1, what does the characteristic of centrifugal type compressor have?

Centrifugal type compressor is a kind of turbine type compressor, have processing gas to measure big, volume small, structure is simple, movement is smooth, maintenance is convenient and gas does not get oily pollution, adoptable drive form is more wait for a characteristic.

2, the working principle of centrifugal type compressor?


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Generally speaking, the main goal that increases aeriform pressure increases the amount of element of the gas inside unit volume namely, shorten namely the distance between aeriform element and element, to achieve this one goal, use the method of the aerodynamics, use machine namely do work component (impeller of high speed revolving) , do work to gas, make gas gets rising in the pressure below the action of centrifugal type, at the same time kinetic energy also increases greatly, inside enlarge pressing flow path subsequently this part kinetic energy transforms again for static pressure can, and make aeriform pressure increases further, this is the working principle of centrifugal type compressor.

3, what does the prime mover with centrifugal type common compressor have?

The prime mover with centrifugal type common compressor has: Electromotor, turbine, light turbine to wait.

4, what does the subsidiary engine equipment of centrifugal type compressor have?

Of lead plane of centrifugal type compressor moving is the premise of normal motion act with subsidiary engine equipment, subsidiary engine includes the following fields:

(1) lubricant system.

(2) cooling system.

(3) condensate system.

(4) electric meter system controls a system namely.

(5) dry gas sealed system.

5, which a few sort does centrifugal type compressor divide by structural characteristic model?

Centrifugal type compressor can divide by structural characteristic for: Type of type of horizontal analyse cent, perpendicular analyse cent, isotherm reduces the kind such as type, combined-type.

6, by what is rotor comprised partly?

Rotor includes nut of main shaft, impeller, axle sleeve, axis, lie between set, evenly dish with thrust dish.

7, the definition of class?

Class is the main unit of centrifugal type compressor, it is the fixed component place that mixes a group to close suitably with its by an impeller is formed.

8, paragraph definition?

Each the mouth that take energy of life comprises to the class between vent paragraph, paragraph by one or composition of a few class.

9, the definition of the crock?

The crock of centrifugal type compressor by or a few paragraph of composition, the progression that a crock can accommodate is least one class, reach 10 level at most.

10, the definition of the row?

Centrifugal type compressor needs maximum pressure sometimes by two or the crock composition of two above, arrange the file that makes centrifugal type compressor on an axes by a crock or a few crocks, different kind, its rotate speed is different, the low pressure of rotate speed prep above that high pressure lists is listed, same rotate speed (coaxial) row, the impeller diameter that high pressure lists is more than low-pressure row.

11, what is the action of impeller? Which a few kinds of kinds to have by structural characteristic?


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Impeller is the only component that centrifugal type compressor does work to aeriform medium, below the centrifugal thrust of the impeller that aeriform medium rotates in high speed, make have a change of luck coming back go together along with impeller, achieve kinetic energy thereby, divide pressure of ground translate into by diffuser ministry can, below the action of centrifugal force, swing by impeller mouth piece, edge diffuser, tortuous path, circumfluence implement enter impeller of below one class further pressure boost, till export eduction by compressor.

Impeller can divide by structural characteristic for: Type, ajar type, shut type 3 sort.

12, the operating mode of the largest flow that what is centrifugal type compressor?

Achieve when discharge the biggest the operating mode when is operating mode of the largest flow namely, cause this kind of operating mode to two plant likelihood:

The air current that is place of laryngeal of flow path of class Zhong Mou achieves critical status, at this moment cubage discharge of gas already was maximum, the back pressure of compressor of at one’s convenience is reduced again, discharge increases impossibly also, this kind of operating mode also becomes operating mode of “ block ” .

2 be critical status was not achieved inside flow path, did not appear namely operating mode of “ block ” , but compressor falls in larger flow, loss of the flow inside machine is very big, the exhaust pressure that can provide is very little already, be close to 0 energy almost, can use the instruction in overcoming exhaust conduit only in order to maintain so large flow, this is the operating mode of the largest flow of centrifugal type compressor.

13, the asthma that what is centrifugal type compressor brace up?

