1, foreword

Build or rebuild factory of a pharmacy, the design is a main job, include pharmacy craft, equipment, earth to build among them, air conditioning, wait for a respect to catchment, motivation, it is the integral work that a variety of major coordinate. Pharmacy plant design and machinist plant design are compared, have a lot of special place, the article compresses air system to design the issue of the respect with respect to pharmacy factory only, union in recent years practice of a few designs is done summarize.

2, pharmacy factory reduces airy utility and character demand

2.1 compress air main use

In pharmacy factory, the fill outfit machine in compressing air to basically be used at liquid preparation, machine of the granulator in solid preparation, machine that add an oar, fill machine, packer, lettering, extract the extraction canister in craft, in addition, gas, stock is used to carry in still having laboratory test, dry, blow sweep, pneumatic appearance, automata is waited a moment with gas. Afore-mentioned narrates compression in air use, air and medicines and chemical reagents are compressed to be contacted directly below a lot of circumstances, so, there is firm demand to reducing airy quality in pharmacy plant design.

2.2 compress necessity of air quality pilot

Pharmacy factory reduces airy quality basically is to control its water content, oil content, contain grit is measured and contain biology particle to measure, still ask to compress air not to have odour at the same time.

The compression that contains oily portion air contacts meeting pollution medicaments with medicaments directly. The compression that contains liquid state water air can make conduit valve and equipment generation rustily, water rust be soiled also can pollute medicaments likewise, affect quality of medicines and chemical reagents.

A large number of grit and microbial particle are contained in air, to medical industry, atomic especially grit can affect quality of medicines and chemical reagents directly, endanger people life security then. Microbial (biology particle) stronger to the harm of human body, microbial point to bacterium and fungus more, after polluting medicines and chemical reagents not only can make itself of medicines and chemical reagents catchs bacterium, metamorphism, once misapplication, no matter or be not alvine path to enter human body from bowel, can affect human body health directly, its consequence is more serious. So pharmacy plant institute is used compress air to must be mixed with particle microbial to basically control a target, this are pharmacy factory and the other plant that control particle only (wait like electron, machinist factory) one of main distinction.

2.3 compress air quality to dominate index

The A, appearance, automata quality level that uses gas but by GB/T13277-91 ” use commonly reduce air quality rank ” (equivalent uses ISO8573/1) in fish. Solid particle size and content, vapor content and oil content control this standard basis 4 times index differentiates quality grade, see a table 1.

Express order and degree of quality of the 1 grain in compressing air, oily, water

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Use to appearance, automata reduce demand of airy quality grade, recommend 4 index to be 2.3.3 class, specific target is: Particle size is the largest 1mg/m3 of content of grain of 1 μ M, water content (pressure dew point) highest – 20 ℃ , 1mg/m3 of oily content maximum.

B, pharmacy is used reduce air quality quota

Current, use to pharmacy compress air to still do not have relevant quality standard, the GB/T13277-97 of the international standard ISO8573/1 that equivalent uses, clear and medical compress air not to include to be in this standard. The only and qualitative general requirement in most data document, lack specific control target.

Basis in recent years practice, it is so affirmatory that we reduce air quality quota to pharmacy factory in engineering design:

To solid particle, medical industry biology is at present clean the room is highest grade is 0.5 μ M, 100 class, reason suits to it, compress airy clean grade should is surely be less than 0.5 μ M, 100 class. We use the 1 level in GB/T13277-97 commonly in the design, namely particle size is 0.1 μ M, grain content is 0.1mg/m3.

To reducing the lunt content in air, normally with pressure dew point or often press dew point to express. To prevent there is condensate to exist in the system, dew point temperature is taken commonly dry the compression after air cop and the equipment that use gas, the lowermost temperature that encounters possibly is added again – 5 ~ – 10 ℃ . So, be worth in dew point of Tianjin area pressure desirable 5 ~ – 20 ℃ .

Main to oil content it is control oily mist of the oily drop in compressing air, in suspension and oily steam. We are in the design, drink of the food in referenced state level machines pair of demands that reduce air quality, control the biggest oil content to be 0.01mg/m3 namely.

To biology particle, when be 0.5 μ M, 100 class certainly according to solid particle index, prep according to use live thing 100 class are clean the control index with microbial room, achieve be less than be equal to 1CFU/m3 (culture method, bacterium colony is counted) can, the possibility of bacterium of check yield results in work is very right now small.

3, pharmacy factory compresses air station design

3.1 compress air to stand technological process is decided really

Pharmacy factory compresses the technological process that air stands to be decided really

Pharmacy factory compresses the technological process that air stands to be as follows: Inspiratory filter — pneumatics machine — aftercooler — gas tank — before buy filter — accurate filter — dry device — postposition filter — the filter that divide flavour — sterilization filter — lose tracheal network

Basis of above technological process the different dimensions of pharmacy factory, the different type of pneumatics machine and wait to reducing the diverse demand of air quality and have accept or reject differently, the index using gas that careful research and analytic user answer when the design asks to reach the characteristic that use gas, make next go out to compress air reasonably to stand machining complex.

