Air-jet loom is the shuttleless loom with technical the rapiddest in recent years development, but its specific power consumption all ambitious at other shuttleless loom, make produce cost to increase. The size of air-jet loom specific power consumption basically depends on the size of air consumption, because this reduces gas cost,be the problem that each factory takes seriously very.

The system bringing abb of air-jet loom includes: Advocate a powerful person of reed of nozzle, auxiliary nozzle, abnormity, electromagnetism and gas tank, reduce air waste time to basically should seek a way from above respect.

One, adjust correctly advocate the optimal position of nozzle and atmospheric pressure

Advocate nozzle position installation is undesirable, the air current that can make it is shot diffuses aggravate, influence weft enters shuttle mouth, waste enrages bad news. Advocate nozzle installation position basically depends on advocate nozzle and the first distance between abnormity reed tine, press type regards computation as the basis normally: Ds=6.8 (A.s+0.147do) (S— is measured to nod be apart from nozzle exit distance, namely cannon-shot, factor of A— nozzle turbulence, diameter of Do— nozzle exit, the diameter that Ds— is apart from nozzle to export awl of efflux of S sectional place) . Enter abnormity box chamfer to make efflux is shot more as far as possible, computation gives Ds have referenced value very much. Still can pass frequency to show appearance observation to enter size of awl of air current of abnormity reed chamfer to adjust the volume that S is worth in be installed actually.

In the process that bring abb, of weft flight speed accelerating is to pass the rate that raises air current to come true, and air current speed is decided by pressure. The integrated consideration such as fabric width of number of the character that accordingly pressure needs fibrous root occupies use weft surely really, name, fabric, speed. Adjust when pressure, must observe weft is actual arrival time whether with conform to of set arrival time, and with little appear abb, do not appear loose edge, abb shrinks wait for defect to be adjust advocate nozzle pressure comes the smallest limit. Pressure is too great, make air waste time raises already, the quickness that can cause weft again is retreated twist and be blown, form abb. Reduce below the premise that in contented weft normal flight asks advocate gush pressure, already but spare waste time is angry, also can make weft flight speed is reduced, extended weft flight role, reduced weft to be in flight process susceptive tension, satisfied the demand with weft strong sheet. Advocate nozzle pressure and curve of relation of weft flight horn see a picture 1 (test breed is C14.5/14.5472 /236160cm poplin) . See from inside the graph, as advocate the accretion of gush pressure, weft flight horn is contractible, when pressure increases fixed cost, it is in to the action of weft flight horn reduce. Advocate it is good that the jet time of nozzle is satisfying the Yue Xiaoyue below the condition that cites abb, this is helpful for reducing weft to decollation not only, and be helpful for reducing gas cost.

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2, adjust auxiliary nozzle correctly each craft parameter

The action of auxiliary nozzle is Zhang Jin unbend weft makes its maintain initial velocity to had flown without screwy ground shuttle mouth. When loom runs normally, those who assist the air consumption of nozzle to take whole loom air consumption about 75% the left and right sides. Because this wants to reduce air consumption, achieve a province to enrage energy-saving purpose, adjust those who assist nozzle correctly to go up machine technology parameter (position of air current pressure, ejective time, installation) , appear particularly important.

1, complementary gush pressure

In weft flight process, the initial velocity that should make the air current speed of auxiliary nozzle is more than weft not only namely the flight speed of weft (namely the flight speed of weft) , below the action that still must make the head end of weft is in high speed air current from beginning to end, this asks to be more than in complementary gush atmospheric pressure advocate gush is baric, the forward flight that still asks to be carried as weft head at the same time, auxiliary nozzle wants ground of in proper sequence to leave close air feed valve, ability won’t make weft produces the crowded phenomenon after be being embraced before one’s death. In actual production, assist nozzle pressure certainly normally, it is to be in what already decided advocate 0.02~0.03MPa increases on nozzle pressure, but should notice, reduce pick broken end in order to achieve, the purpose that spare waste time enrages.

2, complementary gush time

The method that determines complementary gush time is to use frequency to show an instrument to observe, ask the lead of air feed time of each groups of complementary gush arrives at the time of each groups of complementary nozzle at weft, namely horn of go ahead of the rest is 10° ~ 20° commonly. 20° is made an appointment with before the end that bring abb, advocate nozzle stops air feed, the final phase that makes weft is flying, no longer drawing of air current of acceptor acceptor nozzle, the flight rate that right now weft head carries is reduced, suffer the effect of last groups of complementary nozzle only, make weft unbend arrives on the right side of the edge that amount to cloth. Do not cross last groups of complementary nozzle shut time to do not have necessary lengthen too much, because shut time to lengthen,come 20° is made an appointment with after arrival time, complementary nozzle spout already lay under lower level warp, to any action are less than since weft, go against managing air waste time. General the eject time of complementary nozzle is between 60°~80° make choice of. Graph the 2 time that give priority to nozzle and auxiliary nozzle air current control graph of as actual as weft flight. By the graph knowable, assist nozzle time control, should make weft flies real curve is inside the limits of effective jet control of every electromagnetism a powerful person, and a powerful person of electromagnetism of the 1st complementary gush opens time to want with advocate nozzle keeps basically consistent, just make weft flight reachs steady state.