Centrifugal type compressor is in manufacturing moving process, can produce intense vibration suddenly sometimes, the discharge of aeriform medium and pressure also appear substantially pulsatile, accompany have periodic tone of depressed “ call ” , and the strong noise that air current wave motion causes ” of puff and blow of ”“ of “ puff and blow in managing a network, the asthma that this kind of phenomenon calls centrifugal type compressor brace up operating mode. Compressor cannot be in asthma brace up operating mode falls to move for long, once compressor enters asthma brace up operating mode, operation personnel should be adopted instantly adjust measure, reduce outlet pressure, or increase an import, or exit discharge, make compressor breaks away from asthma quickly brace up area, the stability that realizes compressor moves.

14, breathe heavily brace up what is phenomenal feature?

Centrifugal type compresses accident to once appear,breathe heavily all right brace up phenomenon, criterion aircrew moves with what manage a network have the following feature:

(1) the outlet pressure of aeriform medium and entrance discharge change substantially, produce gas possibly still to flow backwards sometimes phenomenon. Aeriform medium turns to enter the mouth for flow direction by compressor eduction, this is dangerous operating mode.

(2) tubal net has periodic vibration, amplitude is big, frequency is low, accompany periodic “ roars ” sound.

(3) compressor airframe vibration is intense, housing, bearing all has intense vibration, give out strong periodic air current voice, because vibration is intense, bearing is lubricant the condition can be destroyed, plain bearing liner will be burned-out, even axis by twist off, rotor and stator can produce clash, collide, sealed component will be played havoc with.

15, how to undertake preventing breathing heavily brace up adjust?

Breathe heavily brace up the harm is great, but cannot give from the design up to now eliminate, can try to avoid unit motion to enter asthma all right in movement only brace up operating mode, prevent asthma brace up the principle is aimed at namely cause asthma brace up reason, in asthma brace up when will happening, try to increase the flow of compressor instantly, make aircrew moves break away from asthma brace up area. Prevent asthma brace up the means is specific have 3 kinds:

(1) law of partial gas air defence.

(2) law of partial gas circumfluence.

(3) change compressor runs rotate speed way.

16, does compressor move under asthma brace up ultimate reason?

(1) exit back pressure is too high.

(2) valve of inlet tube line by reduce expenditure.

(3) exit cop valve by reduce expenditure.

(4) prevent asthma brace up valve has blemish to perhaps adjust incorrect.

17, does the operating mode of centrifugal type compressor adjust what does the method have?

Because produce parameter of art of go to work to be able to have change inevitably, often need to be opposite so compressor undertakes the hand is moved or self-adjusting, make compressor can get used to production to ask changing the operation below operating mode, in order to maintain the stability of manufacturing system.

The adjustment of centrifugal type compressor has two kinds commonly: It is to wait pressure adjust, move section discharge below the premise with constant back pressure namely; Another kind is to wait for discharge adjustment, the exhaust pressure that reduces section compressor in the circumstance that makes sure flow is constant namely, specific say to have the following 5 kinds adjust means:

(1) export discharge adjustment.

(2) import discharge adjustment.

(3) change rotate speed adjustment.

(4) roll imports guide vane adjustment.

(5) the part puts sky or circumfluence to adjust.

18, does rotate speed have He Ying to ring to the function of compressor?

The rotate speed of compressor has the function that changes compressor function curve, but efficiency is changeless, accordingly, it is the best form of compressor adjustment method.

19, what is waiting for the pressure adjustment, meaning that waits for discharge adjustment and scale to adjust?

(1) waiting for pressure adjustment is to show the exhaust pressure that maintains compressor is constant, change the adjustment of aeriform discharge only.

(2) waiting for discharge adjustment is to show the flow that maintains compressor to carry aeriform medium is constant, just change the adjustment of discharge pressure.

(3) scale adjustment is to point to maintain pressure to compare changeless (if prevent asthma brace up adjust) , or the adjustment with the cubage discharge fixed percentage that holds medium of two kinds of gas.

20, what is tubal net? What is its compositive element?

