Pneumatics machine is a kind of mechanical energy that uses motor changeover is aeriform pressure can equipment, its main effect is to compress the air after air will be compressed to store rise to be used with equipment follow-up. The use of this kind of equipment is very extensive, include but not be confined to the following respects:

1, industrial production

Pneumatics machine can be here drive all sorts of mechanical equipment, wait like the crane, milling machine, drilling machine, machine that note model, compressor, grinder, provide power for product line, improve manufacturing efficiency.

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2, construction project

In building an industry, pneumatics machine is used at the job such as concrete spray, bridge tunnel spray, paint spray, cover the face better through producing high-pressured gas to help construction material.

3, food treatment

Here, pneumatics machine is used at massaging fresh pork, beverage full oxygen, fill to load coal tub outfit, call the activity such as nitrogen, conduce to improvement producing quality quantity and promotion work efficiency.

4, medical treatment domain

Pneumatics opportunity is very significant in medical treatment equipment, for example lung ventilator, after will empty atmospheric pressure shrinks, it can carry the patient’s lung, help patient breath is smoother.

5, domesticity

Pneumatics machine also is used at what live daily to encourage activity, give bed of car tire, bicycle tyre, gas, natant circle to wait for instance aerate.

Besides, the application of pneumatics machine still includes but not manufacturing industry of be confined to, vehicle maintenance and repair and maintain, the many domains such as industry of construction site, chemical industry, pharmacy industry, energy industry, agriculture.