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QiAir Compressor in China

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Ensure compress air dry and complete: Go practically water is politic:

The moisture in compressing air is a serious problem for application to a lot of industry. Overmuch moisture may bring about equipment to corrode, reduce manufacturing efficiency, affect the quality of end item even. Accordingly, how to remove water effectively from inside compressing air, it is every use the issue that reduces airy factory to need a consideration. It is a few assure to compress air to divide the strategy with whole water below:

Choose appropriate desiccator: According to specific application and ambient conditions, choose the most appropriate desiccator. For example, refrigerant type desiccator applies to most environment, but if need very dry air, the likelihood needs to use adsorptive type desiccator.

Maintain the good fortune of desiccator to go: Be checked regularly and maintain desiccator, ensure its run state good, include to clear regularly the bilge inside desiccator, change filter core.

QiAir Compressor in China

Water trap of use condensation type: Condensation type water trap is OK become the moisture condensation in compressing air liquid state, next eduction, thereby effectively purify moisture.

The actuating pressure with reasonable set: The moisture in crossing low actuating pressure to be able to bring about air is more difficult by eliminate. Accordingly, should according to the actuating pressure with effective demand reasonable set.

Use condenser: In reducing a process, air can warm up, hot air water content is big. Carry cooler, can reduce compress airy temperature, reduce its water content thereby.

Optimize systematic distribution: Avoid to use overmuch conduit bend, reduce conduit length, cool and condense in transmission process in order to reduce air, thereby better eliminate moisture.

Ensure compress air to remove water the strategy of complete need many sided and persistent maintenance work, only such, ability can assure to compress airy below all sorts of operating mode dry and complete, the efficiency that increases industrial production thereby and product quality.

QiAir Compressor in China