Managing a network is the pipeline system that centrifugal type compressor implements aeriform medium to carry the mission, before be located in compressor to enter the mouth call inspiratory conduit, after be located in compressor to export call eduction conduit, inspiratory call tubal network normally for one whole pipeline system with eduction conduit the sum.

Be in charge of a net to all wait for 4 element composition by cop, pipe fitting, valve and equipment commonly.

21, what is the harm of axial force?

The rotor that high speed runs. From beginning to end action is worn the axial force that points to low-pressure end by high-pressured end. Rotor falls in the action of axial force, produce the way of edge axial force axial displacement, the axial displacement of rotor, what will make the generation between journal and plain bearing liner opposite is slip. Accordingly, pull journal or plain bearing liner likely, more serious is, as a result of rotor displacement, will cause rotor component and attrition of stator component generation, collision and even mechanical damage, as a result of the axial force of rotor, have cause works attrition, wear away, collision and even the harm that destroy a machine, so, should adopt significant step to give evenly, in order to raise the moving dependability of aircrew.

22, what balance method does axial force have?

The balance of axial force is the odd issue that terminal consideration needs when centrifugal type compressor designs multistage, current, adopt below in order to two kinds of methods more commonly:

(1) impeller contraposition is arranged (side of impeller high pressure and back of low-pressure side back are arranged)

The axial power that only course impeller produces, its direction points to impeller entrance, point to low-pressure side by high-pressured side namely, if multistage impeller presses sequential method to arrange, criterion total axial force is rotor the sum of force of various impeller axial, such apparent permutation can make rotor axial power very great. If multistage impeller uses contraposition to arrange, enter the mouth contrary impeller, produce the axial power with an opposite way, can get a balance each other, because this contraposition is arranged,be multistage the axial equilibrium method with centrifugal type the most commonly used compressor.

(2) the setting is balanced dish

Evenly dish it is multistage the axial equilibrium device with centrifugal type commonly used compressor, evenly dish install more commonly at high-pressured side, outside set between predestined relationship and cylinder labyrinthian and sealed, make high-pressured side and side of low pressure of compressor entrance connective keep certain thereby press difference, this pressing needs the axial power of generation, its direction and the axial power that impeller produces are contrary, because this balances the axial force because of impeller generation.

23, what is the purpose of rotor axial equilibrium?

The purpose that rotor balances, basically be to reduce axial thrust, reduce stop the negative charge that shifts bearing, usually the 70 ℅ of axial force are to carry a balance dish eliminate, the rest 30 ℅ are to have stop shift bearing responsibility, production carries out a proof, retain certain axial power, it is the significant step that raises rotor to move smoothly.

24, what is the reason that thrust covers with tiles temperature lifts?

(1) structural design is unreasonable, thrust tile bears the weight of the area is small, unit area bears bear exceeds bid.

(2) between class sealed invalidation, impeller of the one class after making utters before aeriform leak comes one step, increase impeller of two side press difference, formed bigger thrust.

(3) balance canal is blocked up, balance dish of deputy pressure that control speech cannot discharge is dropped, balance dish of action to cannot be developed normally.

(4) balance dish of sealed invalidation, working antrum pressure is irretentive normal, balance ability drops, drop partial load is passed to thrust tile to cause thrust to cover with tiles excess load moves.

(5) thrust bearing enters aperture of oily reduce expenditure small, cooling oily discharge is insufficient, the quantity of heat that attrition produces cannot be taken entirely.

(6) water is carried in lube or contain other foreign matter, thrust tile cannot form complete liquid to lubricate.

(7) bearing takes oily temperature exorbitant, environment of thrust made of baked clay work is undesirable.

25, if why handle thrust is made of baked clay temperature exorbitant?

(1) intensity of pressure of made of baked clay press press of school nucleus thrust, enlarge thrust tile to bear the weight of appropriately area, make thrust bears load is inside standard limits.

(2) between disintegrate examination class sealed, change between the class of attaint sealed spare parts.

(3) the examination balances a canal, eliminate jam content, counterbalance dish can seasonable discharge drops pair of pressure that controls speech, assure to balance dish of play that balances ability.

