Inside very long in the past period of time, manufacturing industry is occupied in Chinese industry structure taller, “Protect supply ” the main development train of thought that makes Chinese energy field. This action causes China to produce can last outspread, the sources of energy uses efficiency small coarse issue, and bring about house of unit GDP specific power consumption not to fall high.

Here setting falls, energy-saving decrease a platoon to become help strength ” carbon is counteracted ” the important way of implementation. The proportion that machinist job holds in countrywide industry is 20% , 30% , machinist job past of the project of a few traditions, product also is bad news can large family. Machinist job is implementation ‘ double carbon ‘ a of the target important battlefield.

Since last year, “Double carbon ” make one of hot statements. Compressor business and user innovate with science and technology ” open circuit ” , through ” Internet + ” wait for a method to drive energy-saving fall bad news, with real operation course of study realizes the machinist that help strength ” double carbon ” target.

New product new technology is aimed at energy-saving fall bad news

To most enterprise, think those who decrease carbon to have to reduce the sources of energy to use up: For instance electric power, heating power is mixed burn gas. Current, the energy management pattern of average company is put generally in the wasteful phenomenon with serious move, time the sources of energy is actually effective utilization rate only remnant 60% , 75% , meaning existing namely 25% , the sources of energy of 40% is wasteful.

To this, industrial rich couplet says to waste ” not ” , take the lead in rolling out intelligence of digital the sources of energy to control a system, the system is passed collect immediately, real time monitoring, self-correcting, join analysis of calculation of group control technology, margin, big data and visible platform government, make each system stability runs the company.

“Pass through monitoring of visible management platform and Yuan Duanzhong center, the factory Wu system such as integrated report, water, gas, fire control, safe, environmental protection, achieve extract the qualitative synergism, energy-saving actual effect that decrease carbon. ” Fosan of industrial rich couplet wisdom Wang Chang of general manager of the production factory that make cereal allows to say.

Control a system through intelligence of digital the sources of energy, system glacial water can realize specific power consumption to reduce amount to 25% ; Rate of report of section of pneumatics engine system is amounted to 22% ; Integrated specific power consumption relatively reduce before improvement about 20% . Wang Chang allows to say, in Henan Fuji health (orchid take an examination of) area of abundant rich garden, pass the application of this one system, saved many degrees of 4500 report two years.

2021, the madam is happy the heart that can develop year to tear open solution task continuously depends on energy-saving decrease a platoon. Transform in pneumatics machine on, the madam is happy undertake effect upgrades, report heats after upgrading, reclaim more than heat, rework undertakes heating for heat energy. Only this one, the efficiency of pneumatics machine promoted 34% , achieve managing the effect that uses phone.

In steely industry, the efficient step that achieves the sources of energy is used can reduce unit craft specific power consumption ceaselessly; In medical industry, adopt pneumatics machine ability to change, air feed system is improved it is likewise OK to wait for measure implementation is energy-saving decrease a platoon.

Specific power consumption falls speed is carried

In machinist job, laser cut craft is an acuteness ” knife ” . Relative to the means of laser beam machining at the tradition, the rate of fiber-optic laser cut is rapid, cost can be low.

“A Xiaoshi should use the device previously to 100 degrees of report almost, a hour needs laser beam cutting machine only now 229 degrees of report. ” big a group of things with common features Fei Youbing of area chief inspector says another name for Guangdong Province of production factory of group of industry of laser science and technology on the west.

Below the situation that the postulate such as a large number of manpower and lamplight electric power needs to be had when traditional factory worker works, ability finishs production. It is outspread on the basis that intelligence of equipment of laser beam machining changes that intelligence converts black lamp plant expand and come, nobody are changed or can be little person changes job of the production that finish completely. “Intelligence changes black lamp factory 24 hours to be able to be run, the can biggest efficiency promotes the utilization rate such as mechanical, workshop. ” Fei Youbing says.

Tokyo Olympic Games was mixed last year incomplete abstruse meeting rings down the curtain. More than 70 aluminium alloy that abstruse meeting prize-giving celebration uses Tokyo Olympic Games and incomplete commends stage, its mark sex 5 annulus LOGO is all the cut of laser cut equipment that produces by production factory of laser of Jinan state heart is made and become.

“The enterprise uses conventional technology so, if can machine 100, if be machined with laser, can machine 1000, even 2000. ” Li Lei of inspector general of department of market of this company China speaks of, laser cut equipment is in the respect advantage such as energy-saving, environmental protection is very clear, traditional cut craft cannot is likened to.

Before 2010, because price of laser cut equipment is high, laser beam cutting machine of an old width of cloth (deploy 4 KW laser) price is close 6 million yuan of RMB, the company that China uses laser beam cutting machine of old width of cloth is not much. After 2011, chinese laser company grows high-power energetically fiber-optic laser beam cutting machine, as a result of high-power fiber-optic laser beam machining has distinct treatment advantage, finished cost drops considerably, tie a variety of quick payment at the same time, at present companies of more and more Ban gold treatment, hutch defends production enterprise and company of car assembly treatment to begin to use laser beam cutting machine.

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Equipment of laser beam machining of the last few years is able to gain ground quickly, and of laser cut equipment gain ground to run cost to fall greatly with its cent does not leave. Laser beam cutting machine can answer all sorts of material to ask with the cut of complex form character, outside the laser that can provide high-energy amount except need, auxiliary gas is the material with the indispensable cut that finish.

The auxiliary gas that is used at laser cut basically has oxygen (O2) , nitrogen (N2) and compress air (Compressed Air) 3 kinds. Its main effect, it is refrigeration prevents material sclerosis, namely by heat treatment; 2 it is the metal that leads body of calm sb’s anger to fuse cut slaggy blow off, prevent dirt to jam laser nozzle, protect and prolong its service life. As a result of cost of nitrogen, oxygen all prep above compresses air, and the price year after year of nitrogen, oxygen rises, because this uses air to assist gas as cut, can reduce manufacturing cost greatly, extent makes an appointment with half left and right sides.

Additional, because air itself contains the oxygen of about 20% , because this can make up for the inadequacy of oxygen and nitrogen in certain level. Use compress air to replace nitrogen cut special economy is practical, save the cost using gas that come down one year, enough buy 3 high quality laser compressor of air of type of special an organic whole. So, use compress air to regard auxiliary gas as cut more and more general, this also drove laser cut of market of special air compressor arisen.

For ” double carbon ” provide technology and equipment support

Current, below the setting that carries out double carbon strategy and electrovalency to be reformed greatly in the country, compressor system is energy-saving send more to the importance of user enterprise highlight.

Carry high pressure to shrink functional effect, technical line is very much, include molded lines of screw compressor rotor, rotor design, be out of shape computation and clearance are designed, suit oneself poriferous those who seal Yan Tu layer, lube to distributing is careful change in suspension of structure of new-style and technology of frequency conversion of management, permanent magnetism, efficient airframe, magnetism amiable in suspension is centrifugal compressor, energy-saving move with, hydrogen can store cell of carry, fuel, vapor hot pump and air refrigeration machine, carbon dioxide catchs market, use, seal up for keeping technology (the new-style compressor research of the domain such as CCS/CCUS) and development, and pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims, station of pneumatics of contract energy management, wisdom, number wisdom changes content couplet net, aftertreatment energy-saving etc.