Air compressor is the fundamental product of modern industry, it is to supply equipment of gas source dynamic, it is will primitive mechanical energy or electric energy is changed into aeriform pressure can device, it is to compress airy atmospheric pressure to produce device. Current, compressor of Chinese car air basically has 4 kinds of products.

Piston air compressor

From the point of the composition of piston air compressor, piston air compressor basically includes: The structure such as bedspring of lever of exhaust valve, air cylinder, piston, piston, slide block, connecting rod, brace, inlet valve, valve.

The air compressor of piston structure always has odd volume when exhaust process ends, and the compression in odd cubage air is in the next time inspiratory during expand. This reduced inspiratory empty tolerance, reduced efficiency and increased to compress result. And the existence as a result of odd bulk, as the addition of compression ratio, temperature rises quickly. Classification compress can drop waste gas temperature, economic compress result, improve cubage efficiency, add pressurization to shrink gas discharges an amount. Accordingly, normally use multistage is compressed will increase output pressure. To rise efficiency is mixed drop air temperature, need intermediate refrigeration.

The advantage of piston air compressor is a structure simple, service life is long, realize high capacity easily, high-pressured output. Defect is existence a lot of fragile, vibration is big, noise is big, dependability is low, and because waste gas eduction is intermittent,undertake, output has pulse, and use when device of need gas storage.

Compressor of screw type air

Screw air compressor is compressor of gas of type of a kind of cubage, have the working volume that is used at whirligig. Through bulk change realizes aeriform compression, the whirligig of a pair of rotor through the compressor in housing will come true.

Screw pneumatics machine constructs basically: In the main body of compressor, the helix rotor parallel of a pair of clench the teeth is decorated, and the rotor that protruding ages is had outside pitch circle be called normally protruding rotor or outside whorl. The rotor that sunken a tooth-like part of anything has in pitch circle calls shade rotor or inside whorl, and general fair rotor and prime mover join. Rotor of sunken form of convex rotor drive in order to make last pairs of bearing on rotor rotate, axial locates and bear in order to come true the axial force in compressor. Rotor the radial of columnar roller bearing of two end locates rotor bears the radial load in compressor. In compressor noumenal two end, open the mouth of proper form and dimension respectively. One is offerred inspiratory with, call; of the mouth that take energy of life another is used for exhaust, call vent.

Dependability of screw pneumatics machine is good, vibration is little, noise is low, the operation is convenient, fragile little, moving efficiency is tall. Defect is cost tall, airframe bulk cannot use Yu Wei space greatly, pressure has highest limitation to cannot be used at high-pressured circumstance.

Compressor of blade type air

The main body of compressor of blade type air basically is comprised by rotor and stator, form fore-and-aft and slip chamfer on rotor among them, slide an amid freedom is slip; stator is cylinder, rotor is placed prejudicially in stator. Close air is compressed room form the wall in two slip lamina and stator between, when rotor rotates, compress the cubage of the room to follow slip to give an amount and change. In suction process, air passes filter by inspiratory compress room, arrive with eject advocate the lube in unit mixes. In reducing a process, compress the cubage of the room to be reduced gradually, pressure increases gradually, oil gas mixture passes vent eduction later.

Of compressor of blade type air overall look very simple, see less than allowing that why to spare parts almost. It uses an inhaler, take gas a powerful person, oily segregator, relief valve, valve of the least pressure, engine oil filter, lukewarm accuse by-pass valve, the component such as circumfluence a powerful person all is centered in module with the form of module. Blade type compressor has reliability tall, move for long continuously, performance is good, the good point with low noise.

Compressor of vortex type air

Compressor of vortex type air is mixed through shift dormant vortex is as duplex as two the each other lock of equation line is formed. Be in inspiratory, compress and in exhaust process, dormant board fixed go up in frame, shift board by eccentric shafe drive, be defended the restriction of turning mechanism. The plane with small radius rotates around the center of static disk base. Gas passes an inhaler by inspiratory and dormant dish circumjacent. Next it from secure dish the axial aperture of central part is successive eduction.

The working principle with distinctive compressor of eddy current air makes its make the most energy-saving compressor on the market. Mode of job of low tatty of vortex type compressor makes its life longer, hold a structure concurrently novel, bulk small, noise low, weight is light, oscillatory small, specific power consumption is low, transport gas successive stability, run the good point such as cleanness of source of reliable, gas. Use extensively at industry, agriculture, traffic to carry, the industry such as adornment of medical treatment equipment, food and spin.

QiAir Compressor

Express function of 1 air compressor to contrast


Pass the principle of afore-mentioned air compressor and structural analysis, in domain of car of new energy resources: Although piston pneumatics machine is had at present rate is higher, but its efficiency low, noise is big, maintain cost tall, do not suit the development of future of car of new energy resources to ask.

Function of compressor of screw type air is reliable, pressure is great; But the structure is complex, airframe volume is large, suit to apply at the industrial domain such as chemical industry, oil and mining industry exploitation more.

Bad news of function of blade type pneumatics low, noise small, weight is light wait for a lot of advantage more get used to car of new energy resources and the market with had particular is had rate.

Machine of vortex type pneumatics has the relevant advantage of machine of blade type pneumatics not only, still hold concurrently without oil-lubricated advantage, be defeated by clean to enrage special green, but air output pressure still cannot achieve place of car brake system to need pressure, future innovates as the technology, perspective of machine of vortex type pneumatics is wide.

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