3, install the position

Shoot abnormity reed chamfer to make complementary jet sheds ground of can accurate ground, as soon as possible center and advocate efflux is collected hand in, should combine auxiliary nozzle to be in reed on installation position, its orifice axes should go up admire form eject horn A (in all 8° is controlled) , hind inclined make spray to horny β (in all 5° is controlled) . If the installation through nozzle answers when β=0° ,angle is made up for. Carry pair of imports with homebred auxiliary nozzle (each allow to take 10 sample) A, β horn undertakes determining, its show A, β horn has difference as a result: (1) the standard deviation of eject horn A is 0.44 with 0.47; (2) gush is to the standard deviation of horny β 0.42 with 0.57. From this knowable, auxiliary nozzle should depend on the deviation size of some A, β , match in group use. One by one answers to adjust A and β captive angle in the meantime, with period the line of center of real velocity of flow that makes assist nozzle individually, , shooting abnormity reed groove and advocate line of center of gush air current collects an angle of incidence when handing in each other are consistent, achieve first-rate result thereby. For nimble and finish full employment of this one attune well and truly, xi’an draws lessons from the foundation of foreign similar product 213 times to go up, development development assists nozzle successfully to be able to be offerred in machine regulator use. Because this regulator is OK,receive air current signal in reed chamfer directly, be able to determine the optimal installation position of complementary gush, air current gets be usinged effectively, the province enrages energy-saving effect apparent. 4 cotton use Zhengzhou this regulator is in machine adjustment result is shown 1 times like the watch, the numerical value in the watch makes clear: Via adjustment A group complementary nozzle not only actuating pressure relatively without adjustment B group auxiliary nozzle actuating pressure is reduced somewhat, and advocate the actuating pressure of nozzle also has reduce, obtained the considerable result that save energy of life.

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4, complementary gush type

Assist the appearance of nozzle and its dimension, because of type, reed structure and figure of chamfer of abnormity reed reed are different and very much the same, so, the appearance of perforation of common ground gush and number will classify. Common weak opening, double aperture, poriferous, round hole, square aperture. Think normally, it is the alveolus composition of 0.05mm by 19 diameters, the poriferous type that forms the body side Cheng Zhengliu assists nozzle, it is good that odd Kong Shi should be compared in the colonies sex respect of air current, reason chooses this kind of complementary gush to be helpful for reducing gas cost.

Anyhow, the evaluation assists the index of nozzle, basically include 3 content: Export wind speed, cannon-shot namely (colonies sex) , geometrical precision (consistency of angle of A, β ) . That is to say, a treatment is delicate, the auxiliary spray head with good technical properties should have gush to get fast, in season far as good as quality quality

3, adjust correctly time of effect of electromagnetism a powerful person and working voltage

The electromagnetism a powerful person or family that dominates nozzle switch on abundant cropland loom is to had used excitation technology, when open, had increased excitation tension above all (48V) output atmospheric pressure 0 litres in order to reduce initiative output atmospheric pressure to set the time of 90% , namely the noise of electromagnetism open is in season. After a powerful person is opened, input voltage drop is 15V maintaining voltage, yi Ke reduces output atmospheric pressure to drop from set value 50% needed time, namely the noise that electromagnetism a powerful person shuts is in season. This action can increase electromagnetism a powerful person to answer speed, satisfy the need that loom high speed runs thereby, in the meantime, open time decreases somewhat, right managing with gas advantageous.

Afore-mentioned knowable, after electrify of electromagnetism a powerful person, body of a powerful person is not to be opened instantly, have an action process however. Be like loom of ferry field foal, its electromagnetism a powerful person begins to open wide-open time to be 0.06s, and the time that air current handles to nozzle by place of electromagnetism a powerful person is 20.01s about, because this nozzle is in air current to be 0.07s from the 0 time to maximum, time is shut in body of a powerful person inside, rule of change of its air current sees a picture 3. By the graph knowable electromagnetism a powerful person is in open there is one Duan Yanchi time when shutting, effective jet time does not include delay, arrive when the pressure when valve is opened namely 90% , the pressure when shutting falls 50% , this paragraph of time is effective jet time. When advocate, the effect time of complementary nozzle shortens, it is to shorten namely effective jet time, its make good omissions horn and lag horn all keep changeless, the time of air current eject that shortens actually should be the Bc in the graph paragraph, is not Ab is mixed paragraph of Cd, wastage of such the air current that bring abb should be Bc×be part, is not Cf (Ef+ad) / 2 parts. Knew this rule, we are in set advocate, complementary nozzle leaves when shutting time, should shift to an earlier date one makes good omissions horny open, ahead of schedule horn of a lag is shut. For managing air waste time, should adjust mainly advocate, time of complementary nozzle eject.

