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QiAir Compressor in China

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Standard of parameter of technology of piston pneumatics machine

1. inlet temperature: Inspiratory air temperature cannot should control too high in 10 Celsius less than, highest temperature cannot exceed 45 Celsius.

2. oil is lukewarm: Pneumatics engine oil is lukewarm cannot exceed 60 ℃ , if too tall meeting causes pneumatics machine high temperature,cause an accident thereby, if exceed 60 ℃ ,need stops machine examination.

3. water is warm: The temperature after passing refrigeration cannot temperature of prep above environment 10 ℃ and the temperature that drink water should be controlled in 5~8 ℃ . The temperature that drink water cannot exceed 25 ℃ , temperature giving water cannot exceed 40 ℃ .

4. offers air temperature: The compression of eduction enrages body temperature cannot too tall, want commonly under environmental temperature.

5. discharges air temperature: Exhaust temperature should be controlled it is under 160 ℃ , the temperature after passing refrigeration needs control to be under 40 ℃ .

QiAir Compressor in China

6. discharges baric force: At the beginning of pneumatics machine is designed a highest pressure is worth set, if pressure exceeds rating relief valve to be able to be opened automatically, if pressure reduces the relief valve inside normal limits to be able to be shut automatically, the machine can run normally. Pneumatics machine needs sensitivity of relief valve of check of make one’s rounds daily.

7. is hydraulic: The circular water pressure that is used at cooling pneumatics machine should be controlled in 1~3 kilogram inside limits, if too small conference causes effect of pneumatics machine refrigeration not beautiful, if may cause an accident too high.

8. oil pressure: Oil pressure of system of pneumatics engine lubricating oil should be controlled in 1.5~5 kilogram inside limits.

9. water consumption: Every produce engine of large piston pneumatics in enrage one cubic water consumption to should be controlled in 3.5~4.5L, every produce small-sized pneumatics engine enrage one cubic water consumption to should be controlled in 4.5~5.5L.

10. noise: The biggest noise does not exceed 90 decibel in process of travel of piston pneumatics accident.

QiAir Compressor in China