Tolerance is used when photograph comparing uses frequency conversion compressor and labour frequency adjustable, start flowing, photograph of air feed pressure is met than labour frequency some stabler, but also can appear occasionally if frequency conversion compressor is versed in frequency compressor appears to impose uninstalled condition often commonly.

Analyse discovery simply in the light of this phenomenon, can appear to add uninstalled case often to be the following kinds of circumstances normally:


Air feed pressure and the value that uninstall pressure set are too adjacent.

When compressor achieves air feed pressure, if use tolerance to be reduced suddenly, transducer has not enough time to control electric machinery decelerate, can cause produce tolerance too big, create uninstalled situation thereby.

Settle way

Mix air feed pressure a little bit those who uninstall the poor value between pressure to set is big, normally difference is worth ≥0.05MPa


When electric machinery constant when frequency moves, face plate shows pressure fluctuates up and down.

Settle way

Change a pressure sensor.


The user uses tolerance to be not stabilized, can increase suddenly decrease very big with tolerance.

At that time air feed pressure can change, transducer controls electric machinery frequency conversion to change output tolerance to maintain air feed pressure to stabilize. But the rotate speed change of electric machinery has rate, the pressure that the machine can create when the rate of the change that use gas that does not follow to go up to be carried with gas when this speed is fluctuant, may appear next impose uninstalled condition.

Settle way

(1) , the user uses many device that use gas not suddenly, can an open uses angry device.

(2) , the shift of frequency conversion speed transducer is rapid, the change rate that lets output tolerance is added will quickly get used to the variation that uses tolerance.

(3) , the gas tank that uses high capacity comes amortize.


The user passes with tolerance small.

Normally the frequency conversion limits of compressor of permanent magnetism frequency conversion is the frequency conversion limits of compressor of 30%~100% asynchronous frequency conversion to be 50%~100% , when be less than compressor floor level to output tolerance with tolerance when the user, after tolerance achieves the air feed pressure of set, at that time transducer can control electric machinery to fall frequency is restricted to output tolerance to output below to floor level frequency compress gas, but because use tolerance too small, air feed pressure can continue to lift, until uninstall pressure, the machine is uninstalled. Drop for baric force next, pressure drops to under to load pressure when, the machine weighs new to load.


Here I should do an analysis to this kind of circumstance. Should use tolerance namely when very small machine is uninstalled, should let compressor enter dormancy state, after perhaps saying to uninstall how many time reentrance dormancy condition. When the machine is uninstalled, the end that use gas also is using gas, but once compressor enters dormancy state later, compressor does not use gas in generation, at that time air feed pressure can drop, drop to to load pressure hind, machine to load. A kind of circumstance can appear here, begin to be started afresh from dormancy condition when the machine namely when, the pressure of the user still is in drop, pressure of probable meeting occurrence air feed under to load pressure, far even the circumstance under to load pressure, create air feed pressure too low perhaps offer baric Li Bo to change particularly tremendous status. The time that dormancy state enters after so the proposal is uninstalled shoulds not be too short.

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