Diaphragmatic type compressor, by its structural character is decided. It is carried at compressing by wide application all sorts of high pure gas, poisonous and precious rare gas, harmful gas and caustic gas, what the cubage type compressor that it regards a kind as to cannot be replaced makes the same score the progress as science and technology and development and flowing water of person the people’s livelihood is ceaseless rise will have more wide application.

The main application domain of diaphragmatic compressor is: The trade department such as war industry of industry of medicine of nuclear electricity nuclear energy, food, petro-chemical, electron, data industry, national defence and scientific test.

QiAir Compressor

Diaphragmatic compressor basically moves by connecting rod of electric machinery, base, crankcase, crankshaft pipeline of component of orgnaization, cylinder body, oil gas, electronic-controlled system and composition of a few accessory. Gas complementary principle of compressor of nitrogen of the special high pressure that do not have oil is nitrogen and hydraulic pressure oil complete segregation, compress a process not to produce any pollution, avoid to have thoroughly oil-lubricated oil content of nitrogen of finished product of compressor of piston high pressure is high, change regularly filter core and add the malady with special compressor oily extremely high cost. The structure is simple, safeguard convenient, reliability is high, pressure outputs stability, locomotive voice is dinky.

Working principle

Lean diaphragmatic the compressor of move back and forth that makes reciprocate compress and transport gas in air cylinder. Diaphragmatic edge is circumjacent by two limitation board clamp comprises air cylinder, diaphragmatic it is by machinery or hydraulic pressure drive inside air cylinder reciprocate, the compression that realizes pair of gas thereby and carry. Use balata or plastic those who make is diaphragmatic and by the compressor of mechanical drive, apply to stere of capacity amount to to be mixed hourly only the circumstance that exhaust pressure controls for 1.2 million handkerchief, make commonly become odd form or of two class.

Use a metal diaphragmatic compare by the compressor of hydraulic drive common, its capacity can amount to hour of 100 meters of 3/ , the exhaust pressure that multistage reduces can exceed 100 million handkerchief, apply to the transportation of all sorts of gas and pressurization, also can use as without oil-lubricated the pressure boost compressor after compressor. The ply with diaphragmatic metal takes 0.3 ~ commonly 0.5 millimeter.

Diaphragmatic life depends on chosen material and its surface surface roughness. Because the athletic quality of hydraulic pressure drive is greater, average rate can take the piston of hydraulic pressure part only 2 meters / second, consequently the rotate speed of the machine is in normally 300 ~ 500 turn / inside the limits of cent. The area of list of volume of air cylinder job of diaphragmatic compressor and the ratio that enrage crock bulk revive than going to compressor of a place of strategic importance is gotten greatly much, aeriform compression is adjacent at isothermal process, the pressure of every class compares reason can be as high as 25.

Diaphragmatic compressor is good as a result of air cylinder sealing, compression gas does not get pollution, agree with all sorts of utility when small capacity. If use as,adjuster of device of small-sized air feed, pneumatic, aquaria raises a pool aerate device, and do not have in chemical industry oily, poisonous, mordant, precious or the transportation that has radioactivity gas and pressurization.


Diaphragmatic type compressor is the cubage type compressor of a kind of special structure, it is gas compresses the level in the domain to reduce kind highestly, this kind compresses means to do not have pollution 2 times, to be being compressed gas has first-rate protection, have compression ratio big, sealing the good, characteristic that compresses gas not to suffer lube and place of other solid impurity to pollute. Because this is comfortable at compressing rare and tall purity, precious, combustible explode easily, poisonous and harmful, mordant and the gas such as high pressure, this kind is appointed to compress means to undertake compression normally on international high pure gas, combustible explode easily gas, toxic gas, oxygen.


Press configuration classification: Diaphragmatic compressor has Z, V, D, L, W, 6 part model wait for 6 kinds of forms;

Press diaphragm material to classify character: The velar sheet of diaphragmatic compressor has metallic diaphragm character (include black metal, nonferrous metal) with metalloid diaphragm two kinds;

By reduce medium classification: Compressible rare and precious gas, combustible explode easily gas, tall purity gas, caustic gas.

Press athletic orgnaization to classify: Slide block of crankshaft connecting rod, brace;

Press cooling means classification: Water refrigeration, oily refrigeration, hind wind refrigeration, natural refrigeration;

Press lubricant means classification: Force-feed lubrication, splash lubrication, outside buy lubricates compulsively etc.

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