-identity, include the leader comes on a party to an undertaking and each branch, issue the support to employee; 4 it is data security and commercial security apprehension.

But spend change to data from automation, informatization as the ceaseless development of content couplet net and industrial business, end at present, couplet net enclothed content basically to arrive from foreign capital civilian battalion almost all compressor brands. Although some are to grind oneself, some are form a complete set platform of net of couplet of other people of tripartite industry.

Mature stage by stage as infrastructure, data application is perfected stage by stage wait for an element to driving more compressor business to carry out net of couplet of industrial other people in its factory and product solution.

1, hardware cost is being reduced

Because large-scale batch is produced, cause hardware cost to be reduced considerably, this produced major effect to net of couplet of industrial other people. Of net of couplet of industrial other people carry out, must rely on all sorts of hardware such as sensor to collect data, and the addition of demand, make hardware cost is reduced considerably, the factory carries out cost to become acceptability.

2, network connective gains ground

Of 4G network a large number of gaining ground, the business of 5G network is advanced quickly with the process, it is easier that network join makes get data to become, faster and opposite petty gain. From the world anyplace, the user can log onto company network through connecting network equipment, examine place to want content. Attributive of this kind of visit and the flexibility that examine data brought fab value to the factory. Small order of mobile phone APP, small letter can be checked can operate, it is a lot of more current the work that the platform of net of couplet of industrial other people that uses on compressor is beginning energetically.

3, equipment of more content couplet network and sensor

The collection of mass data, processing is not traditional paper method, simple OA method to be able to be solved, use informatization method as far as possible, it is the basic measure that solves a problem. Now, have more holder everyday almost the equipment of couplet net and sensor enter the market. These sensor include to measure pressure, adjacent degree, contact, oscillatory, displacement, position, speed, temperature, electric current is waited a moment. In addition, they still are planted with each the aether net of the type, wireless have communication with blue tooth agreement. Every kinds of equipment has hundreds kinds of brand, offerred more hardware to prop up to net of couplet of business other people.

For example, when Chinese compressor makes digital chemical plant, need undertakes the sources of energy uses up the extraction of data, chinese compressor initial stage uses simple record method, arrangement person specially assigned for a task is recorded everyday electric energy always was used up that day, the accuracy that discovers data, seasonable sex is bad, and expend many artificial. For this, china developed supervisory system of factory the sources of energy, sensor of water meter of installation intelligence ammeter, intelligence, noise, temperature sensor, through collect line implement change collection data into network signal, transmit to high in the clouds, real time records data, pass Chinese wisdom to build App to undertake analytic revealing.

4, low cost analyses a tool

Now, a lot of sensor manufacturer offer software to analyse a tool (some free, some pay fee) . Through using these tools, can obtain data from the many sensor that work in coordination, next compose builds algorithm to forecast with monitoring real time setting, adopt instantly almost correct measure. This is one of positions of the greatest value that use this technology.

5, cheaper cloud serves

Mobile equipment and the service through be based on the cloud get even net hardware, hand-held data, changed manufacturing industry to be opposite greatly the utilization rate of technology of net of couplet of industrial other people and rationality. The cheaper service that is based on the cloud and phase of real time data are united in wedlock, open up all sorts of possibility. With face these to challenge photograph comparing at the same time in daily activity, with be engaged in data technically collecting, the collaboration of tripartite organization of sensor and long-range monitoring may provide cost effectiveness more.

6, forecast a gender to safeguard

Forecast a gender to safeguard build the base that is united in wedlock in content couplet net and artificial intelligence and machine study photograph. Machine of have the aid of learns algorithm, network of network of couplet of industrial other people gets real time and historical data from sensor and other and relevant origin, in order to determine the likelihood of package or subsystem breakdown. Through founding the overall view of assembly source (include machine state or serve the element such as historical record) , can forecast a result, decide whether should repair or change component. Forecast a gender to safeguard the biggest the latent capacity that changed network of couplet of industrial other people, this meant an organization to increase the normal run time of asset, reduced the cost that maintains an activity at the same time.

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7, intelligent facilities management

Production equipment wears away easily, get easily also the influence of specific requirement. Sensor and photograph of software of network of couplet of industrial other people are united in wedlock, can monitor temperature, vibration and other possibility to bring about the element under high grade moving condition. In addition, intelligent sensor provided bigger resource visibility and control capability for compressor user.

8, intelligent factory

Net of couplet of industrial other people offerred unprecedented real time to operate visibility for manufacturer, make they can eradicate quickly flow small effect reduces waste. Net of couplet of industrial other people solution (especially automation of net of couplet of industrial other people) allow an user compositive these systems, of the excellent performance that crosses asset, product line, factory and whole business in order to offer and normal run time valuable opinion.

9, the visibility that nowhere is absent

Net of couplet of industrial other people founds high connective to supply ” of catenary “ asset through using the device that link a network, be like product, equipment or van, the end that improved goods thereby arrives carry visibility. Product and supply dog more easily, can identify a speed to drop with the circumstance with low efficiency. The user can retrieve information from inside a series of sensor, include GPS, temperature and humidity to wait.

10, safe safeguard

If platform of net of couplet of industrial other people discovers factory index is unusual (for instance the factory sends make trouble reason) , can get settlement instantly. In addition, platform joined equipment of content couplet network (include intelligence to photograph like sensor of head, intelligence and intelligent beacon) the security that still enhanced employee and asset, provide new intelligent standard for safe operation thereby. Solution of safety of content couplet net allows from any places that have a network to visit attributive long-range monitoring is all equipment, in order to offer the visibility of 24 hours of real time of the member that establishment mies wife and asset.

Overall for, among the production that introduces industrial Internet advanced technique compressor industry, carry out hind, management, can realize informatization and modernization, in assure product consistency while, promotion manufactures efficiency, reduce equipment to maintain cost. Realizing content couplet net is the efficient way that compressor industry breakthrough develops bottleneck at present, to compressor manufacturer and agency character, system of content couplet network can help an enterprise undertake the enterprise is optimized, can improve integral movement efficiency, reduce company operation cost, manufacturing cost; Will passive after service changes to be protected for active dimension, enhance an user agglutinant, and can apply through big data, for the manufacturer improved equipment provides objective data basis. Through be opposite equipment runs data, incident data, condition data, historical breakdown data, position data to have big data analysis and application, outside realizing unifinication of operation of monitoring of equipment management, equipment, equipment truly, also can provide the objective basis that equipment improves for mill business. This also is the account that compressor produces a factory to need to should use network of couplet of industrial other people.

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