(4) change balance dish of sealing strip, improve a balance dish sealed function, poise the pressure of dish of job antrum, make axial thrust gets reasonable balance.

(5) the aperture that enlarges bearing to enter oily knothole, increase lube amount, the quantity of heat that makes attrition arises can be taken in time.

(6) change new eligible lubricating oil, hold the lubricant property of lube.

(7) leave to greatly condenser takes backwater a powerful person, increase cooling water amount, drop the temperature that offer oil.

26, synthetic system exceeds badly when pressing, should associated compressor personnel manage like where?

(1) personnel of announcement synthesis spot opens PV2001 to have pressure release.

(2) personnel of check of make one’s rounds of spot of announcement combination compressor opens compressor hand of 2 paragraphs of exit is moved put have pressure release for nothing (when emergency) , notice to operate personnel custody, gas defence.

27, how does associated compressor hit a circulation to synthesizing a system?

The need before synthetic system drives is to synthesis below constant pressure undertake full nitrogen, warm up. Because this need starts synthesis,atmospheric pressure shrinks opportunity is right synthetic system builds a circulation.

(1) by drive normally turbine of compressor of air of the program synthesis that start, empty running comes normal rotate speed.

(2) it is certain to maintain prevent asthma brace up the gas after condenser enters gas circumfluence into a paragraph, capacity of returns shoulds not be too big, notice not to get overheating.

(3) with the loop paragraph prevent asthma brace up a powerful person controls synthetic system tolerance and pressure, maintain temperature of good synthesis tower.

28, synthetic system need is enraged closely agog (compressor is ceaseless car) when, how does associated compressor undertake operating?

Associated compressor needs to undertake tightening enraging agog operating:

(1) to control room report combination compressor tightens agog gas, one form sealed switch becomes middling pressure nitrogen, associated compressor joins section of a construction project (purify a workshop section) put empty, the attention is protected pressure.

(2) open fresh paragraph prevent asthma brace up a powerful person or family is new gas reduces an amount, open a loop paragraph prevent asthma brace up gas of loop of a powerful person reduces an amount.

(3) shut XV2683, shut XV2681 and XV2682.

(4) open compressor to 2 paragraphs of exit put PV2620 of empty a powerful person and drop airframe pressure with the rate discharge of ≤0.15Mpa ∕ Min, synthetic air compressor is no load move; Synthesize systematic pressure release.

(5) after synthetic system trouble removal ends, from combination compressor entrance fills nitrogen to undertake synthetic systematic displacement, hit a circulation, synthetic system heat preservation is protected pressure.

29, how to undertake new energy of life increases an amount?

Usually, it is condition of a standard-sized sheet into XV2683 of workshop section valve, control new tolerance to also can breathe heavily through preventing only only brace up after condenser fresh paragraph prevent asthma brace up a powerful person will come true, prevent asthma through shutting a paragraph brace up a powerful person will reduce circumfluence tolerance, achieve the goal that raises new tolerance.

30, how to control airspeed through compressor?

Using synthesis to enrage compressor to control dimensional rate is the size change that will achieve dimensional rate through increase or reducing internal circulating load, in new tolerance so particular case falls, increase synthetic loop tolerance, airspeed rises accordingly, but the it is certain to rise to synthesize reaction to be able to have to methanol influence of airspeed.

31, how to control synthetic internal circulating load?

Through circulating paragraph prevent asthma brace up limitation of reduce expenditure of a powerful person.

32, what doesn’t synthetic internal circulating load add the reason that go up to have?

(1) new tolerance is inferior, it is when response is better, bulk is contractible, pressure has dropped fast, create pressure giving a tower inferior, need to raise dimensional speed to control synthetic response rate at this moment.

(2) synthetic system puts empty amount (relax deflate is measured) too big, PV2001 is too big.

(3) circular gas prevents asthma brace up a powerful person leaves spend big, cause gas a large number of circumfluence.

33, is those who synthesize system and associated compressor interlocking what is there?

(1) drum fluid low be restricted ≤10 ℅, as interlocking as associated compressor, XV2683 is shut, prevent drum to do boiler.

