Year old at the beginning of last years of a dynasty or reign, turn one’s head already 2018 parting, can’t help feeling sigh fine is much. One this year compressor industry produced a lot of jobs, but no matter size large and small, “ changes ” word is perforative from beginning to end, 2018 it may be said are changeable, of surging forward with great momentum change year.

2018 is industry polarization a most apparent year. The character of high-end brand and value pass what the market got after the astringent test of the market to approbate, low end the brand also has certain market space because of the price and cost factor, the portion between both sides also has apparently divisional. All these results from the demand that the Chinese compressor market with huge potential has disparate arrangement of ideas and class.

2018 is compressor manufacturer extend a new site of new plant, move to a better place or have a promotion is most year. No matter be to produce a line to adjust, still produce can transfer, explain the company is acting actively, also explain to be accumulated for years blossom and bear fruit again, there were new development target and market strategy after revolutionary progress.

2018 is a technology a year when develop flourishingly. On the Shanghai international compressor that just goes and equipment exhibition, double screw water is lubricant, odd water of screw high pressure is fan of low pressure of lubricant, screw, centrifugal low-pressure fan, dry type does not have float of oily machine, magnetism / float of empty float centrifugal, magnetism / high speed centrifugal waited empty float a moment to be revealed centrally come out, the technical iteration cycle that shows compressor industry is in shorten, innovation speed is being accelerated, train of thought is in widen.

2018 is talent flow a frequent year. This year, flow of personnel of high level of company of foreign capital, joint-stock, civilian battalion is unprecedented concentrated, develop a business of civilian battalion compressor adequately to the talent take seriously and long for. Must say, they to technical qualified personnel be being introduced energetically is a kind of benign investment, shortened greatly take the place of in technology and product with foreign capital enterprise the difference on border.

2018 is market sale a year when upgrade. If say energy-saving type initiated compressor sale new era, so, 2018 it is the key that sale upgrades year, the compressor sale that ceaselessly the thinking that cross a boundary pounds a tradition is inherent mode, the sources of energy of such as contract manages be born, the birth that replaces those who sell a machine in order to sell gas to share pneumatics to stand.

2018 is study a year when ethos day fills. It is an organization with company, branch, it is core with the individual, earth up arrangement of new, study thick and fast, appeared 2018 particularly frequent. Practitioner is tired of and abandoned lacking the industry lecture of the dried food before, have sth in mind and dote on the study that has main subject, begin to discuss thinking of means of technical product, sale, client to wait a moment.

2018 is compressor industry production and marketing is added together, results quite a year of abundant. Profit from the sales volume first half of the year soares, trade total sales volume will reach historical peak value 2018, predicting meeting in order to exceed 400 thousand taller even data perfect receive an official. The peak of this since history, it is new start.

Time look 2018, compressor industry has new technical concept to produce ceaselessly, new sale way is rolled out, with the client new cooperative concern builds …… this is destined is compressor industry a better beginning! “ changes ” word looks be like simple, but what it mirrors is the truth, those who place is a hope. Face change greatly bureau, meet new challenge, let us clear to set out again 2019!

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