The oil gas of screw pneumatics machine has an important fittings to call oily cent core in segregator, a lot of clients are bemused very to burn down of oily cent core, we understand its job principle together now, analyse the cause that causes the oily burn down that divide core.

Pneumatics engine oil divides the construction of core and working principle:

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Oily cent core is in oil gas segregator open oily amiable depart, let oil return the interior in the machine to circulate, user of supply of eduction allowing gas is used. Oil gas mixture enters canister of oil gas depart, bump arc surface, velocity of flow is reduced greatly, flow direction change, form big oily drop, because they are heavier, big tribe enters bottom of can without lid. Oil of the others little part is flowing to come out via the depart when detached core, deposit is in filter core is bottom. Detached core bottom is derivative one answers vitta, receive a compressor entry; Because press difference, the oily regurgitate compressor that accumulates in detached core bottom enters the mouth, time have on vitta inspect looking glass, still have reduce expenditure opening (before outfit filter) assure to answer oily stability.

The filter core of segregator of pneumatics engine oil is multilayer close fibre glass is made, the course of mist shape oil gas that in compressing air, contains can be gone to by complete filter almost after oily segregator, under 3ppm. Below normal movement, the oil of lube tastes the pollution that reachs surroundings rate is very old to its life influence, if environmental pollution terribly is serious, can consider to add inhaler of the buy before outfit; Oily segregator exit keeps a powerful person of pressure, air compressor from this derivative, connect to hind condenser. With oily segregator exit connects to still have relief valve, relief valve. The oil of filter of the oily place that divide core is centered within groove of roundlet of its bottom center, carry to airframe bearing by bout vitta circumfluence again, the lubricating oil that can avoid to already was filtered follows air eduction again.

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In use process, can encounter different breakdown problem, the oily burn down that divide core is among them a kind. Breakdown of the oily burn down that divide core is oily cent core is ignited actually, what does the cause that causes this condition basically have?

1, the oily component that contains in air pipeline increases.

2, postmortem oil pressure whether on the high side. Opportunity of general screw pneumatics has the pressure before filter core to express, be expressed when the pressure before filter core and between watch of air feed pressure when pressing difference to achieve 0.08MPa, to oily cent core undertakes changing.

3, whether does electric current increase.

4, electrostatic release generation bright fire. Detect the ground connection of pneumatics machine bucket of whether normal, oil gas guides with machine ground wire. More the spacer that the ten million when oil change divides core should notice to oil divides core to go up guides mediumly electrostatic hammer, that hammer is with ground ground connection, the electrostatic and all purify that moment of the 1 thrust deep into the enemy forces in letting oil divide core in oil produces.

5, the quality reason of oily cent, engine oil oil is tasted bad, generation accumulates carbon, relief valve is accumulated carbon stems, internal pressure is exorbitant, cause oil to divide explosion.

Note: 1, the pneumatics machine that used period of time, or when winter low temperature, before starting a machine again, add a few lubricating oil toward lead plane interior, let lead plane start from time to tome lube and refrigeration.

2, the exhaust temperature that pneumatics machine should note in moving daily, once discover the machine is long exhaust temperature is exorbitant when moving, find out the reason of high temperature and solve a problem.

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