(2) methanol segregator fluid be restricted high ≥90 ℅, as interlocking as associated compressor jump car protection, XV2681, XV2682, XV2683 is shut, prevent a liquid to enter impeller of attaint of associated compressor cylinder.

(3) temperature of synthetic tower heat is restricted high ≥275 ℃ , as interlocking as associated compressor jump car.

34, does synthetic loop air temperature spend Gao Yingru to manage where?

(1) temperature of air of loop of observation synthesis system is elevatory, if prep above index should reduce internal circulating load or announcement,attemper rise hydraulic or reduce water lukewarm.

(2) observation prevents asthma brace up condenser backwater temperature is elevatory, if have,lift capacity of returns crosses a gas to create cooling effect difference greatly, should increase internal circulating load right now.

35, when synthesis drives, what how have new energy of life and circular energy of life is alternant increase an amount?

When synthesis drives, spend as a result of air temperature inferior, activator heat temperature is inferior, synthesis should be restricted instead, add a quantity to should be given priority to in order to stabilize temperature of activator bed layer right now, accordingly, should increase internal circulating load first before new energy of life increases an amount (the 4 ~ that average circulation tolerance is new tolerance 6 times) , increase new tolerance again next, the process that increase an amount wants slow, should have certain time-interval (basically see activator heat temperature whether maintain, show ascendant trend) , can ask after tolerance is added to certain level synthesis closes vapour of small go into operation. Guan Xiaoxin is bright paragraph prevent asthma brace up a powerful person increases new tolerance. Involve pulmonary circulation paragraph prevent asthma brace up a powerful person increases circular tolerance.

36, synthetic system leaves when jockeying, how to undertake with compressor heat preservation is protected pressure?

From combination compressor entrance fills nitrogen to undertake displacement to synthesizing a system, fill pressure, associated compressor and synthetic system undertake hitting circular, put according to synthesizing systematic pressure to decide a system commonly empty, use airspeed to maintain synthetic tower outlet temperature, vapour of open start working supplies quantity of heat, synthesize heat preservation of loop of low speed of systematic low pressure.

37, when synthetic system drives, how to undertake synthetic a system to carry pressing? Carry how much to press speed control to be?

Synthetic system is carried pressing basically is support rises new tolerance and raise force of circular atmospheric pressure to come true, specific for Guan Xiaoxin is bright paragraph prevent asthma brace up can raise synthesis new tolerance; Involve pulmonary circulation paragraph prevent asthma brace up a powerful person can control synthetic pressure. When driving normally, synthetic system is carried press speed to be controlled commonly in 0.4MPa/min.

38, when synthetic tower warms up, how to control those who synthesize a tower to warm up with associated compressor speed? Warm up how much is speed control index?

When warming up, on one hand vapour of open start working supplies quantity of heat, drive furnace boiler circulation, make synthetic tower temperature elevatory; Start associated compressor on the other hand, use a circulation paragraph air entrainment and gas of synthetic gas eduction undertake gas circulates synthetic a system, control quantity of heat, of stable tower warm up extent, because this is in,warm up basically rely on to adjust when the operation internal circulating load undertakes modulatory the temperature rise of the tower. Warm up the control index of speed is 25 ℃ / H.

39, how to undertake fresh Duan Hexun annulus paragraph prevent asthma brace up does aeriform discharge adjust?

Be close to asthma when the operating conditions of compressor brace up when operating mode, should undertake preventing breathing heavily brace up adjust, before adjusting, to prevent systematic tolerance wave motion has fluctuated big, be judged above all and decide which paragraph to be close to asthma brace up operating mode, leave appropriately next big this paragraphs prevent asthma brace up valve undertakes elimination, the fluctuant case that notes systematic tolerance (the stability that maintains tower tolerance as far as possible) , but must not at the same time open prevents asthma twice brace up valve eliminates asthma brace up.

40, what is the account that compressor entrance takes fluid?

(1) before the craft gas temperature that the system carries is high, aeriform unfinished is complete by condensation, gas carries conduit to grow too, the course contains a liquid in the gas after conduit condensation.

(2) machining complex temperature is high, the constituent with the inferior boiling point in aeriform medium is become by condensation liquid.

