As the rapid development of industry of hydrogenous fuel cell, domain of machine of crucial part pneumatics ” wind and cloud rises suddenly ” : It is, suffer demonstrative policy effect, market demand promotes significantly. The senior engineer is produced grind hydrogenous report institute (GGII) survey data shows, volume of shipment of machine of fuel cell pneumatics exceeded 7000 2021, the shipment volume 2020 is 4068, grow compared to the same period in 70% above.

2 be, in technical course respect, most enterprise is reducing chance of centrifugal type pneumatics by two class to contain energy to reclaim the pneumatics machine of device is extended, develop a tendency in order to answer to the product that power increases ceaselessly, undertaking in the light of the product at the same time more macrobian life, longer protect character optimize continuously. Relevant enterprise includes situation add fully rich, Jinshidu, firm add up to nimble, honeycomb colourful to get, Haideweier, Dong Deshi course of study.

Article key controls machine technology route around fuel cell sky jump litre, the respect such as the technical challenge that commercializes progress and existence spreads out, with period the industry development to machine of current China pneumatics has relatively comprehensive and objective acknowledge.

Mainstream supplier ” emerge to ” energy recovers technology

Pneumatics machine is fuel cell system ” lung ” , importance is self-evident. In process of development of whole fuel cell, industry ever had tried lines of a variety of pneumatics machine technology, for instance centrifugal type, screw type, collect Ci type, vortex type. As the frequent promotion of fuel cell power, compare machine of other type pneumatics, two class compress dominant position of plane of centrifugal type pneumatics to be sent more highlight, the course installs car test and verify actually, relatively mature on the technology.

Nevertheless, course of pneumatics machine technology still needs farther forward iteration to upgrade.

“Use requirement to satisfy serious check to wait, the power of system of hydrogenous fuel cell of new development has achieved 120kW, taller even. If continue to use the two class of the mainstream to compress technology of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics, the empty throughput that pneumatics machine needs to satisfy and compression ratio should rise substantially, the power source power comsumption that pneumatics machine place uses up (parasitism power comsumption) should increase 5% above from present 15%-20% , this means the efficiency of machine of pneumatics of hydrogenous fuel cell to want to reduce 5% above. ” general manager of Er of sea heart Wei considers bud of fine and soft to express.

Supplier of machine of pneumatics of another fuel cell also expresses: “Use two class to compress technology of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics, electric caboodle power is greater, power comsumption of pneumatics machine parasitism is bigger, systematic efficiency is lower. With the report of 250kW caboodle is exemple, two class compress the parasitism power of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics to be 45kW about, increase other BOP cost can, the system can output the electric energy of 200 KW only. This kind of economy is very low. This kind of economy is very low..

So this how the demand that power of system of cell of comfortable fuel matching hydrogen increases, can you reduce the parasitism power comsumption of pneumatics machine at the same time again? To solve this one problem, at present the choice of supplier of machine of pneumatics of cell of Chinese mainstream fuel is: Exploration is developed more of high-power level use turbine energy to reclaim the pneumatics machine product of technical course, use turbine to expand the principle of acting, try the one part energy in electric caboodle exhaust to reclaim use, reduce pneumatics chance thereby the demand to power source power.

The business that has developed overall arrangement in this respect has: Situation add appear rich, Jinshidu, Dong Deshi course of study, firm add up to nimble, honeycomb colourful to get, new energy resources of Haideweier, Hua Jian. Among them firm add up to nimble to be in trial-produce prototype; Honeycomb colourful is gotten had helped Home 6-7 client finish systematic stage to wear function test, already had Home 1-2 client undertaking wear checks; Haideweier takes energy to reclaim series of VSEC of pneumatics machine prototype gets offline successfully already; China gully new energy resources is recovering to energy the pneumatics machine sample of technical course has a test; Dong Deshi industry expresses, debit face is answered to be about to roll out the heavy pound product of research and development of collaboration of as famous as China manufacturer in energy.

“Smaller to power report piles or system, we think two class compress air system to already can satisfy present a few requirement, but to product of high-power fuel cell, increase turbine to expand machine undertake energy recovers, can reduce pneumatics machine power comsumption, promote pneumatics machine efficiency. “Firm Gong Zhenhao expresses inspector general of department of product of market combining victory.

Turbine increases to expand on pneumatics machine machine also can reduce the cost that use hydrogen effectively. Honeycomb colourful got water of Du Hong of CTO of fuel cell empty press to calculate brushstroke Zhang: “It is with the system of 200kW exemple, the parasitism power of machine of two class pneumatics is the tradition about 45kW, according to report caboodle is exported (enter turbine) Yu Reyu presses energy to differ use the turbine that takes energy to reclaim to expand machine can reduce 15-30% of pneumatics machine power comsumption, 15% can reduce power comsumption 6.75kW, according to hydrogen of low calorific value and efficiency of fuel cell system 54% , generate electricity on average bear 50% computation, can save hydric 0.191kg hourly, economic cost 6.7 yuan (hydric 35 yuan / Kg) , run 1907kg of hydrogen of accumulative total section 10000 hours to save cost 66753 yuan. Run 1907kg of hydrogen of accumulative total section 10000 hours to save cost 66753 yuan..

Chinese mainstream is at present empty press supplier collective reclaims toward turbine energy model the technical direction of pneumatics machine is jumped litre.

Does course of this kind of technology predict when can face city?

Do this kind take turbine to expand the pneumatics machine product of engine system (next weighing ” expand machine ” ) whether had moved toward the market? When to predict to you can pack car application?

“Course of this one technology is in theoretic telling is feasible, but this kind of product on the market is very at present little still, basically had not seen sample. ” manufacturer of many fuel cell system feedbacks to report of senior engineer hydrogen.

Present this kind of case, basically result from tripartite face: One of, expand machine need and fuel cell undertake compositive, this expands with respect to need machine product can undertake with electric caboodle, system function matchs. “This and configure two class aircraft of centrifugal type pneumatics is different, the element that involves inside this is very complex, making this kind of product need beautiful time research and development, also need test and verify at the same time. ” supplier of machine of pneumatics of cell of a fuel expresses.

Secondly, expand machine the feasibility that has it, but reclaim gas contains moisture or other foreign matter, meeting to reclaiming device has corrode injury, at the same time this kind of water is divided / the existence of foreign matter also can is opposite the life of fuel cell system, dependability belt goes be being affected certainly. How should be this problem optimized? At present already company of individual pneumatics aircraft can upgrade from turbine oneself coating, material the moisture in waiting for a respect to be enraged to reclaiming / foreign matter undertakes controlling, but this problem still is a difficult problem that is placed before company of most pneumatics aircraft.

Thirdly, in market level, market of current fuel cell is with policy oriented and rather than is with the technology oriented. Although expand machine it is the most effective method that raises rated power to nod efficiency, also be most economic method. But, actual now application does not need to run to rated power dot, so economy still is reflected in applying actually do not come out, because this market is not anxious still,too much energy is thrown in this respect.

In addition, expand the manufacturer of system of need of be born application of machine coordinates a test, together ceaseless test and verify and rise. The market is at present medium capable to offer expand the supplier of machine is not much, capable to be willing to experiment expand the systematic manufacturer of machine is not much also. This was affected on certain level expand machine ” face city ” process.

“The challenge is objective existence, but expand at the same time machine itself also is to accord with what fuel cell high-power develops a tendency, be to have particular market demand. Will integratedly look, course of this kind of technology needs right-and-left time one year again about, the product that can have stability is rolled out and should receive certain application. ” industry thinks consistently.