One, take fluid to start

Above all we will what define to be called take fluid to start. Be in when refrigeration unit park the position of machine, put among compressor housing have refrigeration agent liquid, be in the next time when compressor is started, refrigeration agent fluid experiences the lubricant generation to compressor to destroy, contain circumstance of refrigeration agent liquid to issue the compressor that start to be called take fluid to start. The culprit that takes fluid to start blends the many refrigeration lotion inside lube namely!

When compressor is started, pressure is reduced suddenly, these make cryogen can boil suddenly, cause lube to bubble. This kind of phenomenon very the coke when opening coke bottle suddenly like the people in daily life is bubbly phenomenon. And the time length that lasts frothily and the amount that make cryogen are concerned, can achieve a few minutes normally or ten minutes. A large number of bubble float on fat face, was full of crankcase even. Once these bubble pass intake duct by inspiratory gas antrum, bubble is met reductive into the liquid, this kind of liquid is lube and the compound that make cryogen, cause fluid very easily to attack.

And is causing these refrigeration doses that take fluid to start how enter crankcase?

Above all, the design that does not eliminate a system to be not perfected or debug, bring about compressor to be in stop when machine, partial refrigeration agent uses next circumfluence to compressor in heavy master piece. Next, with “ refrigeration agent the means of migratory ” enters crankcase.

The flow of agent of the refrigeration below gravitational action understands easily, is that refrigeration agent migratory? Want to solve a problem, we still must know “ refrigeration agent first what is migratory ” , eradicate an apple of discord thereby.

2, is refrigeration agent migratory what be?

Stop when compressor when machine, agent of liquid state refrigeration inside compressor crankcase accumulate, this makes cryogen namely migratory. As long as compressor temperature is lower than the temperature inside evaporator, this kind of phenomenon can happen, because temperature officials post so that pressure will arise to differ between compressor and evaporator, urge refrigeration agent to colder place migratory. This kind of phenomenon is in cold weather is the most incidental, but to device of air conditioning, hot pump, compressor of distance of its condensation aircrew is further, although environmental temperature is higher, happen likely also.

Refrigeration agent is migratory it is a slow process. Compressor machine down time is longer, migratory the refrigeration agent in lube can be jumped over much. Liquid state of the existence in wanting evaporator only makes cryogen, this one process can undertake all the time.

Prevent cold intermediary migratory bring about the step that takes fluid to start, have the following 3 proposals:

1, installation fluid provides electromagnetism a powerful person or family. Machine hind stops in aircrew, close electromagnetism valve at the same time, will major refrigeration agent liquid is held back in high-pressured side, decreased to take the possibility that fluid starts greatly.

2, installation compresses Electromechanical to add tropics. Machine hind stops in compressor, report adds intertropical electrify, heat all right to oily Chi Jin, maintain caloric input, maintain the high temperature of oily pool, the refrigeration agent liquid inside will oily pool evaporates, avoid the liquid foamy effect that starts the next time.

3, the pipeline that return vital energy designs U turn. Prevent to stop machine hind, as a result of the fall of on any account between evaporator and compressor, as a result of self-prossessed action, the liquid inside evaporator is migratory to compressor, when be started the next time, evaporator runs ahead of schedule, evaporate the liquid make gas, can ensure safe.

4, segregator of installation gas fluid.

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