(3) segregator fluid exorbitant, generation enrages fluid carry secretly.

41, if why handle compressor does if why handle compressor,the entrance take fluid?

(1) the system before connection, adjust technology operation.

(2) this system raises segregator to discharge fluid frequency appropriately.

(3) reduce segregator fluid height, prevent to enrage fluid carry secretly.

42, what does the reason that performance of associated compressor unit drops have?

(1) between compressor class sealed and serious damage, sealed function is reduced, circumfluence of aeriform medium interior increases.

(2) impeller wears away serious, rotor function drops, aeriform medium cannot get enough kinetic energy.

(3) turbine vapour screen pack jams, vapour is current suffocate suffocate, flow is little, press difference big, affect the output power of turbine, reduced unit performance.

(4) vacuum is spent ask under index, turbine exhaust suffocate suffocate.

(5) parameter of vapour temperature, pressure under operation index, vapour internal energy is low, cannot satisfy aircrew to produce service requirement.

(6) produce asthma brace up operating mode.

43, what main performance data does centrifugal type compressor have?

The main performance data of centrifugal type compressor has: First class of discharge, outlet pressure or compression ratio, power, efficiency, rotate speed, energy.

The main performance data of equipment is the basic data of the respect such as environment of capacity of characteristic of token facility construction, job, work, it is the equipment of user choose and buy, important directiveness material that makes a program.

44, what is the meaning of efficiency?

Efficiency is token centrifugal type compressor passes those who enrage body energy to use rate, use rate taller, the efficiency of compressor is taller.

Because gas is compressed,much transformation shrinks, heat insulation is compressed and isotherm reduces 3 kinds of processes, accordingly, the efficiency of compressor also is divided for changeful efficiency, adiabatic efficiency and isothermal efficiency.

45, what is the meaning of compression ratio?

The compression ratio that we say shows compressor discharges those who give aeriform pressure and inlet pressure to compare namely, also weigh pressure comparing or pressure ratio sometimes so.

46, by what is lubricant system comprised partly?

Lubricant system is in charge of line and control valve and composition of measuring instrument place by lube station, exalted gasoline tank, intermediate join.

Lube stands to be comprised by all sorts of control valve of gasoline tank, oil pump, oily condenser, oil purifier, pressure, measuring instrument and vitta road and valve.

47, what is the action of exalted gasoline tank?

Exalted gasoline tank is one of aircrew safety safeguard, when aircrew moves normally, lube is entered from bottom, and from coping eduction direct oil sump tank, once produce power cut to stop machine accident, oil of auxiliary oil pump cannot be started in time for oil, the oil sump tank after the lube of exalted gasoline tank will flow to be nodded via lubricating individually along line of oil inlet pipe, ensure the indolent of aircrew takes the process need to lube.

48, what safe safeguard does associated compressor aircrew have?

(1) exalted gasoline tank

(2) relief valve

(3) accumulator

(4) fast involve a powerful person

(5) other interlock

49, what is the sealed action principle of labyrinth packing?

Pass a potential energy (pressure) changeover becomes kinetic energy (rate of going from place to place) again kinetic energy the form with eddy current is abreaction.

50, the action of thrust bearing?

The action of thrust bearing has two: Bear the thrust of rotor, give rotor axial fixed position. Thrust bearing bears the partial rotor thrust that dummy piston has not balanced and the thrust that age type shaft coupling is passed, the size of these thrust basically decides at turbine bear. Additional, thrust bearing also removes fixed rotor relative to the action at cylinder axial position.

51, why to combine compressor to want when jockey as soon as possible does discharge drop airframe pressure?

Because reduce pilot time,belt pressing stops machine, if one class is sealed,enrage inlet pressure to cannot cross compressor inlet pressure high, the craft gas change that filter did not pass inside machine is entered sealed hind will sealed cause destroy.

52, sealed action?

