The marked characteristic that because its are efficient, energy-saving,enrages compressor as double screw sky, got be used extensively on industry, make the first selection model that air compressor changes. In moving actually, of compressor of screw type air accumulating carbon and knot dirty problem is an influence this type is long-term and smooth the biggest question that move.

Air compressor oil path accumulates carbolic reason

The matter that carbon accumulates to form in air compressor is more complex, the dirt grain with with respect to empty filter big talk can enter; through empty filter with respect to lube respect, basically be air compressor interior lubricant system uses oil to often divide the air that press and metallic activator to connect with mist shape form and high temperature, high pressure, tall oxygen touch, make lube oil oxidizes quickly degenerative; on the other hand, oil evaporates ceaselessly pyrolysis suffers ceaselessly in making the oily remain vent-pipe of heavier constituent, dehydrogenation polymerization. The metal inside the mechanical impurity in its child and inspiratory gas and compressor worries bit lump, deposit go up to heat further in airframe surface, become namely accumulate carbon.

The reason that knot of system of air compressor water-cooling dirties

Cooling water is used circularly ceaselessly, of water evaporate, all sorts of inorganic ion and organic material condense, dirt is entered sundrily, lift lukewarmly plus water, on one hand the solubility of carbonate is reduced, on the other hand deliquescent underwater CO2 spills over carbonic acid is destroyed evenly, make carbonate generate and accumulate the surface in heat exchanger, tube wall to form compact carbonate dirty.

Air compressor writtens guarantee dirty is endangered with what accumulate carbon

Equipment of air compressor heat exchange writtens guarantee dirty basically endangers:

1. Because heat is delivered not free creates heat exchange area long-term thermic load is too big, the mechanical function that causes metal of heat exchange face easily is reduced.

2. Cause what reside a metal with the home easily to corrode, reduce mechanical performance of the metal further.

3. Crackle of ” of bag of beat of “ of net of canal of heat exchange equipment, “ , divulge, the moving safety accident such as cartridge igniter.

Air compressor lube accumulates carbon to basically endanger:

1. Can make move of the component lubricant and bad, shorten the service life of component.

2. Easy jam the screen pack in device of oil gas depart.

3. Come loose because of accumulating carbon to also be affected heat causes air compressor to move for a long time below higher temperature.

4. Easy cause safe accident (serious when) of explosion of compressor of meeting generation air.

Air compressor writtens guarantee the dirty, processing technique that accumulates carbon

Air compressor heat exchanger cleans a method traditionally: Physical method basically uses artificial scrape, burnish and high-pressured water to erode. Chemical method is should have appeared when writtening guarantee dirty affects the status that conducts to heat, it is to use pickling commonly + the kind that high pressure rinses is right heat exchanger undertake maintenance. But, the technology that divide dirty is sophisticated, join acid-base amount, dissolve is spent, processing time needs handlers to have rich experience. Otherwise, cause easily in except dirty while because the meeting is excessive corrode, the injury reachs heat exchange equipment and pipeline.

When air compressor oil path is handled, to clear lotion is joined inside the machine, let its run 500 hours, oil is discharged again later, changing 3 kinds of filter, maintain namely. Additionally one kind is a condenser in the machine, airframe, still vitta is torn open come down, buy a kind of Qing Dynasty that accumulate carbon to wash the proportion with agent and water certain blending, circulate with small water pump through immersing, will clean.

Air compressor accumulates carbon clean, still disintegrate is cleaned, half disintegrate is cleaned, close clean wait for a variety of means.

Prevent the method of air compressor carbon deposit

1, precautionary carbon deposit begins from empty filter

Empty filter core is a of air compressor important protection protective screen. Filter removes the dust impurity in the air with air inspiratory compressor, inspiratory air is cleaner core of core of oily filter, oil gas depart and oily service life can have safeguard more

2, use high quality special lubricating oil

Rotor lube is mixed to the rotor of compressor, bearing of gear lubricate the action with a crucial move. High quality lube is in assure to air compressor cools and lubricate while, still can mix to the corrosion resistance of the moving efficiency of compressor, system the action with the crucial move since the moving life of rotor, more important is the generation that can prevent carbon deposit.

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