Type of 3.2 pneumatics aircraft is decided really

The empty press that uses normally has type of piston, screw and centrifugal type 3 kinds. Size of only station of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics is large, adjusting range is in 70 ~ 100% produce asthma easily when persnickety quantity brace up, this type is opposite reason pharmacy factory is incommensurate. Piston pneumatics machine although the value is inferior, but unit structure size is large, require firm concrete base, fragile a workload of much, maintenance is big, noise and shake bigger also and automation level is inferior, in recent years pharmacy factory uses reason lesser already. Size of construction of chance of screw type pneumatics is small, require light-duty base only, without pulse air current, shake moving noise is low, maintenance amount is small control a standard oneself tall, reason we use machine of screw type pneumatics more in pharmacy plant design.

3. The choice of 3 dry device

Pharmacy factory has each to reducing the demand of air moisture different, be like the Chinese traditional medicine with small-sized automation inferior level pharmaceutical factory, the requirement reduces airy pressure dew point 10 ℃ of 5 ~ can. And automation level is higher, pneumatic controls the big, medium-sized pharmaceutical factory with appearance and more device, the requirement compresses airy pressure dew point to achieve – 20 ~ – 40 ℃ .

Compress airy dry means, can divide commonly for refrigerant type and adsorptive type 2 kinds. In compress airy pressure dew point to ask to be more than when be equal to 3 ℃ , use adsorptive type drier or refrigerant formula + adsorptive type combines dry unit.

Still should notice in addition, cannot choose equipment according to nameplate data only when choosing dry unit, and the effect that entrance of equipment of Lv of take an examination reduces pressure and air temperature, environment temperature to exert oneself to desiccator.

3. The choice of 4 filter

Principle of the classification of commonly used filter, job, structure and the action in purifying a system see a table 2.

Watch 2 reduce inhaler classification, principle, structure and effect

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The action that chooses filter to should differ according to its, function and precision undertake assorted, the basis still answers to compress airy temperature, pressure to handle tolerance to undertake correction to its in the meantime.

System of 3.5 pneumatics station and station room are designed

The machining complex design that stands in pneumatics and station room are decorated on, should consider the following issues:

A, when using refrigerant type drier, buy filter should decorate the upper reaches in cold dry machine before, the solid dust that diameter of water of many liquid state, bead contains to differ in avoiding to compress air thereby and the impurity such as smeary, oily steam enter cold dry plane directly, will make cold dry mechanic makes condition worsen.

B, if use adsorptive type drier when, its upper reaches should set the filter that remove oil, filter is divided in compressing air smeary, prevent desiccative ” toxic ” invalidation. Should decorate postposition filter downstream, use at eliminating the pollution such as desiccative dust.

C, when using refrigerant type drier, still should note the exhaust temperature of pneumatics machine, when if the exhaust temperature of pneumatics machine exceeds cold dry opportunity,allowing inlet temperature, should choose high temperature cold dry engine.

The ventilated design of room of D, station

In design of station of pharmacy factory pneumatics, we use wind normally compressor of cold pattern screw is indoor and inspiratory, the ventilated step of station room is right now crucial. Because of ventilated inadequacy, can make the discharge of pneumatics machine drops, short of forehead exerts oneself surely. Room temperature is exorbitant it is difficult to can make pneumatics machine is started, and still can bring about the quantity of heat inside pneumatics machine shield to build up, cause electric machinery overheat to burn out even, cause fire hazard thereby.

What stand to pneumatics is ventilated, in our design normally the practice is: Between pneumatics machine outside wall lower part installs air inlet (shutter) , the amount of shutter and computation of capacity of room of area basis station are affirmatory. Shutter and the distance of the ground outdoor are more than commonly be equal to 300mm, splash rain in case, shutter setting front is in as far as possible shady and cool face, avoid at the same time and discharge blast tuyere to be set in same side, in case cold sirocco short circuit. In wind the cooling wind of machine of cold pattern pneumatics discharges the arrangement on wind exit to discharge wind to be in charge of, will cooling wind is brought to outdoor. At the same time between pneumatics machine outside machinery of the setting on the wall discharges fan to have entire room ventilated. Adopt above measure, dropped the temperature between pneumatics machine effectively, what made sure pneumatics machine reachs his to assist device thereby is normal move.

4, the design that workshop and plant area reduce empty tracheal net

Pharmacy factory workshop compresses air conduit to use built on stilts to lay commonly, and its basically work to be in charge of and raise a canal to all lay inside technical interlining, in asepsis clean area bright canal, establish canal and valve to should decrease as far as possible. Plant area conduit can use built on stilts or bury continuously lay, bury continuously lay should according to soil caustic take anticorrosive step.

Conduit and fitting of door of its a powerful person all use stainless steel data, with 00Cr17Ni14Mo2(316L) stainless steel material is character optimal, can undertake to conduit polish of inside and outside is handled when necessary.

When using stainless steel to provide material, stainless steel canal must not be contacted directly with the pipe rack of carbolic steeliness, lest be caused because of voltage,corrode core. Answer because of this pipe rack Tu Yiliang’s good insulating varnish, or fill up between pipeline and pipe rack with other insulating material, be like asbestine board, rubber slab, plastic board etc.