Centrifugal type compressor wants to achieve favorable moving result, certain clearance must be withheld between rotor and stator, the attrition with avoiding meantime, wear away and the happening of the accident such as collision, attaint. At the same time the existence as a result of clearance, natural meeting causes the leak appearance that carries with the axis between class, leak reduced the work efficiency of compressor not only, and caused environmental pollution, produce explosive accident even. Because this leak is seemed now,cannot allow generation. Sealed below the case that there is suitable space between reservation rotor and stator namely, avoid the leak between compressor class and the significant step that the axis carries leak.

53, which a few kinds is seal unit by structural characteristic cent? What is choosing a principle?

According to the job of compressor gentle style medium has temperature, pressure to wait for a condition without the harm, sealed use different configuration, appellative it is seal unit.

Seal unit is by structural characteristic cent: 5 kinds of forms such as type of bleed type, annulus of labyrinth, float, mechanical and screw type. General and poisonous harmful, combustible explode easily gas, should choose the seal unit such as mechanical, screw type and float annulus type, bleed type; If gas is avirulent harmless, step up is inferior, can choose labyrinth seal unit.

54, what is gas sealed?

Gas is sealed it is a kind of blame that makes lubricant with aeriform medium contact is sealed, carry the play of the clever design of sealed component structure and its function, can make leak decreases to lowermost rate.

Its characteristic and sealed principle are:

(1) sealed relatively as fixed as rotor

In sealed an as opposite as annulus end panel on (one class sealing surface) the design goes out sealed piece with sealed dam. Sealed piece dimension measurement is different appearance each different. When rotor high speed rotates, make the gas during its infuse generates a kind of pressure, turn ring thereby, form gas to lubricate, those who reduce sealing surface wear away, can prevent aeriform medium leakage to come lowermost limit, gas of the organization when sealed dam is used at jockeying appears.

(2) the sealed gas source that this kind of sealed need stabilizes one kind, it can be medium gas, also can be inert gase, use which kinds of gas no matter, must be the course filters, the gas that calls clean.

55, how to choose dry hermetic seal?

Arrive to asking both neither allows craft gas leak in atmosphere, do not allow block to seal gas to enter the case inside machine again, use the intermediate series connection form that takes energy of life to do hermetic seal.

Dry hermetic seal of type of common series connection applies to a few craft gas leak the operating mode in atmosphere, the one class of atmosphere side is sealed as insurance sealed.

56, is one class sealed what is angry main effect?

One class is sealed angry main effect is to prevent combination not clean gas pollutes one class inside compressor seal face. Rotate as the high speed of compressor at the same time, through one class pump of chamfer of seal face helix sends one form sealed put empty torch housing, form rigid gas film between seal face, have the effect such as lubricant, refrigeration to end panel. End of axis of announce of this gas majority is labyrinthian enter inside machine, only little part gas adopts one form seal face is entered put empty torch housing.

57, are 2 class sealed what is angry main effect?

2 class are sealed angry main effect is to prevent from one class a few gas medium of seal face leak enter 2 stage seal face, make sure sealed on the safe side runs 2 course, body of atmolysis of its greater part and one class a few aeriform medium classics of seal face leak one class is sealed put empty torch housing to enter put empty torch cop, only little part gas adopts 2 form seal face enters 2 stage sealed after putting cavity, high point is put empty.

58, what is the main effect that postposition segregation enrages?

What postposition segregation enrages basically is to make sure seal face does not suffer 2 class to reduce the pollution of machine bearing lube jointly. Enrage partly among them buy is sealed after body is passed inside combs tine is labyrinthian with from 2 class high point puts the little part gas of seal face leak empty; Buy is sealed after another part gas is passed outside side combs age lube of labyrinthian classics bearing puts eat dishes without rice or wine empty.

59, what does note of the operation before dry gas sealed system joins movement have?

(1) before lubricant system drives 10 minutes of devoted postposition keep apart gas. Same oil halts use 10 minutes rear can cut off postposition to keep apart gas. After oily carry begins, postposition keeps apart gas to cannot stop, can be opposite otherwise sealed cause damage.

(2) cast when using filter, answer slow open filter fluctuation ball valve, because had opened core of filter of fast opposite colander to cause the instant to pressure is pounded and damage,prevent.

