Take the advantage of Chun Nuanhua to leave, time just in time, a lot of enterprises hurry off to new business chance of each district look for. However, there is however in compressor industry common the appearance that makes a person headache again: Northern company enrols agential fact to belong to in south not easy, same, southern enterprise also steps forward in northward action agent dimension difficult.

Besides, different of variance of north and south still is reflected in a lot of places. For instance, northern compressor company is composed cautious slants conservative, be brave in to innovate have a taste of what is just in season person not much, folkway of its salesperson much inheritance is more simple and honest, honest, with the client association resembles be in a friend, belong to slow heat more model, its technology personnel is much with solid professional foundation be good at, although product innovation window is not much, but dependability distinguishing feature is very outstanding; And southern company strategy is more flexible, approve of difference changes a service, go after the demand of joint user to nod, if why control cost —— inside reasonable range,pay close attention to more on the technology this is in undoubtedly domain of compressor of high-quality goods of a few high end, can achieve poor dissimilation result more easily.

Again for instance, it is to suffer likewise invite enter activity of a certain business, northern company is based on before collaboration or public praise can have made the preparation that searchs business chance to the spot, southern enterprise meets more asking a few detail, does this activity have such as “ who attends? Have list? This list contacts means, I need to call affirm. ” is based on such information to meet first one pace goes getting acquainted with, such details of —— of development new client also emerges and pulled open north and south to think of peace keeping just to sell difference.

The train of thought of square enterprise of north and south and practice difference result from the history, arrive from reforming and opening after all now, southern enterprise experiences all sorts of harships earlier than north, morely, always be faced with competition, risk and deceit, speak and act cautiously is them the instinct that survives in brutal trade war and assure, to the “ crisis ” in the market and competition, southern enterprise can find dissolved way always also, the commercial contract …… with the data, for instance normative statistic of careful market survey, full and accurate

Static careful think of, bring about flexible of be apt to of south of Chinese compressor industry, north to slant although the reason of cautious has a lot of, but the primest factor has environment of two —— market and culture difference only.

Look from market environment respect, chinese northward mineral products is resourceful, form gradually consequently create the industrial structure that waits for heavy industry to give priority to with mining, metallurgy, machinery, enterprise dimensions big, amount is little; And southeast foreland natural resources is relatively meager, but traffic force of technology of convenient, capital is abundant, light industry is so more active, enterprise dimensions small, amount is huge. In south, a street can visit ten clients in the past, northward may whole town does not have ten clients. Southern compressor market size wants ambitious at north, so, each comfortable and different area can produce different commercial pattern necessarily, it is normal that this fact is belonged to.

Look from the angle of person and culture, lu Xun gentleman the hundred years summary before up to now accurate still: The advantage of “ north person is massiness, but the fraud of massiness also I; The person’s advantage is argute south, but argute fraud also crafty. ”

Disposition of north and south is disparate, but between the person of the same trade if have,get acquainted with, can learn from others’s strong points to offset his weakness fitly, learn each other, mutual guidance mutual even more understanding market potential, where is what is there against it? !

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