Used so long empty press, your gas tank is not bad

A lot of people may be right pneumatics machine is more familiar but the likelihood is interrogative all the time why be always at the back of pneumatics machine should join so big gas tank

Dry what is using gas tank use here popularizes a few knowledge about gas tank to everybody

1 why be called gas tank

It is to store aeriform action, avoid negative charge steep the fall of pressure of the system when adding, call gas tank so.

2 it is an amortize action, the air current that reduces pneumatics machine export is pulsatile, also call amortize coal tub.

2 gas tank have what function

01 divide oily function except water

The big list area of gas tank is OK preliminary to compressing air refrigeration, make partial water and oily condensation separate out, rise to remove the water, effect that removes oil certainly; Reduce sequel dry the bear that reachs the device that remove oil.

02 energy-saving effects

Gas tank can remove stabilized voltage, protect press the effect, be in when systematic pressure the machine of pneumatics of above of the pressure that start of pneumatics machine can is in park plane position, can avoid pneumatics machine to be opened often thereby stop and waste electric energy.

Machine of 03 protection pneumatics

Pneumatics machine serves as power plant, if be opened often in the job,stop, meet those who increase valve wear away, district of oil path, gas is not stable on the other hand, cause loss to equipment component then, and if configured gas tank, open often with respect to what can prevent pneumatics engine stop, protect action to arriving since pneumatics machine thereby.

The 04 gas sources that provide stability

Gas tank can ensure gas source maintains the pressure set limits with be in certain, back end can get constant pressure with air system, it is indispensable that this uses gas to the factory.

The note requires when 3 use gas tank

Material of 01 specific topics reachs norms size

When buying gas tank, must undertake type selecting according to tolerance and pressure grade, select the product of normal manufacturer, ensure gas tank advocate material quality, prevent bad distribution of occurrence armor plate, mechanical function not to amount to mark, solder the immediate impact gas tank such as existence blemish uses safe case.

02 deploy necessary safe accessory

Ask according to safe examination regulations, pressure vessel must exceed by design requirement furnish control release apparatus (relief valve perhaps blows up piece) and pressure watch; Additional to the gas tank after piston machine, between piston machine and gas tank appropriate installs check valve; Between compressor and check valve, should install diffuse valve, the appropriate on diffuse canal sets muffler; Between piston air compressor and gas tank, unfavorable outfit cuts off valve; But the setting answers to cut off valve between gas tank and air feed manager.

03 prevent conduit vibration

Of air compressor suck exhaust process to have intermittence, the pressure that causes the air current inside conduit and speed show pulsatile sex and periodic change, can cause pipeline vibration thereby. If gas tank installation is non-standard, base is not fixed, can without lid and distance of pneumatics machine installation did not press a design to ask to install vibration of meeting aggravate conduit, because relapse,such meetings cause each join position oscillatory and appear become loose wait for a harm, light produce leak, cause explosion again.

04 prevent oil is accumulated inside coal tub

What buy gas source uses before is oil-lubricated pneumatics machine, meeting as compress air to carry much oil, with ferruginous or the grain thing such as dust is easy form inside gas tank sedimentary and appear the circumstance that accumulates oil, such is in have a large number of static electrodeposition spontaneous combustion is caused with respect to the likelihood below the circumstance of tired other perhaps and undeserved operation intercurrent unripe explosion, because this needs to do the blowdown work of good gas tank, control the exhaust temperature of compressor strictly, install ground connection protection, strengthen compressor inspiratory filter reach conduit of compressor back end to filter except oil etc.

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