To all trades and professions, it is important to compress air after all to there is many?

If this society did not compress air, the factory is met backwater not before, the train can stop to move, the ship can be overflowed drift in the sea aimlessly. A lot of industries of current society need to be used compress air, but the quality demand like be not all industries to have to compressing air. A few special industries, for example food and pharmacy production, need very clean air. However to other most industry, the main goal of air quality is to ensure the dependability of pneumatic tool and service life.

Compress air to filter

Above all, great majority compresses air system to need even many filter, because compressed air to include a variety of contaminant,this is, contain dirt grain, moisture content, oily impurity, and bacterium and virus, these impurity may damage or pollute your pneumatic tool, equipment and end item. This shows, filter is very main component in your air system, it can ensure your manufacturing quality and dependability. So, judge what logical choice suits air quality rating to filter the product is crucial.

Why the air quality that you want to understand you

1. Certain industry needs to satisfy specific empty temperament to measure a level. Do not amount to mark, can bring about product quality to drop reject increases, can produce stop production accident even sometimes.

2. According to experience, air is cleaner, manufacturing cost is higher. Extremely clean air needs additional hardware facility, for example filter and desiccator, and produce it can waste the sources of energy. Accordingly, choose the compression of correct purity to air can save fund and be beneficial to an environment.

What is the ISO rank that reduces air quality

Reducing air quality is the key that ensures manufacturing integrality and efficiency, give everybody popular science today judge what the industry that you are in needs what quality to compress air how through ISO grade.

Will tell to a lot of users, choosing appropriate air purity is a more difficult issue it seems that. However, a tool can help judgement simply, that is ISO 8573-1:2010.

ISO 8573-1:2010 it is the international level that reduces air quality rank. It compresses all sorts of contaminant in empty air current through be opposite (for example content of moisture, grain, oil and other contaminant) undertake classification and be defininged.

ISO 8573-1:2010 grade are expressed

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ISO 8573-1:2The structure of 010:

ISO standard cent is 3 kinds of big contaminant: Solid grain, water (liquid and steam) with oil (oily droplet and oily steam) . These categories have different empty temperament each times medium to measure order and degree.

Reduce airy quality crucial to the user. Grade number is smaller, air is cleaner. For example, air of the 4th grade should contain more impurity than air of the 3rd grade.

To solid grain, this standard defined every stere how many little grain can be included in air. To water, more severe social estate has a rank according to its pressure dew point. Finally, oily ISO grade with oil content (Mg/m3) will decide.