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4, complementary gush uses section air feed

Because make abb process in, weft is when each section flights, quality increases as the length that bring abb and increase, the velocity of flow that needs breath carrying abb also needs to increase subsequently. Auxiliary nozzle appropriate is used part by crock of two gas storage air feed, together with weft is in when giving shuttle opening quickly, advocate nozzle course of study already was shut, on the right side of reason the atmospheric pressure of a few groups of auxiliary nozzle should rise, drop in order to avoid weft flight rate. So apart air feed can control the pressure of two paragraphs of air current that bring abb respectively, can reduce amount of air waste time greatly, still be helpful for stabilizing the flight of weft.

5, speed of logical choice loom

The rotate speed of air-jet loom, can amount to 600r/min above normally, exhibition speed can be amounted to 700 even 1000 above. Somebody thinks loom opens 600r/min is Gao Shuiping, opening 600r/min only is low-level below. The rate that determines loom however should consider the factor of a lot of respect, in actual production loom rotate speed is not had jumped over higher, answer to confirm according to the particular case of each factory.

The data that masters by the author is knowable some factory shares air-jet loom 156, speed is 500 ~ 630r/min. Available press 3, quantity of minutely air feed is 35m3, 38.7m respectively3With 64m3. Electrified wire netting of be confined to offers the inadequacy of n, can fly 2 pneumatics plane only only, by the biggest air feed the capacity calculates it is 102.7m only3Namely (38.7+64) . According to real test, cleanse cotton poplin, prevent the breed such as a cloth, every stand-alone air consumption is as high as 0.92m3/ Min, incident measures 102m actually in total air feed3Below the condition, this factory can open 120 right-and-left loom normally only, the others productivity is put empty.

In other production the condition falls, below the circumstance with outside basic and changeless element, via real test, some breed weft is 18.5×2tex plied yarn, when speed is 600r/min, stand-alone air consumption is 0.8m3/min, and speed falls to be 0.62m3/min for the air consumption of the stand-alone when 500r/min. From this knowable, rise from 500r/min when loom rotate speed to 600r/min, rise 20% when air consumption increases 37.1% . That is to say, the range of rotate speed growth of the range of air consumption growth of air-jet loom and loom is not simple thread sexual relationship. Because the addition of air consumption increases as the addition of the rate that enter abb on one hand,this is (rotate speed increases) ; Additional, because rotate speed increases, although weft passes shuttle mouth photograph to rotate to main shaft,angle did not change, rate of flight of Dan Wei gauze must rise however, and of weft flight speed rise, operate what go up even if come true through increasing air feed pressure actually. So, of pressure of the addition of the rate that enter abb, air feed increase, the element of two respects brings about air consumption to follow loom rotate speed rise and rise greatly.

Compress air in view of what 10 loom that can fall for 600r/min condition so use, the loom that can offer 13.7 500r/min is used, and this factory has the particular case that still has because of air feed inadequacy cutoff again, the decision falls original 60 600r/min loom fast for 500r/min, add 20 loom at the same time. Result, total output not only did not decrease, increase somewhat instead. In the meantime, power consumption was not added because of machine stage likewise and increase. Additional, because rotate speed drops, drop somewhat to knitting the quality before and requirement of raw yarn quality, manufacturing efficiency increases, machine stock is used up drop. Number of stage of the machine that block a car also rises because of manufacturing efficiency and increase, the total number that use worker worker did not exceed the original number that use worker worker, still obtained another results: that did not consider beforehand finally?  the loom of?00r/min, general 0.45MPa controls auxiliary nozzle pressure, right now air feed pressure is not gotten little control at 0.5MPa, produce abb to shrink otherwise defect cloth. And the loom of 500r/min, complementary gush pressure is 0.4MPa left and right sides commonly, air feed pressure can reduce 0.45MPa to control, total yield tolerance is changeless, increase with tolerance, drop for baric force. If control uses gas to be worth under some set in air feed pressure, can not bring about abb to shrink the generation of defect cloth. When actually this factory uses a height, amount to 122m actually with tolerance3/ Min, right now air feed pressure drops for 0.47MPa. The yield that this increases tolerance made up for what the efficiency after speed drops rises and increase to use tolerance. Adjust speed through this, the daily output with this actual factory, by 29 thousand original meters / day increases 32 thousand meters / day, obtained satisfactory positive result.

6, summary

In the system bringing abb of air-jet loom, advocate the respective technical properties such as a powerful person of nozzle, auxiliary nozzle, electromagnetism and they install the position between each other, effect time is to assure to bring abb to fly smoothly, reduce the main factor of air consumption. Below the premise that does not affect weft to fly normally, reduce as far as possible advocate, the atmospheric pressure of complementary nozzle, extending weft flight role is the key that reduces air consumption. Atmospheric pressure increases bad news gas not only greatly too, boast pick easily still. Each factory is returned should the integrated element such as the type according to pneumatics machine, air-jet loom, amount and the variety that manufacture fabric comes speed of logical choice loom with period achieve utmost rise reduce airy utilization rate.

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