In pneumatics accident travel, various data showed the ” of “ healthy state when equipment moves, the technician that has experience can discover the space with problem, energy-saving discovery from inside real data.

The foundation in mastering accident of a few pneumatics to go is current data, maintain facility to us, the use pneumatics chance with summary better rule has very great help. Understand together!

1 leader moves data

The outlet temperature of ★ nose is 95 ℃ for wind cold machine the following, water-cooling machine is 90 ℃ the following, more than 110 ℃ jump with respect to meeting occurrence high temperature machine phenomenon;


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The environmental temperature that ★ air compressor runs is 0-40 ℃ . Exorbitant the appearance that causes on the high side of lead plane temperature, too small conference brings about air compressor to start difficulty;

The value is the nose vibration of ★ air compressor: Air compressor lead plane brace up the value should be less than 7.5mm/s.

Linage of 3 filter carry seizes 2 pneumatics opportunity

After ★ oil divides depart, exhaust oil content is 1—5ppm about, the oil content in compressing air commonly is: 3ppm;


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Control Panel shows ★ : The value pressing difference of empty filter under – 0.05ba must change filter core;

Particle of filter of ★ empty filtration: Of 1 micron for 98% ; Of 2 micron for 99.5% ; Of 3 micron for 99.9% ;

Of ★ oily filter filter particle: 10μm; Of oily cent filter precision can achieve 0.1 micron;

The oily component that ★ trades newly commonly presses poor value to be 0.2bar left and right sides; Oil gas segregator presses poor value to cannot exceed 0.8bar greatly most, exceeded should change instantly;

★ oil divides: initiative press difference to be ≤0, temperature of the biggest job is 2mpa 120 ℃ ;

Oily filter: Temperature of the biggest job is be less than 120 ℃ , the greatest actuating pressure is 1.4—2.5mpa;

Empty filter: Working temperature is less than 120 ℃ , the greatest actuating pressure is: 1.4—1.5mpa.

3 other and commonly used data

The difference in temperature of input of ★ cooling water and output is controlled for 15 degrees. Too big or too small react cooling system appeared problem. And cooling water discharge is 3.7 litres / second above;


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Compressor of ★ A, air produces tolerance computation formula to be: Every 6KW produces gas 1 stere; 1 kilowatt produces tolerance to be 0.1633 M3

B, (1) imperial horsepower (HP)(be equal to) =0.746KW=746W;

(2) metric horsepower (HP)(be equal to) =0.735KW=735W(uses) of this unit conversion normally;

Conversion table of power of ★ air compressor: Cubic *6.6;

★ air compresses engine oil: Flash point temperature is 200 ℃ , condensation point is – 20 ℃ .

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