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3 12, 2022

Chinese compressor is strong reduce market of car of new energy resources

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As the country energy-saving decrease a platoon, of policy of low carbon environmental protection come on stage, emerge as the times require of car of new energy resources. Pneumatics machine (brake pump) the crucial part that regards braking system as all, have main effect to the brake security of car of new energy resources. Chinese car uses screw compressor, it is development of pump of stop a car of car of new energy resources only, through market survey and analysis, quantity body is custom-built, ensure each function accords with compressor the requirement that the car uses a product. [Fusion_widgethotrandom

31 10, 2022

The device helping strength of car of new energy resources: The technology of QiAir Compressor is analytic!

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Air compressor is the fundamental product of modern industry, it is to supply equipment of gas source dynamic, it is will primitive mechanical energy or electric energy is changed into aeriform pressure can device, it is to compress airy atmospheric pressure to produce device. Current, compressor of Chinese car air basically has 4 kinds of products. Piston air compressor looks from the composition of piston air compressor, piston air compressor basically includes: Lever of exhaust valve, air cylinder, piston, piston, slide block, connecting rod, brace, suck


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