Editor’s note: Current, as economic progress and industrialized pace accelerate, compressor is in to produce by wider and wider application in practice, in the meantime, also the flying progress as a result of mechanical industry, relevant enterprise is breakthrough of oneself of implementation of try every means more, wait for respect do one’s best from transition of innovation of technical development, science and technology, company undertake hard, the intent is occupied in intense market competition position. We know, no matter be what industry or enterprise, most of the foundation forming unit is a person, so, in the process that the enterprise is dedicated to gaining the market, one cannot ignore a problem to rise to surface, that is, what kind of are the from personnel of course of study life position that expands a base as compressor industry and enterprise and state of mind after all? Is what are they being paid and try hard how of the job that him look upon pursues?

This period forum, the experience of the personnel after we make work with a compressor that is about to leave him company and mood and feeling spread out discuss, in the light of the industry the view of numerous colleague oneself and straight impressions suffer, and initiate from the joys and sorrows of life in trade process for years experience spit groove and share, in an attempt to is spat for swift end. This period forum, we come to the intense discussion that what spread out to this listen to netizens.

Participate in extensively, sincerity communication, a lot of difficulty and problem are met be readily solved, this is the force of the network!

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ID: There are no waves without wind

To now, I had worked 6 years in pneumatics machine industry, I hold out those who have deep love for this industry! Can decide to dismiss in the factory this year a batch of people, have me among them, this trade still can do after also knowing. When I still can answer recall to help them solve a problem there the client, their smiling face, very pure!

I think the New Year this year to me it is a very significant New Year! Too much major issue produced in a year of in the past, as part for ever, what feeling has! Those who make after service also is a person, the enterprise also needs to compare the heart the heart! Without giving thought to how, I do not resemble in a year when wish authority is new ahead of schedule here so back, the work is great, good luck!

ID: Southern mouse

Acknowledgment shares your experience, I think those who say is, where natural environment raises a person, want sureness to agree to bear hardships only, certain can better, cheer!

ID: Diavyang

This not likely is evildoing completely, my salary is at present less than in the past 1/3, want to leave do not put again, stay not reconciled to, so not as flat as you still delighted.

ID: Ccdos

Original poster: ? ? sincering feeling the after service personnel that I also am hillock of one under one’s name, I go in this in 7 years, also made after service of 7 years. From at the beginning do not know a person to be able to go out serve. Among them suffering is sweet already knew oneself only, I also am reviewing these my time in the home the route that already had taken in these 7 years oneself, what I do not understand is why others does not have come off sentry duty, and have us only a few come off sentry duty. I have since after-thought one day later second when serving over there the user, a catchphrase that see: Want to install billows all one’s life, must powerful oneself.

Be such, if do not have more skill, we do the person of after service to cannot not have care, had very good technical ability only we just can be done dependably, just can not have care.

Above is a bit result of my individual, if have undeserved place, still ask great excuse!

ID: LT3046

Of it doesn’t matter, actually such factory leaves it may not be a bad idea, affirmation is stagnant, later also too won’t good, because do not know reserve talented person!

Inherent I just need useful, wish you are with this only then, have more good tomorrow!

ID: Luanhongxing

Irrespective, this is a good thing actually, make you resolved abandon meaningless current situation, at least you yourself can work alone! ! Cheer!

ID: Aggressor

Upstairs agree with an opinion, I also support you to work alone! I also have such idea.

ID: Sjb1980

What be afraid of? Inherent I just need useful, where go to capable it is elite, it is gold total meeting gives off light oh.

ID: Sea case compressor

Be, as long as oneself are capable, can find the job which. Leave this your to perhaps make the better to be obtained next time opportunity that work and creates! Cheer, we support you!

ID: Child Long Chuan says

Have a technology need not anxious, have spring there.

ID: Hjhcompressor

Depend on each other of misfortune good fortune, there is a good work inside evildoing, change an angle to want, this is much better chance! Only such, ability fights with his back to the river-fight to win or die, let go one wrestle! Cheer!

ID: Dreamer

Haw …… looks be afraid of be afraid of, does pressure have so big? ! I graduated in July next year, also be this professional direction, look now, still take an examination of hard first grind …… is breathed out.

ID: One reed is crossed river

What to take an examination of to grind, breakfast comes out to work 3 years more, experience is more useful than theory, practical experience is experienced than what strong!

ID: Hjhcompressor

The original poster, proposal take leave of opens this trade, have 6 years after all accumulated, inherent I just need useful, trade a company that latent capacity values a handsome appearance or oneself work alone possible ah. How to say again, the foundation starts for certain of quick easy success oh! !

ID: One reed is crossed river

The original poster, do not have a thing, brother support you, it which since know which are in,fall is good that which since know which are in,fall, everything is to begin better only!

ID: Suibin1023

New Year beginning, also a lot of companies are in now action person, chinese abroad enterprise is in Zhao Xianna person, much better chance! Put down the past, straight face did not come, the original poster is cheered!

ID: Xzzxzz

Those who say is reasonable, send a few words: The eastern side is not bright in the west bright, bump south the wall looks for boreal wall, wait for heart grey blood stream to use up, see the cloud open a sun again!

ID: Atlas pressure sensor

Stay so that green hill is in, do not be afraid of do not have bavin to burn. Support works alone, should can feed oneself, try hard to nod, what regular meeting does is better ah.

ID: Pengsongren

This year goes to work where is in that way, which are bad to do! Still be oneself are done, free, have interest, have approach a head! Oneself try hard to pay, although tired place is bit harder worth while also!

ID: Sdwsf

Compare the heart the heart to what you say this word, I have feeling very. Nevertheless, I feel, want your business fine only, honest act vigorously is entered, the person that seeks a few cherish the same ideals and follow the same path develops with seek in all, it is better to still can have tomorrow oh!

ID: Fxp2005

Yes, have a technology need not anxious, can find the job that suits oneself which. What is more,the rather that, occasionally you do not force oneself are one, you do not know you still have bigger energy.

ID: Huang Feihong

You what condition is now? Present some bosses are money really really much, human nature is little! Nevertheless, you should believe yourself, the tree moves dead, person move is vivid! Do not want to be afraid of, have get one’s own back hard!


Did not work this, perhaps be not being represented is an evildoing, the good “ that common saying says is riding the horse of others, smooth oneself whippy ” , the state with arrive certain, changing a job also is a very good good luck, oneself well be experienced. I and you have the same feeling very much.

ID: Fujunok

The compressor of whose home is not bad? The technology still is afraid of don’t have a meal to eat? ! Answer doubt does not have hill heavy water road, promising another village!

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