Compressor is the sophisticated machine that high speed runs, assure the motion such as compressor crankshaft, bearing, connecting rod, piston lubricating adequately is the main demand that keeps a machine to run normally. For this, compressor manufacturer asks to use appoint brand lube, ask to check lube oil level and color regularly.

Be short of oil is one of compressor breakdown that discern very easily, oily quantity does not have lube even rarely in the crankcase when compressor is short of oil.

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Compressor is a special pump, gas of many refrigeration agent is in by eduction while also place take away one fraction lube (call go straight towards oil or run oily) . Compressor goes straight towards oil cannot avoid, just go straight towards oily speed to differ somewhat.

In sealing piston compressor exhaust, half have the lubricating oil of 2-3 % about, and vortex compressor is 0.5-1 % . To a platoon the quantity is quantity of oil storage of 100m3/hr, crankcase to be 6 crocks of 6 litres compressor, of 3 % go straight towards oil to mean about 0.3-0.8 rises / minute quantity going straight towards oil, or compressor is ten minutes without time of the movement that answer oil. The lube of eduction compressor do not come back, compressor can be short of oil.

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Compressor answers oil to have two kinds of kind: One kind is oily segregator answers oil, another kind is to answer tracheal answer oil.

Oily segregator installation is on compressor exhaust pipeline, can depart commonly those who give 50-95 % go straight towards oil, the effect that answer oil is good, rate is rapid, reduce the oily amount that enters systematic pipeline greatly, lengthened effectively thereby without time of the movement that answer oil.

Type of the refrigeratory refrigeration system with particularly senior pipeline, full fluid makes the freeze-dry device with glacial system and very small temperature wait, after switching on the mobile phone a few minutes do not answer oil or ten minutes answer oily quantity even very little case is not strange, the system with bad design can appear compressor oil pressure is too low and stop the problem of machine. System of this kind of refrigeration installs efficient oily separator to be able to lengthen compressor not to have time of the movement that answer oil greatly, make compressor safety spends the crisis phase that an oil does not have after switching on the mobile phone.

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The lube that was not come out by depart will enter a system, flow inside the canal along with refrigeration agent, form oily loop. Lube enters evaporator.

On one hand because temperature is low solubility is small, one part lube comes out from the depart in refrigeration agent; On the other hand, temperature low viscosity is big, the lube that depart comes out adheres to easily go up in tubal wall, flow is more difficult. Evaporate temperature is lower, answer oil to jump over difficulty. This evaporates to pipeline is designed and answer tracheal road design and construction to must be helpful for answering oil with respect to the requirement, common practice is to use drop type pipeline design, assure older air current rate.

In applying actually, the problem answering oil that because evaporator and design of the pipeline that return vital energy are undeserved,poses is not unusual. To R22 and R404A system, an oil of evaporator of full fluid type is relatively difficult, the system answers vitta road to design must special caution. To such system, use efficient oil cent to be able to reduce the oily amount that enters systematic pipeline greatly, lengthen effectively after switching on the mobile phone, answer tracheal without the time that answer oil.

When compressor is taller than the position of evaporator, perpendicular time tracheal the turn answering oil that go up is indispensible. The turn that answer oil wants as far as possible compact, keep oil in order to reduce. The span between the turn that answer oil wants appropriate, the amount of the turn that answer oil compares a long time, should a few more compensatory lube.

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Change the pipeline answering oil of bear system also must take care. When bear is reduced, the speed that return vital energy can be reduced, rate is too low go against an oil. Answer oil to assure what small negative charge falls, perpendicular inspiratory canal can be used double establish a canal.

Compressor is started often go against an oil. As a result of successive movement time very short compressor stopped, time tracheal inside the high speed air current that has not enough time to form stability, lube can stay inside pipeline only. Answer oil of oily little Yu Ben, compressor can be short of oil. Locomotive time is shorter, cop is longer, the system is more complex, the issue that answer oil is more outstanding

Temperature of the evaporator when defrost is elevatory, lube viscosity is reduced, flow easily. After defrost has circulated, refrigeration agent velocity of flow is large, the lube that stop can return compressor centrally. Accordingly, the frequency that defrost circulates and the time that last every time also require careful set, avoid oil level to fluctuate substantially oily even attack. Refrigeration agent leak relatively a long time answers air speed to be able to be reduced, too small conference causes rate lube stops winding tracheal way, cannot return compressor quickly. Refrigeration agent is migratory caused belt fluid is started also can cause inside the difficulty that answer oil, but time is normally shorter, most ten minutes.

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