Pneumatics engine oil is the necessary lubricant that pneumatics machine runs normally, the character of pneumatics engine oil, meet what affect pneumatics engine directly run state and service life.

1, the action of pneumatics engine oil

Between the object that pneumatics engine lubricating oil uprights to move relatively at two, reduce two objects to produce the function of attrition because of the contact. Additional, it still is having cooling, antirust, clean, sealed gentle to rush wait for action.

2, the influence that unqualified lube brings

Use actually in pneumatics machine in, because a lot of users use unqualified engine oil, cause the condition such as gum of carbon of pneumatics machine high temperature, knot, form. This meets those who affect pneumatics engine move not only, also can bring to pneumatics machine damage, affect pneumatics engine life badly.

① . Lubricant function is reduced. Once lube is degenerative, may cause main engine attrition damage is serious;

② . Thermal conductivity sex is reduced. Bring about quantity of heat to absorb ability to drop, occurrence aircrew moving temperature is exorbitant, can quicken oily metamorphism on one hand, also can shorten greatly on the other hand the service life of oily filter core and core of oil gas depart, stop often machine more oil change colander and oily filter segregator, the birth that gives a company not only brings an influence, more increase an enterprise to run cost;

③ . Gum of lube metamorphism form. After aircrew stops engine oil to cool, stick sticky on lead plane, certainly will brings about processing of lead plane overhaul, give or take a lot of trouble arduous.

3, the character with eligible due lube

In the environment that because pneumatics machine is in high pressure, high temperature to reach all the time,has condenser water presence, accordingly, eligible pneumatics engine lubricating oil should have the following requirement:

① . Have height to fight oxidisability, make engine oil oxidizes not easily degenerative;

② . Have appropriate agglutinant, if high pressure, high temperature, oily temperature also wants tall;

③ . Have the amount that contain carbon low, scintillation nods tall, not easy saponification;

④ . Have good profit to keep apart a gender, antirust anticorrosion.

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