(3) cast answer with flowmeter slow open fluctuation ball valve, make discharge keeps stable.

(4) check one level sealed gas source, 2 class are sealed the gas source pressure that keeps apart gas with postposition is stable, whether does filter jam.

60, how does refrigerant station V2402, V2403 undertake guiding fluid?

The V2402 before driving, V2403 should build normal fluid ahead of schedule, concrete move is as follows:

(1) build fluid V2402, V2403 is opened to guide before premise drench to the valve on V2401 cop, affirm blind of word of the “8” on cop already rearrange, affirm this to guide drench V2401 valve is shut, affirm LV2420 and a standard-sized sheet of its around shut-off valve, affirm a standard-sized sheet of FV2401, FV2402;

(2) guide propylene V2402 is according to pressure Chalaishi shows, total a powerful person of ajar V2401 exit, XV2482, V2401 reachs one by one V2402 valve, LV2421 and its around shut-off valve, slow the propylene fluid that builds V2402.

(3) because equilibrium is pressed between V2402, V2403, can pass fluid only difference guides propylene V2403.

(4) guide fluid process be sure to slow, prevent V2402, V2403 to exceed pressure, v2402, V2403 builds normal fluid hind should close LV2421 and its around shut-off valve, shut V2402, V2403 to guide drench to the method on V2401 cop, and will blind board restores.

61, is refrigerant station urgent jockey measure?

As a result of power source, oil pump, explosion, catch fire, cut off the water supply, stop appearance gas, compressor to breathe heavily brace up cannot eliminate when waiting for breakdown happening, this compressor is urgent stop machine. If meet a system,catch fire to should cut off propylene quickly to enrage a source and be protected with nitrogen displacement pressure.

(1) the spot or control room make switch urgent stop compressor to move, if likelihood, measure and record slipping time. compressor sealed switch becomes one form middling pressure nitrogen.

(2) if oily loop continues to move (below circumstance of blame power cut, and low-pressure nitrogen enrages a source) , turning undertakes instantly after rotor stops roll; If entire plant power cut, answer to will shoot operation of water pump, condensate pump, oil pump in time to press twist come back cause off position, the pump after preventing power supply to restore is opened oneself.

(3) shut compressor a powerful person of 2 paragraphs of exit.

(4) shut pass in and out big a powerful person or family of refrigerant system propylene.

(5) spend when vacuum be close to zero hour to stop shoot water pump, stop an axis to seal vapour.

(6) watchful adjustment recycle is measured, open valve of compensatory desalination water a little when necessary, stop condensate pump after air ejector is shut into gas a powerful person.

(7) find out urgent stay the matter of machine.

62, is associated compressor urgent jockey measure?

As a result of power source, oil pump, explosion, catch fire, cut off the water supply, stop appearance gas, compressor to breathe heavily brace up cannot eliminate when waiting for breakdown happening, this compressor is urgent stop machine. If meet a system,catch fire to should cut off propylene quickly to enrage a source and be protected with nitrogen displacement pressure.

(1) the spot or control room make switch urgent stop compressor to move, if likelihood, measure and record slipping time.

(2) if oily loop continues to move (below circumstance of blame power cut, and low-pressure nitrogen enrages a source) , turning undertakes instantly after rotor stops roll; If entire plant power cut, answer to will shoot operation of water pump, condensate pump, oil pump in time to press twist come back cause off position, the pump after preventing power supply to restore is opened oneself.

(3) seasonable one form sealed switch becomes middling pressure nitrogen, affirm shut XV2683, XV2682, XV2681, control room opens PV2620 and Min of ∕ of ≤0.15Mpa of rate of control pressure release drops strip of compressor system pressure. If be power cut or stop appearance air, right now XV2681 is shut automatically, should inform compressor of post to personnel opens compressor hand of a powerful person of 2 paragraphs of exit moves pressure release.

(4) spend when vacuum be close to zero hour to stop shoot water pump, stop an axis to seal vapour.

(5) watchful adjustment recycle is measured, open valve of compensatory desalination water a little when necessary, stop condensate pump after air ejector is shut into gas a powerful person.

(6) find out urgent stay the matter of machine.

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