Papermaking industry and national economy and social development concern are close, also be traditional specific power consumption and litter at the same time discharge large family, the specific power consumption that how reduces a trade considerably through innovation method and the Chongzhongzhi that discharging is industry future development are heavy. " Chinese papermaking association the opinion that about papermaking industry “ 935 ” develop " put forward clearly: Papermaking industry should rely on technical progress, innovation adequately to develop pattern, the key that matters to health of Chinese papermaking industry to develop waits in resource, environment, structure the breakthrough is obtained on the problem, carry out can develop the strategy continuously, rise can expand capacity continuously [news source: Http://] . In last few years, as policy code ceaseless and perfect, papermaking industry is growing to the direction of energy-saving, green, environmental protection stage by stage, but this also makes a lot of business pressure times add. If where implementation is energy-saving decrease a platoon while safeguard benefit, make a lot of enterprises very vexed have a headache unceasingly. Actually, a few constant the adjustment of uncared-for production segment also can bring huge profit to the enterprise.

It is with pneumatics machine exemple, pneumatics machine is the device that a lot of production enterprises often use, for whole pull current Cheng provides gas source power. However pneumatics machine runs because of connecting an axis for long and all sorts of incidental wearing away and breakdown, this lets engineers have a headache not only, what make a person constant and incomprehensible more is they often do not know the problem goes where be. Regard specific power consumption as large family, the power consumption of pneumatics machine also is in perch all the time in company production specific power consumption. An enterprise that is located in Home Zhang harbor is faced with afore-mentioned these problems, and beyond they are accident is a solution actually so simple.

The “ that pneumatics machine brings troubles ”

The suitable abundant paper quality that is located in Home Zhang harbor tastes a production factory (products of paper of suitable abundant of the following abbreviation) the professional production company that is domain of wrapping paper box, depend on advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, year production can China arrives 36 million square metre, its product is sold as far as to global.

Station of pneumatics of products of suitable abundant paper has opportunity of pneumatics of double screw of 3 fuel injection, often need to run even the axis for long to cooperate to produce 3 pneumatics engine. The problem begins to rise to surface after long-term movement, 3 machines often appear the problem that oil gas segregator accumulates carbon to change often badly with need, this causes the stop production that causes because of pneumatics engine problem and pecuniary loss not only, still bring additional maintenance charge and defray of specific power consumption.

Via Aikesenmei field survey of engineer of inspire confidence in sb discovers, the problem goes actually was in on the lube of pneumatics machine. Because size of pneumatics engine lubricating oil is small, lube shows mist shape and hot air to be contacted adequately inside screw housing, this is had with respect to requirement lube excellent thermal stability and fight oxidation ability. But because common mineral oil is used to come all the time before this,lubricate, temperature of the exhaust when 3 pneumatics aircraft moves normally all exceeds 90 Celsius, summer is highest exhaust temperature is approachable 100 degrees. Be in long below action of high temperature air, oil tastes easy oxidation to form paint film, accumulate carbon even, cause oil gas segregator to jam thereby.

To this, the engineers of products of suitable abundant paper invite lubricant managing expert dust overcomes Sen Meifu, search cure interrogation ” for “ of machine of these 3 pneumatics, custom-built and lubricant solution.

Allow machine spontaneously new student

Be aimed at afore-mentioned technical difficult problem, is the beautiful inspire confidence in sb that dust gram Sen Meifu’s engineer recommended to be used technically at machine of screw type pneumatics to the client tensile person? SHC 1025 synthesizes lube, apply to the job below the severe exacting condition in high temperature not only, and oil change cycle is long, let client save worry be economical.

Is beautiful inspire confidence in sb tensile person? Lube of SHC 1025 synthesis is by synthetic base oil (synthesis does not have liquid of candle carbon hydrogen) the additive recipe modulation that produces with high engineering technology and into, its are able to bear or endure oxidation and function of heat-resisting splitting decomposition surmount common mineral oil, can reduce the breakdown of equipment effectively, reduce the carbon deposit of downstream component and pollution, saved thereby change the charge of oil gas segregator and man-hour.

Additional, is beautiful inspire confidence in sb tensile person? Because molecular size is even,SHC 1025 synthesizes lube, compare with common mineral oil, force of the attrition inside its is smaller, pulling figure is accordingly lower, can reduce attrition effectively, reduce specific power consumption.

One droplet is oily, big different

Changed pulling force of beautiful inspire confidence in sb person? After SHC 1025 synthesizes lube, the pneumatics pilot time of products of suitable abundant paper is trouble-free run, had not appeared up to now oil gas segregator accumulates carbolic problem, cycle of its oil change also is compared lengthened one times formerly, fall twice from a original year to annual. Not only such, through the spot comparative specific power consumption checks, do engineers discover use beauty inspire confidence in sb is tensile person? SHC 1025 synthesizes lube to replace mineral oil to be able to save power consumption to make an appointment with 4.2%[to be below operating condition, the machine of pneumatics of type of double screw of Chinese fuel injection with stable to an operating mode watch of use number pincerlike (R110IU-W7.5-X) undertake metrical, measure pneumatics machine to use mineral oil and pulling force of beautiful inspire confidence in sb respectively person? The to load electric current when SHC 1025, it is 211A and 201A respectively, power factor takes a cost 0.65. ] .

Of the extension because of oil change cycle, moving specific power consumption reduce, products of suitable abundant paper can save a large number of cost every year and be able to reduce considerably discharge, only 3 pneumatics machine can save a RMB every year 67, 000 multivariate, save electric energy every year 67, many degrees 000 (KWhr) , cut down about 56 tons carbon dioxide every year to discharge accordingly, reduce 180 litres at the same time (the lube of L) is used up [machine of this company pneumatics is original every year of power consumption 536, 250 kilowatt hour, reduce by every specific power consumption 4.2% , unit price of charge of electricity is calculated 0.85 yuan, average every generate electricity 1 kilowatt hour should discharge carbon dioxide at least 0.8356 kilogram; 60L of capacity of oil change system, every annual oil change cycle lengthens one times; Oil gas segregator is monovalent 2000 yuan, filter is monovalent 300 yuan, change frequency by former every decrease 3 times. ] . The client evaluates to this: “ did not think of professional lubricant solution can bring so many profit, although its cost occupies production to become only always this very small one part, harvested a lot of surprise however, solved technical difficult problem already, come true again energy-saving decrease a platoon. It is one droplet oil really, big different. ”