29 12, 2022

Compressor is maintained / of personnel of the technology after carry out short board with improve

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Appropriate equipment maintenance technician is enrolled hard, experience what already became increasing company jointly, no matter be the after service engineer that pneumatics machine agent deploys, still be the Electromechanical equipment maintenance technician that user him enterprise makes offerings to. Look from broad sense actually, china does the staff that equipment maintains not to short, annual graduate of major of professional ability school and division courtyard machinery, Electromechanical is not little, but the standard of choose and employ persons that they do not accord with an enterprise, what the enterprise needs is the maintenance key member that speaks to be able to be used namely. This just

6 12, 2022

The personnel after compressor makes work breaks already all previous to discuss

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Editor's note: Current, as economic progress and industrialized pace accelerate, compressor is in to produce by wider and wider application in practice, in the meantime, also the flying progress as a result of mechanical industry, relevant enterprise is breakthrough of oneself of implementation of try every means more, wait for respect do one's best from transition of innovation of technical development, science and technology, company undertake hard, the intent is occupied in intense market competition position. We know, no matter be what industry or enterprise, most of the foundation forming unit is a person

3 12, 2022

Confine of acknowledge of compressor industry maintenance technician and promotion

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Well-known, any mechanical equipment have its professional maintenance technician, so, to equipment of pneumatics machine industry, want to become a professional maintenance technician to want what to kind of requirement have? Is at present maintenance technician of Chinese empty press existing what kind of blemish? Face these limitation how we should promote our the technology again? [Fusion_widgethotrandom_image__folder="wp-content


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