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27 12, 2022

Is the optimal spouse of air-jet loom it unexpectedly? Machine of centrifugal type pneumatics is managing specific power consumption 30% !

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As the ceaseless development of contemporary spin technology, compressed air to receive wide application. Spin industry compresses air application to bring twisting of eject of abb, air current, pneumatic to add wet, air current to carry in pneumatic pressurization, pneumatic, air current cleanness, pneumatic falls gauze, appearance accuses to wait for link oneself. Among them the dynamical source of air-jet loom is with compressing air serves as the carrier that bring abb, reduce air cost the amount is large, ask to reducing airy pressure and quality particularly strict. Compressing air to produce a course is high cost can process, so empty

31 10, 2022

How to reduce air-jet loom effectively to enrage the delibrate of bad news

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Air-jet loom is the shuttleless loom with technical the rapiddest in recent years development, but its specific power consumption all ambitious at other shuttleless loom, make produce cost to increase. The size of air-jet loom specific power consumption basically depends on the size of air consumption, because this reduces gas cost,be the problem that each factory takes seriously very. The system bringing abb of air-jet loom includes: Advocate a powerful person of reed of nozzle, auxiliary nozzle, abnormity, electromagnetism and gas tank, reduce air waste time to basically should seek a way from above respect. One, adjust correctly advocate of nozzle


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