Screw pneumatics machine must undertake periodic maintains. User of a lot of empty press thinks, be in flicker ah. So after all why should pneumatics machine undertake maintaining, what kind of result can if do not undertake periodic maintains,you bring about again? What endangers a gender?

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Do not maintain on time the consequence of screw pneumatics machine:

1. Empty filter core does not blow dust on time, change can cause: Empty filter core jams, reduce into tolerance, capacity also as decrease. Nonsked change can cause negative pressure to increase pressure wear, contaminant is entered inside machine, jam metamorphism of oily filter, oily detached core, cooling lube, lead plane wears away.

2. Oily filter does not change on time: As around pressing difference increases, cross oil to decrease, temperature of lead plane exhaust is elevatory stop machine, if around presses poor too big puncture, contaminant is entered inside machine, jam oily detached core, lead plane wears away.

3. Oily detached core does not change: As around pressing difference increases, advocate electric machinery electric current is elevatory, capacity also as decrease. If around presses poor too big puncture, cooling lube can enter pipeline as air in till run, temperature of lead plane exhaust is elevatory stop machine.

4. Vitta connect does not clear: If jam, in there is little part oil to be able to enter pipeline as air after depart, cause oily loss to be short of oil greatly.

5. Advocate electric machinery bearing does not add butter on time: Bearing wears away until advocate electric machinery is burned-out.

Can see from this, like screw pneumatics machine maintains or wanting to resemble a car, went to what certain cycle should want to do routine to maintain, what pneumatics machine maintains is good, its gift is nicer work for you, resemble the long-term hired hand previously same, the landlord gives him satiate, of his ability exert to one’s utmost work to you.

Of screw pneumatics machine protect nutrient to be 4 phase, it is respectively: Maintain everyday, maintain every months, every quarter maintains, maintain every year, make detailed introduction next.

1 maintain everyday

Check oil level, core of examination empty filter and refrigerant fluid, whether do examination tube and all pipe fittings have leak case, examine easy cost had arrived to change cycle must stop machine give change, check temperature of lead plane exhaust, achieve or be close to 98 ℃ , must clean oily condenser to check segregator to press difference, achieve 0.6 Bar above (ultimate 1bar) or when pressing difference to begin to have downtrend, should stop machine change detached core. (note: Data offers reference only, need to be treated according to particular machine circumstance)

Maintain every months 2

Check condenser, give when necessary clean, check all electrical wiring to join the circumstance gives close solid, examination communication contactor touchs a head, clean electric machinery inhales the dust of blast tuyere surface and housing surface, clean the filter that answer oil, set of examination air compressor and move to whether agree.

3 every quarters maintain

Clean advocate electric machinery and fan electric machinery, more oil change filters core, clean condenser, check valve of the least pressure, relief valve, check sensor.

4 maintain every year

Change lube and oil gas segregator filter core, change inhaler filter core, oily filter, relief valve calibration, check stretch shaft coupling, check cooling fan, clean automatic blowdown a powerful person, complement or change motor lubricating oil fat.